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Cloud Certification Program Overview


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Cloud Certification Program Overview

  1. 1. Get your people readyfor cloud computingEssential Cloud Training & Certification for IT Professionals
  2. 2. Going into the cloud? CloudCloud computing is changing the way we work and the way we Computingengage with our customer. Virtually every organization is nowexploring their potential for cloud computing, searching for ahigher agility, scalability and even new business opportunities. IT ProvidersStill, many organizations struggle to correctly adopt cloudcomputing to their advantage, not anticipating the impactit has on the complete organization. With the help of cloud Skillscomputing working becomes more socially interactive andunconstrained to location and time. Fear and uncertainty, as aresult of a lack of a basic understanding of cloud computingoften provokes internal resistance to change. PeopleTo help corporations overcome these challenges ITpreneurs,together with a review board of industry-leading organizations(such as ING Group, Cisco, EMC HP, and IBM Virtual Clarity) have Organizationdeveloped the Cloud Certification Program for IT professionals.Vendor-neutral training solutions by ITpreneursFor IT professionals who want to better understand virtuali- ITpreneurs offers vendor-neutral training possibilitieszation and cloud computing concepts, ITpreneurs offers seven for the core concepts behind virtualization and cloudnew courses, across three delivery methods, supported by computing. In addition, after successful completion of thetwo certification exams. The courses prepare a professional to optional certification exam, participants will be certified asleverage the new possibilities provided by virtualization and a Virtualization EssentialsTM Professional or CompTIA Cloudcloud computing. EssentialsTM Professional. ITpreneurs is a Platinum member of the CompTIA Authorized Partner Program and components of the Cloud Certification Program have been designated as CompTIA Approved Quality Content.Trained & certified people are keySuccessfully adopting the cloud starts with foundation-level knowledge of the possibilities, potential benefits, andunderstanding of basic roadmaps to implementation.Cloud Competence-related challenges Staff do not have adequate cloud competencies: Insufficient fundamental cloud training: • Ambiguity in professionals on how to start with • Organizations are not recognizing the importance of cloud computing vendor-neutral, fundamental level training for all key • Incapability to control the impact of cloud IT employees computing on the organization • Resistance to change The cloud moves faster than organizations can adopt: • There is no standard set of rules/terminology/ language yet in the market place
  3. 3. The ITpreneurs’ ApproachOur professional certification program aims at facilitating a highercloud implementation success rate. It has been developed based onthree main principles:Vendor-neutralBefore going into the cloud, it’s important to have a principlelevel understanding of the key cloud concept and terminology,not biased to any vendor specific solution. This essentialunderstanding can be seen as a stepping-stone to vendorspecific solution based training, being often much moretechnical.Our program helps to make the right choices whenselecting a cloud vendor.Empowering your people Beyond ITCreating awareness of the benefits of cloud computing will A mutual understanding of the business needs and cloudbuild the roots for acceptance of its adoption. This will speed solutions is vital for any successful cloud implementation.up cloud implementation projects. Getting your people up to Make sure the IT department aligns with the rest of thespeed with basic cloud skills is key for a safe and well-managed organization to get agreement and commitment on theimplementation of any cloud project. They will better understand common goal, business expectations, and implementationthe impact on business processes, governance, and security. roadmap.Our program empowers your people to successfully Our program focuses on the end goal: Real businessimplement cloud computing. benefits. Benefits of adopting this program • Higher success rate of implementing cloud computing • Prepare your workforce for tomorrow’s workplace • Internationally certified vendor-neutral material that is taught by certified trainers. • Recognized quality training materials developed with the most leading experts and vendors • Save money with a corporate plan for training • Overcome resistance to change, by building basic cloud awareness • Become a smart purchaser of cloud vendor products
  4. 4. Cloud Certification Program Business Simulation Cloud Essentials Virtualization EssentialsCloud EssentialsThe Cloud Essentials courseand exam are intended for all Awareness Virtualization Essentialsoperational and tactical levelIT professionals who will see The Virtualization Essentialstheir process area affected by course and exam are intendedthe implementation of cloud for technical IT specialists whocomputing, such as IT support work with, or are going tostaff, developers, architects, work with, products from largeconsultants, process managers, virtualization vendors VMware®, Business Simulationand IT managers. Cisco, Citrix, IBM, Red Hat, and The cloud simulation is a Microsoft.Learning objectives: perfect add-on to foundation• Business benefits and training, aimed at delivering Virtualization and Cloud Learning objectives: business considerations of practical experience. Awareness • Various approaches to cloud computing Cloud Challenge gives context The awareness e-learning server virtualization• Consequences of cloud to theory and delivers a fun, is an essential introduction • Consequences of implementation for ITSM highly interactive experience for IT and business execu- virtualization for ITSM-• Steps to successfully to anchor the players’ knowl- tives who need to get quick Steps to successfully adopting cloud computing edge of cloud computing and insight into virtualization and Implementing virtualization• Compliance, risk, and virtualization. It’s the first and cloud computing, their core • Compliance, risk, and regulatory consequences of only cloud simulation engine benefits, and their impact on regulatory consequences of cloud computing in the world. the organization. virtualizationDelivery methodsWith years of experience in the development of material and training for IT best practices, ITpreneurs offers a portfolio that ensuresthe successful deployment of virtualization and cloud computing training and guarantees that individuals get the most of theirlearning experience. Classroom Virtual Classroom E-Learning Essentials Virtualization and Cloud Awareness Executive Workshop Virtualization Essentials Cloud Essentials Business Simulation Certifications Virtualization Essentials Exam Web-Based Web-Based Web-based CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam Web-Based Web-Based Web-based
  5. 5. Case-study: ING How a structured cloud education program helped transforming ING into a more agile IT organization. ING Bank, the global financial For many organizations, the appetite ING ensured that people acquired the organization offering banking, for the cloud is larger than the competencies required to support the insurance, and asset management organizational readiness for it. What organization. The journey included services, adopted a cloud strategy sets ING apart is that it understood making changes to the way people that resulted in substantial savings in that to adopt the cloud, the work, the types of skills needed in the cost while also providing for greater organization had to change and it organization, and the relationship of control of the IT infrastructure, newer was able to do so by creating a major the organization and its users with its technology, improved stability, and a awareness and education campaign IT providers. more agile organization. around its cloud initiative. A blended learning approach The campaign was initiated with a video message by the CTO. While the internal marketing campaign was underway, the workforce started with taking the appropriate training, which ITpreneurs provided. A large part of the workforce took part in the Awareness course while a more select group participated in the Foundation courses and took the appropriate exams. The business simulation was used to allow participants who have taken the courses to anchor the knowledge learned. How ING Adopted Cloud Training & Certification ING’s success in preparing the organization for cloud lies in the fact that ING did not treat the journey towards into the cloud as an IT-only issue, but rather involved the entire organization. For that purpose ING initiated a large-scale awareness and education campaign around their cloud initiative. The graph below shows ING’s awareness and education program life cycle, visually, over time. Project Lifecycle Marketing/Awareness Campaign Video Publication Awareness# of Employees Involved Message CIO /CTO Training Virtualization Cloud Business Essentials Essentials Simulation EXAM EXAM Manager’s Workshop October 2011 February 2011
  6. 6. Gain practical experience in our virtual cloud simulationCloud Challenge is an exciting online simulation The cloud simulation is a perfect add-on to training,to enhance and reinforce learning around cloud aiming at delivering higher qualified people who have alsocomputing and virtualization. completed the Virtualization and Cloud Foundation courses.How it worksIn the simulation, you are responsible for the ITdepartment of PureNRG, which is going through majorstrategic changes, requiring a flexible IT approach.As you navigate through the different missions, eachdecision you make impacts various stakeholders ofPureNRG. Every decision produces different results - canyou figure out the right combination to earn a highscore?The benefits of Cloud ChallengeThe simulation gives context to theory and delivers afun, highly interactive experience to anchor the players’knowledge of cloud computing and virtualization.In addition, it places more emphasis on training softskills, such as stakeholder management, relationshipmanagement, and negotiation skills.Go to ww.cloudchallenge.comfor a free trial and see if you have what it takes
  7. 7. Join the Cloud Credential Council Introducing the Council: The Cloud Credential Council is a not-for-profit organization that has been established to engage in the development, adoption and use of a vendor-neutral, independent, and globally accepted cloud computing certification for IT professionals. The Council has three main objectives:Developing recognized cloud • Developing recognized cloud competence certificationcompetence certification • Acting as a cloud competence platform for vendors • Assuring training quality by means of accreditation Who participates in the Council? All parties that have interest in standardizing cloud competences are committed to the CCC with various levels of involvement: hardware/software vendors, end-user corporations, training organizations, and exam institutes. Membership Members are organizations that commit themselves to the Council to aid the further development of the Cloud Certification Program or to display endorsement of the program. Executive Members Members General members are or- Executive Members are organi- ganizations that would like zations who actively participate to associate themselves in the further development of with the council without the Cloud Certification Program active participation. by active participation in work- ing groups of the CCC. Accreditation Partners play a role in the execution of the Cloud Certification Program in the market. Accredited Accredited Accredited Training Partners Content Partners Trainers Certified Training Partners Learning Content Partners Trainers are professionals are organizations that develop training materials who deliver these training commercially offer training for certified training. programs. programs to the market.How to join? 1 Review the Web site to familiarize 2 yourself with our vision, members, Complete the application form. 3 A CCC representative will contact you to discuss the Certification Program, and partnership possibilities. partnership possibilities.
  8. 8. CLOUD ESSENTIALS TMEmpowering IT professionals to perform in a cloud environment Cloud Financial Concepts and Cloud and Management Definitions Virtualization Risk in context Suitability to Management organizations Cloud Service Models Commercial Cloud Service Management Providers Governing Concepts and Cloud versus Impact on Cloud Computing Terminology Outsourcing ServiceManagement Processes Operating Cloud Business Cloud Computing Perspective Business Value Roadmaps to Cloud Computing Moving to Cloud Technical Business Computing Perspective Cases Case Migrating Taxonomy Applications Techniques and Metrics Vendor Relationship Implications Management for Applications Cloud Challenges Readiness and Risks
  9. 9. The benefits in a nutshell: • Vendor-neutral ESSENTIAL TRAINING • Focus on successful implementation • Globally recognized certification ITpreneurs stands for: Solid learning methods Our learning programs have been developed based on proven instructional design principles, optimizing the learning experience. High-quality products Our products are always updated to the latest industry insights, developed by the most leading experts, bundled in one practical offer. Proven track record Over the past decade, thousands of professionals have been successfully trained and certified using our learning materials. We work with all vendors to their satisfaction.Cloud_Certification_Program_Overview v3.0