Monitor and Control Information theft through Storage devices and internet by Vikram kumar


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Monitor and Control Information theft through Storage devices and internet by Vikram kumar

  1. 1. Monitor and Control Information theft throughStorage devices and internet Vikram Kumar Founder Data Resolve Technologies
  2. 2. Enterprise Pain Points on Data Security • Corporate network generates lot of confidential data which stays unprotected on endpoint systems • USB drives, CD-DVD, internet applications including chat, VoIP etc allow sharing and copying this data easily • Laptops going out of the network contains critical information, which needs protection • Risk for enterprises dealing with clients sensitive dataLearning by knowledge sharing
  3. 3. How to solve it? – Data Protection • Continuously monitoring and applying access control on use of any USB or CD-DVD on any system • Continuous monitoring and access control of windows sharing, VoIP, chat etc • Generation of detailed reports on various activities like files transferred on removable media devices, web access, application access etc • Monitoring both internal as well as external computers such as desktops, laptops etcLearning by knowledge sharing
  4. 4. Solution - inDefend Endpoint Security inDefend is an enterprise security What else? application which can control and monitor any  block emails and attachments based on a set of confidential keywords like contract  media device like USB, SD Card, Digital agreement, patents , customer list etc camera etc,  application and websites are categorized  internet applications like dropbox, skype, through a meta-database there by allowing chrome etc you extremely fast policy settings  websites  generate and store detailed audit reports  Email & attachments – even the encrypted ones ! in the form of PDF files  File uploads  shadow log of email attachments from a centralized location, thereby protecting your critical business data from internal thefts, misuse, unauthorized access, sharing, copying or transfer.Learning by knowledge sharing
  5. 5. Solution – Use cases • A financial company can control and monitor any critical information like credit/debit card number going out through internet • A design company can control and monitor any critical design files going out through USB or internet • A software company can control and monitor any software source code getting stolen through email or any USB storage device • There are similar other use cases for IT enabled organizations which are very critical and must be addressed to avoid breach of critical informationLearning by knowledge sharing
  6. 6. Product History • Took 2.5 years to build the current release with a team of 6 people • Completely built and tested in Kolkata • At par with most of the international products in the marketLearning by knowledge sharing