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This Presentation provides the details of Online Marketing as well as Search Engine Optimization. Many methods of Online Marketing are discussed in detail in this presentation. Read More, Know More.

We at ITmagia Solutions, develop customized E-Commerce Platforms for our clients with Online Marketing Services such as SEO, SMM, SMO, etc. We have been providing E-commerce platform, E-commerce solutions for business which already have established in physical stores. We also provide robust Web-Development, CMS development, Web Content Management, as well as Online Marketing Services. Online Marketing includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM(Social Media Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization) and various other strategies.

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Online Marketing : SEO- Search Engine Optimization

  1. 1. Index• Online Vs Offline Marketing• Why to Enter Online Marketing? • Facts You Should Know!• Online Marketing • Aspects • Website Development Cycle • Methods • Search Engine Optimization • PPC Vs SEO • On-Page Vs Off-Page • Reasons • SEO Techniques • Domain Name • Linking Strategy • Keywords • Title Tags • Meta Tags • Ending Notes
  2. 2. ONLINE-OFFLINE MARKETING Offline Marketing Online MarketingWith so any people walking, Online People search forreading, sifting past your banners information. Millions of searches areand advertisements in Newspaper, done by people all over the world.Billboards, Windows, etc. only a Every person searches alone.handful contact/walk-in Yourstore/business. LOCATION MATTERS INFORMATION MATTERS
  3. 3. WHY TO ENTER ONLINE MARKETING?Nearly 250 millions searches are performed per day on Google alone.Natural search result listings are 85% of all clicks, as opposed to only 15% for Pay Per Click (PPC).Online marketing currently at 7.6% of all media advertising spending is projected to be at 15.2% in2013.E-Commerce sales will grow from 4.4% in 2009 to $141B, and jump to 16.5% in growth in 2010.Your competitors are getting wise! SEO utilization is at 39% of all businesses, up from 19% in 2007.Best way to initiate a direct response as it is the only form of marketing that puts you in front oftargeted prospective customers who are looking exactly for what you offer.
  4. 4. NEED MORE ASSURANCE?29% of B2B marketers consider search engine optimizationto be very effective — more than email marketing, contentmarketing, and most noticeably, paid search.The global advertising market grew to just over $600 bln in2007, expected global ad revenues to grow at a compoundannual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.7% and reach $707 bln in2012.
  6. 6. Attract VisitorsMeasure and Convert Visitors Optimize to Customers Retain and Grow Customers
  7. 7. CREATE in Demand Content AttractMonetize TrafficPreSold Generated Traffic Through Content PreSell Those Visitors
  9. 9. WHAT IS SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) ? • SEO is the act of modifying a website to increase itsWHAT? ranking in organic (vs paid), crawler-based listings of search engines(SE). • A SE’s spider or crawler gathers listings by automatically "crawling" the web. • The spider follows links to web pages, makes copies ofHow? the pages and stores them in the SE’s index. • Based on this indexing, the SE then ranks the websites. • This is just a basic idea of how it works, there are a lot more factors which affect the ranking.
  10. 10. :SEO: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONPRO PRO • Great Long Term ROI• Quick Setup • High Ceiling and Volume• Highly Quantifiable • More Exposure, Branding and• Less Development Required AwarenessCONS CONS • Tough to Quantify• Subject to Ad-Blindness • Lots of Work- Design and• More Expensive Development• Lower Ceiling and Volume • Takes Time (Not for Short Time) Potential
  11. 11. :SEO: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION On Page Off Page URL, Title, Meta- CommunityHTML Submissions PR Creation Headings, Tags Lists, etc.
  12. 12. Increased VisibilityReasons Cost Effective Investment for Long Term Content Development Better Targeting of Prospective Clients
  13. 13. SEO TECHNIQUES Domain Name• Pertinent Domain Names to your Product/Service, as they are Traffic Magnets.• Choose Domain Name which can increase traffic like location, keyword, brand, etc. • Something that is important to your business.
  14. 14. SEO TECHNIQUES Linking Strategy • The text in the links should include keywords • Higher number of Inbound Links cause higher PR • Quality of Inbound Links is crucial • Link for the sake of links can be damaging to PR “A small number of inbound links from high-quality, relevantsites is more valuable than many links from low-traffic, irrelevant sites.”
  15. 15. SEO TECHNIQUES Keywords • Most Important Aspect• Keywords are the terms which your perspective clients would use to find you on the SE• The Spiders choose appropriate keywords for the content which is then used by the SE • Don’t spam your content with keywords“Content Rules the Web, so Readability and Context of the Content is most Important.”
  16. 16. SEO TECHNIQUES Title Tags • Have fair amount of importance. • First thing that the SE will display about your website. • Should contain your Keywords • Again Do NOT spam your with keywords“First Impressions are the last impressions most important so carefully select the Title Text of the website.”
  17. 17. SEO TECHNIQUES Meta Tags • Displayed beneath your title on SE • Should contain your Keywords • Again Do NOT spam your with keywords • Use Promotional Language“Even Though They Do Not Hold The Importance That They Used To Get From SE, They Still Are Fairly Important.”
  18. 18. THE STORY DOESN’T END HERE… This is just the tip of the Iceberg, there is lot more which is part of this Online Marketing technique. There are a lot more methods which can be used to market your website/product/service to your perspective clients Remember the most crucial aspect of all online marketing techniques is Content, which remains the King. You can very well implement SEO techniques but taking help from a professional will help you get expertise knowledge. Get involved with the firm which is doing Online Marketing for You so that you know what they are providing to you. Read More, Know More, Develop the Edge
  19. 19. FREE GOODIES FOR YOU Competitor Free AnalysisConsultation Report on Your Website ITmagia Solutions Business Analysis Preliminary Report
  20. 20. THIS STORY DOESN’T HAVE AN END.. Get in contact with us: Like Us: Follow Us: Connect With Us: