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IT Pathshala Partnership Programs for Companies


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IT companies are often struck with getting the right candidates to run their business smoothly. This happens with almost all IT companies but small ones easy victim of the menace.

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IT Pathshala Partnership Programs for Companies

  1. 1. IT Pathshala Partnership Programs for CompaniesIT companies are often struck with getting the right candidates to run their business smoothly.This happens with almost all IT companies but small ones easy victim of the menace. With thisin mind IT Pathshala has come up with an innovative and more beneficial Partnership Programfor Companies. It is the result of continuous effort of a team of highly motivated and experiencedstaff who aspire to bring a change in the way IT companies, particularly small ones run theirbusiness. With this breakthrough IT Pathshala has added a new chapter to its success story in thefield of information technology.Like its other services IT Pathshala Company Partnership Program too, has witnessed anunexpected success with a scores of companies having already tied up. And a much more arelooking to take benefits of the program. One of the reasons for they have got drawn to it andembraced its advantages by making tie with IT Pathshala is to hone employees’ skills. Thecompany provides Corporate Training to enhance the skills of working IT professionals.As one of the most valued part of the Partnership Program, Corporate Training aims to upgradethe skills of companies’ employees in the areas of .net, php, android, iOS, software testing, javaetc. What is more about this program is career development training which is meant to groomemployees with soft skills very important to increase their productivity to great extend. Thetraining is provided by highly experienced staff with the help of ultramodern facilities at thepremise of IT Pathshala.Apart from this, the Partnership Program has been designed to make hiring process more easyand effective. And also helps to clinch plug and play talents with experience of working on liveprojects. Companies can now hire employable graduates with less cost and minimum efforts.Moreover online assessment is right there to help companies evaluate their employee’sperformance.One of the IT Pathshala representatives conveyed that: “the program is intended not onlyenhance IT skills of employees, but make their overall development. For which we have includedvalue added training courses including 3 Months Fast Track Training in PHP, .NET, Android,iOS, Software Testing & Java., Summer/Industrial Training for Fresh IT Students, First BreakTraining Courses for Software Development & Testing, and Soft Skills and CommunicationSkills Training.”The partnership program has been designed with utmost care by expert IT professionals and isaimed at providing overall expert help to companies increase their productivity, in areas ofrecruitment, online assessment, conduct seminar, enhance employees’ productivity, hire ready todeploy candidates, thereby increasing their presence across the horizons.
  2. 2. The company is looking forward to have more such industry associations and partnerships incoming time.