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Mandy Duncan

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Digital Retail Africa 2023 hosted by IT News Africa -Mandy Duncan speaks on Reimagining Retail- Supporting today. Innovating for tomorrow. at the Digital Retail Africa 2023 conference. #retailtech #ecommerce #customerexperience #onlineshopping #innovation

Digital Retail Africa 2023 hosted by IT News Africa -Mandy Duncan speaks on Reimagining Retail- Supporting today. Innovating for tomorrow. at the Digital Retail Africa 2023 conference. #retailtech #ecommerce #customerexperience #onlineshopping #innovation


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Mandy Duncan

  1. 1. Reimagine Retail Supporting today. Innovating for tomorrow. Mandy Duncan Aruba Country Manager Denton Ingham-Brown Territory Manager
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  3. 3. 3 Experience’s Enriched experiences New revenue streams Workplace social distancing Efficiencies Predictive operations Increased profitability Faster innovation INCREASE REVENUE DECREASE COSTS DATA WILL DRIVE BUSINESS OUTCOMES AT THE EDGE NOW IN THE DATA ERA
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. 5 ARUBA VISION Go Beyond Connect and Protect The Key is Analyzing and Acting on Data CONNECT PROTECT ANALYZE ACT Campus Branch Data Center
  6. 6. 6 BETTER TOGETHER WITH AN ECOSYSTEM Digital experiences important to you Location Based Marketing and Analytics Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) Real-time Inventory Management Staff Communications and Real Time Data Access Thermal monitoring Predictive Machine Maintenance
  7. 7. 7 ARUBA: POWERING IN-STORE EXPERIENCES In-Store Arrival Exit Store Wi-Fi with simple and secure app portal Seamless transfer of connection from store Wi-Fi to cell SHOPPING Wayfinding and location awareness via mobile app Thermal monitoring and contact tracing Store understands where shoppers are. Associate can be deployed to assist guest. Push offers to mobile app Drive loyalty programs Simplify shopping and find items quickly by interacting with store IoT Frictionless checkout with self- scanning or in-aisle checkout Credit card data secured with strict policies and traffic segmentation CHECK OUT Secure Locker Curbside Pickup OUTDOOR SERVICES Seamless transfer from cell to Wi-Fi Guest identified: ProShopper / unknown Provide guest Wi-Fi with simple and secure app portal SEAMLESS ONBARDING Aruba AP as an IoT Platform OUTDOOR SERVICES Carrier small cell, Celona/CBRS (Easiest) – Zero Touch AirPass (ATT, VZ, Sprint, TMobile) – Half-Touch wifi calling & Messaging SEAMLESS ONBOARDING ClearPass Outdoor APs SHOPPING Aruba AP, Beacons, Meridian Aruba AP, Central with AIOps Aruba AP, Meridian AP as IoT platform ClearPass Device Insight AP as IoT Platform APs, Roaming: (ClientMatch, AirMatch, etc.) ClearPass, Switches, Dynamic Segmentation CHECK OUT
  8. 8. 8 SMART DIGITAL STORE No touch is the new high-touch experience Touchless payment Always-on home and store staff communications Real-time inventory monitoring and backend order fulfillment Location-based marketing and wayfinding VIP awareness & services BOPIS Conversion rates Dwell times & traffic flows Social distancing and thermal monitoring Electronic shelf labels Security cameras and energy saving IoT Seamless cell to store connectivity PCI Compliance Digital signage
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  12. 12. 13 Resources Aruba ESP in Retail Is your network ready for Retail at the Edge? Now it can be with Aruba ESP. Whether you are providing in-store shopping, curb-side pickup, or pop-up services, you can deliver the experiences that your customers expect. Watch the video. Smart Digital Retail: Deliver digital and IoT innovation that matters Retailers are looking for a competitive edge that will help enhance shopper and staff experiences, improve operational efficiencies, and drive revenue. Deliver digital and IoT innovation that matters. Click here for asset. Designing Hyper-aware Retail Facilities Secure infrastructure and partner solutions for digital transformation in retail. Download the whitepaper. Tractor Supply modernizes the rural retail experience across nearly 1,800 stores As one of the fastest growing retailers in rural America Tractor Supply is focused on a number of new digital initiatives to improve service for customers. See the case study and/or listen to the podcast. PlusCity PlusCity plots visitor behavior data to inform a dynamic retail experience. See the case study. Casa International Network automation case study highlights increased automation and operational efficiency at Casa. See the case study. Vera Wang supports fast global expansion of luxury stores with SD-Branch Wi-Fi “We’re excited about the opportunities our flexible and scalable SD-Branch solution gives us to grow our retail presence internationally and make every customer feel special.” – Stewart Ebrat, CIO. Read the case study. Additional resources at Aruba Retail page Actionable AI for network operations Aruba AIOps is saves you time and delivers an outstanding customer experience, no matter where your users are. Watch the video.
  14. 14. 15 AUTOMATION AND AI TO OPTIMIZE CONNECTIVITY Feature rich APs ClientMatch AirMatch Air Slice MultiZone Indoor and Outdoor Enhanced AP reassignment for roaming mobile clients AI/machine learning across entire WLAN to provide automated radio frequency (RF) optimization SLA-grade performance by allocating dedicated radio resources to specific traffic. Multiple and separate secure networks while using the same access point ax Unclassified Classified • .11ax • Smart PoE • Zigbee Radio • Bluetooth 5 • Smart PoE
  15. 15. 16 AOS-CX SWITCHING FOR THE ENTERPRISE Access Aggregation Core Spine Leaf One Operating System. One Operating Model. CX 6400 CX 83xx Data Center Campus Deep buffers Large tables Carrier-class HA Top of Rack Small Core Campus Agg Modular High-density access Core and Agg Stackable Access and Agg Diverse closet scale CX 8400 AOS-CX NEW PLATFORMS COMPLETE END-TO-END SWITCHING PORTFOLIO CX 6300
  16. 16. 17 • Simplicity from edge access to data center with cloud-native • Intelligent and Automated Configs with Aruba NetEdit • Layered security from device to core • Superb user experience with high performance wireless aggregation • Plenty of PoE+ for APs and IoT devices • Small footprint for limited space deployments • Smart Rate multi-gigabit Ethernet delivers speed to Aruba switches and wireless APs using existing cabling. • Proactive management tools to stay ahead of issues ARUBA SWITCHES Designed to deliver great user and network operator experiences ARUBA CX ARUBA OS
  17. 17. 18 Cloud native switching architecture Software-defined fabric automation & orchestration Full-stack IT solutions from a single vendor Aruba Data Center Networking Solutions Common operational model across “centers of data” edge access to data center Simplify and speed IT provisioning to accelerate application & service delivery Reduce time, expertise, risk - Cloud, HCI, SDS, SAP, IaaS, VMware, Nutanix… SIMPLIFY ACCELERATE REDUCE RISK Designed for the “centers of data” evolution UP TO 35% LOWER TCO optimized form-factors and licensing savings UP TO 10X FASTER provisioning vs traditional manual CLI models 75% FASTER DEPLOYMENT of integrated and complex IT solutions stacks
  18. 18. 19 ENABLE IoT USE CASES Support great performing wired and wireless IoT • .11ax • Smart PoE • Zigbee Radio • Bluetooth 5 • Smart PoE • Cloud Native switching • Analytics in every node • Always on PoE for .11ax and IoT
  19. 19. 20 ENSURE APPLICATION PERFORMANCE Uncover and remediate issues with mission critical applications or services – BEFORE it impacts users. User Experience Insight (UXI) FINANCIAL SYSTEMS ELECTION SYSTEMS WEB SHOP DNS DHCP Services Applications UXI Sensor Dashboard • Sensors that blend into any environment • Continuous monitoring and testing of the network from a user perspective • Dashboard provides simple visibility into wired, wireless, and cloud issues across the campus and branch • AI Alerts automatically learn the most pressing issues that warrant your attention.
  20. 20. 21 DESIGNING FOR RETAIL’S DISTRIBUTED FOOTPRINT SD-WAN Security Ease of Provisioning Centralized Management Scalability Cost Savings
  21. 21. 22 SILVER PEARK EDGECONNECT UNIFIED SD-WAN EDGE PLATFORM Silver Peak EdgeConnect™ Unified SD-WAN edge platform: routing, security, SD-WAN and WAN Optimization Silver Peak Orchestrator™ Centralized policy orchestration, monitoring and reporting Silver Peak Boost™ WAN Optimization On-demand WAN Optimization (Optional) Boost WAN Optimization Orchestrator (on prem, cloud or as-a-service) (Physical) (Virtual) (Cloud) EdgeConnect EdgeConnect EdgeConnect
  22. 22. 23 WHY SILVER PEAK? UNIFIED SD-WAN EDGE PLATFORM Highest Quality of Experience Business Driven Unified Platform • Faster rollout of sites via automated configurations & overlays • Maximize efficient use of all available bandwidth • Predictable performance best voice/video over broadband • Centralized Orchestration, end-to-end visibility and analytics • Adaptive internet breakout, first-packet app classification • Automated service chaining to security cloud services • Single VNF unifies SD-WAN, routing, firewall, WAN Optimization, visibility and control Continuous Adaptation
  23. 23. 24 SIMPLIFYING INTEGRATIONS WITH ARUBA DEVELOPER HUB Rich APIs across portfolio In-depth developer’s documentation

Editor's Notes

  • We are in the early stages of a new era of disruption.
    Within the next two years over 50% of all data will be generated outside the data center and cloud. And this data will be created by over 55 billion IOT devices connected worldwide.

    But we’re also in a world faced with the challenges of a global pandemic.

    And it’s data that is going to help the world deal with these challenges.

    This data-driven era is being combined with a new generation of applications and compute
    All designed to work in concert with the cloud but operate at the edge
    So the data being generated can be analyzed and acted on in real-time or near-real-time
    To deliver amazing new experiences and drive greater efficiencies that improve business outcomes

    Data will drive business outcomes, especially around efficiencies and experiences
    Think IoT sensors in manufacturing equipment to ensure efficient operation
    Think sensors in employee badges or on their mobile devices for tracking workplace social distancing
    Think new ways to drive customer loyalty or to attract NEW customers
    Think using the data to create new products or services

    We call this the Intelligent Edge
  • To harness the power of data at the edge, customers must rethink the role of the network and deploy a modern architecture. The network must be cloud native, software defined and highly automated.

    Starts with a modern network infrastructure that is intelligent, highly automated and self forming

    Need a software-defined overlay security framework that is also automated and that identifies who and what is connecting to the network and enforces policy

    Need an architecture that collects data telemetry from the infrastructure, analyzes that data and serves up insights and recommendations to improve network performance, operational efficiency and drive new business outcomes

    The entire architecture must be highly instrumented and automated to deliver a self driving network

    To successfully harness the power of the intelligent edge, you need a solid networking foundation
    - That consistently and reliably converts the data into business outcomes

    During the past decade networking was focused on connect and protect

    At Aruba, we’ve been unifying wired and wireless to simplify operations.
    And delivering a comprehensive security framework to protect our customers’ environments

    This is where most networking vendors are today
    Even vendors that heavily promote AI are mainly focused on simplifying operations

    Unfortunately, networks from this era are bound by human scale. They’re only as agile and effective as the people that manage them.

    And with businesses increasingly depending on generating and acting on this data to drive business outcomes,
    the network needs to do more than just Connect and Protect


    It needs to analyze and act

    That means:
    when failures pop up or users complain, we need a network that uses data and intelligence to help IT resolve the issues quickly.
    But more importantly, we need a network that can think for itself…that can see beyond the horizon to ID issues BEFORE they impact the business.
  • ASK: Which of these IT capabilities are most important to you?

    Staff Communications and Real Time Data Access: In-store consumers now expect and demand the same instant information and service levels provided by online merchants.
    Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs): Influencing customer behavior at the point of contact, and in real time.
    Effective Use of Location Based Marketing and Analytics: Use technology to track traffic, page visits, purchase behavior, and customer identity information
    Self-Checkout: Address expectations of shoppers with in-store, frictionless checkout.
    Real Time Inventory Monitoring: Measurably improve point of sale revenues while also gaining valuable insights into their inventory health, usage, and location.
    Managing Backend Order Fulfillment For Online Purchases: Rapidly expand online order and fulfillment capabilities with an eye toward increased revenue, higher repeat traffic, and higher customer satisfaction.
    Predictive Machine Maintenance: Prevent downtime and ensure customer satisfaction by staying ahead of potential issues

  • Aruba solutions empower experience from the time of arrival to the exit. We help with
    Automating connectivity
    Enabling outdoor services
    Driving new use cases with IoT such as thermal monitoring, pulling network analytics to understand shoppers, ensuring always-on checkout services

    And we ensure security every step of the way.
  • For those retailers fighting for survival, or who are trying to adhere to new mandates or safe shopping experiences, they are looking to start new initiatives such as buy online and pick up in store, or understanding who their VIPs are, or creating smart digital stores that can people count, automate price changes, or understand space utilization to support contact tracing, social distancing, or to maximize cleaning processes.

    ASK: Which of these resonate with you?
  • So Why Aruba? One of the great ways to tell the Aruba story is through the voice of other retailers. You can find many of these stories on our website. As you can see, our list of customers has depth and breadth. We have helped retailers deliver on user experience, from enabling click-and-go shopping to supporting always-on associate tools such as POS devices and wi-fi calling as well as informing the business with shopper analytics. We have also helped simplify the life of IT with ZTP, reduced SSIds, and centralized monitoring.
  • Our core belief at Aruba is “Customer First, Customer Last”. That means we, together with our partners, innovate for our customers. Everything we do starts with you and ends with you.
  • Aruba Central is the heart of managing the network. It provides visibility to monitoring to management and licenses are flexible too.
  • NOTE TO SELLER: This just allows you to talk about our feature rich APs and how they
  • Aruba switches designed to provide great user and network operator experiences.
  • New solutions to power modern, next generation edge-to-cloud “centers of data”

    Today, Aruba is announcing new solutions for data centers that help automate IT operations, accelerate service delivery, and deliver a cloud-like operational experience for network operators in order to rapidly provision both traditional and emerging infrastructures, whether on premises or in the cloud.

    These new solutions help to radically simplify IT operations by integrating directly into existing IT operational frameworks, which speed infrastructure provisioning, and reduce the time, effort, and expertise it takes to deploy complex IT solution stacks with validated and pre-engineered solutions.

    Aruba’s Data Center Networking solutions are built around three core tenants, a modern, cloud-native network underlay, software-defined automation and orchestration and industry-leading IT solution integration including flexible as-a-service consumption options. Let’s take a closer look.
  • Supporting safe and engaging experiences are many times enabled by IoT. To support both wired and wireless IoTwireless and wired networking infrastructure is needed. Aruba CX switching includes edge to data center solutions that support high-power requirements from .11ax APs as well as Smart PoE for other IoT devices. These networking devices ensure fast connectivity and always-on IoT devices.

  • But the best network can experience problems from time to time. And even when it is performing, applications can experience problems. Retailers need solutions to help them stay ahead of issues
    The brick and mortar store, warehouses, or factory lines simply cannot afford for a negative experience. Aruba’s User Experiene Insight (UXI) is constantly testing the network and applications to detect issues before users even know there is a problem. Sensors deployed where the users are behave as users and can detect issues with PoS applications, other applications, or network services such as DNS or DHCP. This solution is like have a 24/7 user who has AI capabilities. In today’s current environment, where in many instances people in a store are limited, it is important that applications work to move people in and out at a reasonable pace. Additionally, retailers need to ensure they are not losing sales due to shopper abandonment.

  • With more than 1,000 enterprise production deployments around the world, the Silver Peak self-driving wide area network platform drives unprecedented levels of business success, uniquely fueled by these four key differentiators:
    Business driven - By deploying the Silver Peak EdgeConnect platform, enterprises ensure that the priorities of their business are always reflected in the way the network behaves (top-down), and centralized orchestration for the management of policies
    Highest quality of experience - The Silver Peak platform ensures the highest quality of experience for both
    end users – with optimal performance of voice/video over broadband
    IT – with end-to-end visibility and analytics
    Continuous adaptation - The EdgeConnect platform powers real-time response, eliminating the impact of brownouts and blackouts as monitoring and analytics detect changing conditions and trigger immediate adjustments. Silver Peak adaptive internet breakout automates updates for millions of cloud applications, so users can always connect to any application without manual intervention from IT
    Unified Platform - Silver Peak is designed from the ground up as one system, uniting SD-WAN, firewall, segmentation, routing, WAN optimization and application visibility and control in one platform
  • Aruba ESP is an open platform that will also allow developers to harness the power of the data to drive innovation through new applications at the edge. To enable this and make it simpler for customers to build on top of this powerful platform, we have introduced the Aruba Developer Portal, a comprehensive resource for developers that includes Aruba APIs and documentation to streamline the development of  innovative.