How much time does it take for a fresher to learn Ruby on Rails?


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“How much time does it take for a fresher to learn Ruby on Rails?”

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How much time does it take for a fresher to learn Ruby on Rails?

  1. 1. “How much time does it take for a fresher to learn Ruby on Rails?” – The verypertinent question was asked by Aninda Das in the Facebook group – Kolkata ITProfessionals. Comments from industry experts who have used the platform gave aglimpse on the scenario.“Ruby on Rails is an ever learning process. However, a hands-on training of around 15-20 days should get one started. And it could take around 2-3 months to get honed in thetechnology”, said Mukesh Agarwal to start the discussion rolling. “Couple of days if healready knows programming”, Angsuman added a nod to this. In fact Ruby on Rails issimple to learn and “programmer can get started in less than an hour and continue tolearn more by experimenting. 2 days is all that is required, many will take less” heharped.Rishav Rastogi putting some more light on this programming language said, “Railshave a lot of underlying magic, standards and opinions which takes time to gettingused to”. Sharing his personal experience he further added, “I have seen a lot of peoplewrite Ruby code in rails or otherwise as if they were writing Java or PHP”.It is very important to check out “Rails Best Practices”. The techniques will help acoder to clean up the codes and improve the quality of Rails applications. Sharingfurther information on this Angsuman provided a link ( to
  2. 2. follow which he said, “also covers a bunch of Rails 3 methods you may not have seenbefore”.Although Ruby on Rails might not be an absolutely easy language to explore but it’scomparatively easier to get started into writing code for production. “It’s just the entrybarrier for RoR is lower compared to other technologies”, said Mukesh.Arjun Ghosh, known for being a RoR specialist, joined the discussion sharing hisexperience in the field. “Programming skill & logical thinking cant be learned in days!A programmer keeps learning for his whole life or learns nothing after many years! Alldepends on his/her choice & passion for programming!”The engaging discussion was taken a level ahead by Aninda with two simple questionsthrough practical scenarios: 1. How easy is it for a developer to shift to RoR say for e.g. if he is coding in .net? 2. Another scenario - say a company X (SME) who has never worked on any RoR projects suddenly gets a RoR project to work on. How easy will it be for the existing developers (2 years max exp) to upgrade themselves? Can self study help them?Mukesh stated some relevant points that showed moving to RoR from othertechnologies is not very difficult for experienced developers and can be picked up in 20days time. “If your developers are smart enough, they can adapt to the new technologyin 10 days time”, he added. Agreeing to this Angsuman cited, “Lot will depend uponthe intellectual capacity of the developers .Net developers”.The very engaging discussion gave us some key points on “How much time it can takefor a fresher to learn Ruby on Rails”:  Training of around 15-20 days should get one started  Following Rails Best Practices would help further  Programming skill & logical thinking would be an added advantage for the beginners  Intellectual capacity to grab a new technology is the key factorPost Submitted by: Sumana Chakraborty, Creative Writer & Blogger Connect with us: Facebook: , Twitter: @ITNiketan