Online Marketing:Steps to Promote YOUR Business


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Promote Your Business Using These Online Marketing Tactics. The best method to follow is by giving best services and being the BIC: Best In Class.

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Online Marketing:Steps to Promote YOUR Business

  1. 1. Index• Methods To Be Followed • Methodologies • PPC Vs SEO • Methods • Online Marketing Strategy • Goals • Business Strategies • Business News Into Business • Using Online Marketing • Youtube • Facebook • Twitter • Last Notes
  3. 3. :SEO: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONPRO PRO •Great Long Term ROI• Quick Setup •High Ceiling and Volume• Highly Quantifiable •More Exposure, Branding and• Less Development Awareness RequiredCONS CONS •Tough to Quantify• Subject to Ad-Blindness •Lots of Work- Design and• More Expensive Development• Lower Ceiling and Volume •Takes Time (Not for Short Time) Potential
  4. 4. WHAT ARE THE GOALS OF THESE STRATEGIES?Visibility Publicity Awareness Customer Branding Interaction
  5. 5. TURNING YOUR BUSINESS NEWS INTO BUSINESS Use Some Provide Free People Love Provide Resources Go GREENINSPIRE Inspirational Story Resources About Organizations Of Your Success, To Your Helping The Impress Your Would Products/Services Environment, So Be Customers. Which Are Easy To Even If You Are Not Use Your Past Learn From and In the Eco Success in Understand. Business, Still Make Business, Works People Do Not Like Efforts To Be Earth Really Great For To Get Lectured So Friendly. Include Institutes or Provide Resources Green Products In Services Which Are Intriguing Your Catalogue If You Can.
  6. 6. TURNING YOUR BUSINESS NEWS INTO TURNING YOUR BUSINESS NEWS INTO BUSINESS If You Organize Every Business Has Your ContributionsBE EVENTFUL Bust A Myth CONTRIBUTE Events For Your Myths Attached To It, Back To Society Are Employees or Clients, And These Can Be Of Always Appreciated Promote It. Let Your The Form “Fun- And Never Ignored By Customers Know Facts”, Which Can Be Your Customers and That You Take Care Easily Forwarded To Target Audience. Of Your Employees Others By Your Always Release As Well As Customers. These News And Customers. Even Release Such Events To Your After Event Cover It Snippets Frequently Customers And So That You Make So That They Employees. The Most Of It. Constantly Are In the Move.
  7. 7. TURNING YOUR BUSINESS NEWS INTO TURNING YOUR BUSINESS NEWS INTO BUSINESS When Holiday Use Technology Share Insights AboutHOLIDAY SEASON TECHNOLOGY SHARE INSIGHTS Season Is Upcoming, Whenever You Can, The Business, You Should Inform Announce Your Capture The Clients Your Clients About Latest Events, Attention. Research Your Celebration Products, Services, Papers, New Events. Make Your etc. Through Technological Customers Youtube, Twitter, FB, Innovations, Stats, Participate With You LinkedIn, etc. This etc. Always Excite In Events. Helps You Keep an The Customers. Spread The Holiday Online Connection Show Stats In Your Mood Towards Your With Your Clients And Releases So That Clients. Impart The Image Of Attention Is Grabbed. being Tech-Friendly AVOID JARGONS
  8. 8. YOUTUBE Press Releases Tutorials Product/Service Advertisements Details
  9. 9. FACEBOOK Press Releases How To Product/Service Advertisements Details Connect With Banners Customers
  10. 10. TWITTER Company Product/Service Updates Updates Press Releases Event Details Connect With Advertisements Customers
  11. 11. WORDS OF CAUTION Be Prepared Be PreparedBe Wary of Get Online For Negative For NegativeCompetitors Fast Criticism CriticismGet The Most Keep Don’t Be Left Be Cautious Of Online Connected behind Of Negativity Marketing Regularly
  12. 12. FREE GOODIES FOR YOU Competitor Free AnalysisConsultation Report on Your Website ITmagia Solutions Business Analysis Preliminary Report
  13. 13. THIS STORY DOESN’T HAVE AN END.. Get in contact with us: Like Us: Follow Us: Connect With Us: