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Business insurance policies

  1. 1. Business Insurance Policies
  2. 2. Business Insurance Policies Business insurance policies provide businesses with protection and peace of mind against a range of risks. Insured events can include: • Business interruption (consequential loss) • Public and products (broadform) liability • Theft/burglary, Money coverage, Glass breakage • Employee dishonesty • Machinery breakdown • Electronic equipment breakdown • Goods in transit • General property • Tax audit
  3. 3. Business Insurance Quote To obtain a quotation, enquire online at In most circumstances we are able to provide an quote over the phone. If you would like to discuss your needs further, contact us on 1300 739 861. Policy coverage is always subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the insurance contract and policy wording provided by the insurer. Each insurance company has its own policy wording. This means that coverage can vary considerably from one insurer to another. It is vital that you compare each policy based on the appropriateness of cover for your individual or business needs. As Insurance Advisers, it is our role to understand the terms and conditions, so contact us now for advice and a quote.
  4. 4. Fire and Perils Covers your business for damage to insured property, that includes building, contents, thefts and stock caused by certain defined events: • Storm • Malicious damage • Explosion • Earthquake • Wind • Leakage of liquid • Flood (depends on insurance product) Additional extensions of cover are also included: • Removal of Debris • Accidental Damage • Claim Preparation Costs • Rewriting of Records
  5. 5. Business Interruption Provides cover for consequential loss of profits or revenue resulting from the interruption or interference with your business caused by damage covered under the Fire and Perils sections. There are several different options of cover available. These include: Business Income Protection: • Weekly income • Additional expenses (e.g. - relocation costs, expediting expenses) Consequential Loss of Profits: • Gross profit • Loss of rent receivable • Payroll
  6. 6. Business Interruption Claim Preparation Expenses: Reasonable professional fees and other expenses necessarily incurred as a result of the property claim (as agreed by the insurer and subject to policy limit). Additional Increased Costs of Working: This option, if selected, provides cover for additional expenditure not otherwise covered under any other section following a loss. It provides cover for reasonable costs incurred to minimise the loss or damage caused to the business. An example of such is cover for additional payroll and advertising expenses required to maintain the business customer base (as agreed by the insurer and subject to policy limit). Outstanding Accounts Receivable: Cover for the amount owed to the business that it is unable to collect due to damage to records.
  7. 7. Public & Products (Broadform) Liability Provides insurance cover in respect of insured's liability or loss or damage caused negligently to third parties, who are not the insured, as a result of an occurrence in connection with the insured's business. It indemnifies the insured business against legal liability to pay compensation in respect of personal injury or property damage claims arising in respect of the product and/or service sold or supplied by the insured, however it does not cover product warranty and is always subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. In addition, these policies also provide cover for defence costs even if the action against you is false or fraudulent, provided that an excluded circumstance does not apply.
  8. 8. Public & Products (Broadform) Liability Personal Injury cover may include: • Death, bodily injury, sickness, disease, disability, shock, fright, mental anguish and mental injury; • False arrest, wrongful detention or imprisonment, and malicious prosecution; • Wrongful eviction; • Assault or battery; and/or • Libel, slander, defamation of character or invasion of the right of privacy. Property Damage cover may include: • Physical damage to tangible property; and/or • The loss of use of tangible property which has not been damaged but cannot be used due to damage to other tangible property.
  9. 9. Theft/Burglary Covers insured property (business contents, stock and customers goods as declared) contained on your business premises following forced and violent entry. Additional cover includes damage to buildings and fixtures, replacement of locks, protection of premises, and temporary removal of your property insured to another location subject to the policy limitation.
  10. 10. Money Covers loss of, or damage to, money contained in the building during or outside business hours, while in a locked safe or strongroom, in transit, or in your personal custody while contained in your private residence. Cover options available: • Transit to or from your business premises; • Money while contained in the night safe of any bank; and/or • Money contained in the building: (a) during business hours; (b) Outside business hours; and/or (c) Only while contained in a securely locked safe or securely locked strongroom.
  11. 11. Glass Breakage Cover provides protection against accidental breakage of fixed glass located at the business premises. Property covered includes items such as glass/perspex - windows, doors, mirrors and skylights for: • Fixed external glass; and/or • Fixed internal glass. In most cases the policies also provide cover for wash basins, lavatory pans and cisterns.
  12. 12. Employee Dishonesty Covers the loss of money or goods (i.e stock) due to the fraudulent or dishonest conduct of an employee, for their own gain or the financial benefit of any other person or business. A few examples of events which are covered include: • An employee stealing money to fund gambling activities; and/or • An employee organising with another person to over-pay invoices or pay false invoices.
  13. 13. General Property Covers items such as laptop computers, tools of trade whether at or away from the premises. There are principally two covers available under this section: • Accidental damage covers any sudden, unexpected or occurrence not otherwise excluded; and • Restricted cover to collision, overturning of the conveying vehicle and flood. Fire cover is available as an optional cover.
  14. 14. Machinery Breakdown Covers for damage to electrical, electronic and mechanical machinery insured due to breakdown located at the businesses premises. Cover provides compensation to your business for: • The costs of restoring or replacing machinery after Breakdown; and/or • The cost of hiring temporary machinery. Additional features and benefits: Cover is available under this section for deterioration/loss of stock (up to the nominated sum insured) following a breakdown.
  15. 15. Goods in Transit Covers your business for damage to property insured whilst in transit within Australia caused by certain defined events. It provides cover for loss of, or damage to, goods insured. There are several cover options available: • Fire, Collision and Overturning covers overturning of the conveying vehicle, resulting in your insured item(s) being destroyed. • Fire, Collision and Overturning and Theft covers the conveying vehicle being broken into and your insured item(s) being stolen. • All Risks not excluded covers the insured item(s) being dropped by the carrier resulting in your item(s) being destroyed (covers all risks of loss or damage not otherwise excluded).
  16. 16. Tax Audit Provides cover for professional fees in connection with an audit by a government body. Cover can be extended to include audit cover of directors of the insured's business.
  17. 17. Connect With Us on Social Media!/Optimum_Online 00198722059770097421/about
  18. 18. Contact Us Phone +61 1300 739 861 Fax +61 1300 732 225 Hours 9.00am to 5.00pm (EST) Monday – Friday Email Website Presentation Disclaimer –– “This material contains general information only and may not suit your particular circumstances. To decide if a policy is right for you please carefully read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and/or Policy wording. A copy of the PDS or policy wording is available by contacting our office on 1300 739 861;” Disclosure Statement – “Optimum Insurance Services Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Insurance Advisernet Australia Pty Ltd (Car No. 291220), Australian Financial Services Licence No 240549, ABN 15 003 886 687.”