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Andrew Katzwinkel

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Andrew Katzwinkel

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Digital Retail Africa 2023 hosted by IT News Africa - Andrew Katzwinkel speaks on Lay Up's platform- Save Now, Buy Later: A new way to pay without credit, at the Digital Retail Africa 2023 conference. #retailtech #ecommerce #customerexperience #onlineshopping LayUp - #savenow, #buylater

Digital Retail Africa 2023 hosted by IT News Africa - Andrew Katzwinkel speaks on Lay Up's platform- Save Now, Buy Later: A new way to pay without credit, at the Digital Retail Africa 2023 conference. #retailtech #ecommerce #customerexperience #onlineshopping LayUp - #savenow, #buylater


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Editor's Notes

  • Good Morning, It is an absolute pleasure to be speaking to you all today. I am Andrew Katzwinkel CEO/Founder of LayUp Technologies.

    Today I will be taking you through a 4 year analysis as to why we chose not to chase the BNPL craze in the South African Market.
  • I am sure everyone in the room has heard of BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later), well we flipped the script and have launched what we have called (Save Now, Buy Later).

    We are pioneering a new way for consumers to buy without credit.
  • So what are the differences between BNPL and SNBL

    First off BNPl is a credit model and what I refer to as a Post-Paid solution, SNBL is a savings model and is what I refer to as a Prepaid solution.
    In BNPL the customer will receive the goods upfront and with SNBL the client will wait to receive the product.
    Now, I would need to be living under a rock to not know that the world has developed into a ”I want and need it now” environment but if we look deeper into the reality of where we live, things become a clearer.

    So in BNPL or the credit market, one has to be SA citizen to apply for credit. At LayUp we don’t discriminate and we accept all human beings living in South Africa, no matter their nationality.

    In BNPL Repayments are fixed (usually over a 6-8 week period) where as SNBL the payments are flexible and can be offered over a much longer period. In some cases over 24months

    If a consumer misses a payment or lapses the term, late fees and interest is charged in BNPL. Where we do not charge interest or apply penalties EVER.

    lastly, BNPL is for low value basket orders where LayUp provides payment plans on purchases that are at times over R 500k+ , Credit options fall away entirely at this point.
  • Let’s unpack why we saw this as the market to serve and innovate.

    There is 26 mil registered credit consumers in South African, where nearly 14mil have impaired records and will battle to get approved from credit, especially have high valued purchases. We have roughly +6mil foreigners in the market where they don’t meet the regulatory requirements for credit but are most definitely still purchasing goods and services locally.

    and then lastly the future generation of our country GenZ’s who have yet to get into the work force being around 4mil young consumers who don’t qualify for credit

    That equates to a TAM of 25mil people vs around 6mil credit active consumers.
  • We have a moto at LayUp, where we say ” The world really doesn’t need more credit options” Look left and right and you will be able to find a provider offering unsecured credit. Hiding the fine print and capturing a consumer into compounded interest and long term debt.

    This is not sustainable. The consumer who is in debt, is not a returning customer. At LayUp 1-3 customers come back to use the LayUp service and for some customers they have up 20 payment plans running at one time. Managing their cashflow and using LayUp as a goal based savings solution.

  • We have taken pre-payments and advanced the capabilities of how we can serve business in multiple ways

    The list behind me, are all pre-paid solutions that don’t require credit checks , don’t discriminate and do not charge interest.

  • LayUp is a Turn Key Recurring Payment & Management System that enables business to grow sales and their market through one integration that works on scale.
  • We offer both online and in-store integrations for businesses of all sizes.

    E-commerce businesses can install our plugins and get up and running in a short space of time. For larger businesses, you can integrate directly into our API for custom integrations.


    you can Integrate into any POS/SAP system directly through our API or you can use our Terminal APP on any Ingenico or Newland Speed point.

    if terminal rental costs doesn’t suit you, simply download our APP from either the App store or Play store and you will transform your manual Lay-By or pre-payment services into a fully digital, automated & centralized solution in seconds, that fits in your pocket.
  • The age old saying Cash is king rings very true in SA. 70% of transactions across the country are done via cash payments , amounting to 60 Billion in cash transaction per annum.

    If anything, cash is growing in the economy and this is due to How the mass market wants to transact.
  • So instead of thinking we going to digitize cash payments by just creating barriers like “no cash accepted” is simply not working.

    At LayUp we believe in consumer sovereignty and we believe the solution isn’t to remove cash but to create convenience for the consumer to pay in as many places possible to them.

    We have created cash acceptance points across the country, Removing the hassle of traveling back to the store to make a cash payment. This is done through ATM’s Cash deposits, Moneymarkets and flash kiosks country wide.

    We offer multiple payment instruments for the consumer to pay online or at POS via Card, Instant EFT or Debicheck

    Our view, is bring the convenience to the shopper and they will choose how to pay.
  • Now that we have cleared up the market opportunity and understand how many customers are locked out of the economy and how business is missing out on opportunities. Let me explain what LayUp will do for you and your business

    We will grow your sales
    We will grow your market
    We will Increase the basket order at checkout
    We remove admin costs and hassles
    And we increase completion and success rates
  • I am Andrew Katzwinkel – CEO/Founder of LayUp Technologies and thank you for the opportunity and privilege to have spoken to you all today.