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Govind kulkarni


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The Value and Importance of Testing

Published in: Technology, Business
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Govind kulkarni

  1. 1. GoodTest Technologies … because am a GoodTesterThe Value and Importance of Testing By Govind Kulkarni Presented in7/21/2011 GoodTest Technologies 1
  2. 2. GoodTest TechnologiesAgenda … because am a GoodTester • What reduces testers value – 5 minutes • What increases testers value – 5 minutes • Process and methodology • QA7/21/2011 GoodTest Technologies® 2
  3. 3. GoodTest TechnologiesWhat reduces testers value! … because am a GoodTester• Oh sorry, I should have tested this?• Can I log this defect tomorrow?• I really do not know what I tested, looks it was working before• Its a communication gap, I should have given better details in the defect• The status I reported yesterday contained mistakes, here is corrected one• I think, we should have got the tests reviewed from domain analysts• Yes, It worked before, God Promise, no idea why it is not working• I was not knowing that the requirements have changed, I tested for old ones• I should have asked for help from domain experts before, it is too late now• I cannot trace tests with requirements• Its too late in the game to find this critical defect• Even after several releases, we do not have tests for production defects found before Testers earn respect from project, the management and others by their actions and the contribution they make.7/21/2011 GoodTest Technologies® 3
  4. 4. GoodTest TechnologiesWhat increases Testers Value? … because am a GoodTester• Good Testers are those Who stand by an application / Product• It is not the test result Pass or Fail that counts• But TestsuranceTesters confidently stating : This works , this will not work and is risky if used and theloss is quantified to $$, injury…•Those expensive defects that would have cost business, life if they had not been fixed•Locating the defects early•Communicating to right stakeholders and getting them fixed•Preventing those in future releases7/21/2011 GoodTest Technologies® 4
  5. 5. GoodTest Technologies Your contribution counts … because am a GoodTester•Methodology Questions • What are the key testing methods should we use? When to use and how to use • How do we improve on defect migration and improve defect finding capabilities • How can we leverage on testing standards, maturity models • How do we focus on Most important tests within timeline and budget•Leadership Questions •How do we organize testing effort which is measureable , controllable • Where do our current test productivity stands and how do we sustain or improve • How do we improve capabilities of testers • How can we automate in less cost and reduce repetitive testing Management views your contribution by the successful releases you bring to production, timely and within budget 7/21/2011 GoodTest Technologies® 5
  6. 6. GoodTest Technologies Yes! What do I do now? … because am a GoodTester Estimation, Test Planning, Re planning, Test Management , Monitoring and Control Requirement Scenario or Test case Test Data Exploration Test Execution Release Closure Understanding Design• Elicitation • Design tests using • Explore transaction, • Test Execution plan • Lessons Learnt• Missing, extra, EQ, BV and other master, user data • Test cycle • Recommendationsincomplete, incorrect methods needed to test management • Process, inconsistent • Traceability • Attach with test • Smoke Tests improvementsrequirements • Change control cases • Progression, • Metrics publishing• Create • Review and sign off • Change control Regression tests, Non for the releaseUnderstanding • Upload in central functional Testsdocument Rep •Metrics collection• Issue clarification • Risk Assessment• Log effort spent • Build Readiness Assessment Daily Status Report (DSR), WSR - what is going well and what is not, risks, issues and their status. Flag unattended issues, Log effort leakage. Use Test and Defect management tools as prescribed by the customer or utilize open source tools Set and define acceptance criteria (Quality gate) for moving code from phase to phase 7/21/2011 GoodTest Technologies® 6
  7. 7. GoodTest TechnologiesHow do we measure success? … because am a GoodTester • Is it by number of defects logged? • is it by number of defects fixed? • Is it by defects found post production? • Is it by training attended The success is – Locating a defect , locating it early, getting it fixed and ensuring that the same defect does not repeat. • Critical defects found , date, age of fix, root cause, occurrence count …. 7/21/2011 GoodTest Technologies® 7
  8. 8. GoodTest TechnologiesQA … because am a GoodTesterYou can reach me at or call me at 9922930376 7/21/2011 GoodTest Technologies® 8