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Digital Transformation with the Power of Cloud Computing and AI by Olga Roj

Digital transformation is the topic of the day and it’s here to stay…it’s a phenomenon that is actively fueling both the success and the failure of every organization. Industry after industry is being transformed as we speak and this is perhaps more so than ever in our history where technology is not just adding capability but it’s changing business models.

Almost every company is grappling with how to embrace new trends such as Big Data driving the digitization of “things” and advances in data analytics and intelligence, cloud computing placing limitless computing and storage power into the hands of organizations of all sizes, and of course the explosion and ubiquity of mobile computing.

Topic was presented at a joint event of Munich Datageeks and Women in Big Data Munich

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About Olga Roj

Olga Roj has joined Microsoft 7 years ago after completing her MBA at INSEAD Business School, and from the beginning has worked with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform, first as the Azure Open Source Product Marketing Manager, and then as the Azure Go to Market Partner Lead, covering multiple countries in the EMEA region.

She has experienced firsthand the explosive growth of Cloud Computing, and how partnering with Microsoft and embracing Cloud Computing has helped many organizations, big and small, truly transform their businesses and grow beyond expectations. She is excited about all the amazing opportunities that Cloud Computing presents for every single business on the planet.

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Digital Transformation with the Power of Cloud Computing and AI by Olga Roj

  1. 1. 91% of business leaders see Digital Transformation as a way of sparking innovation and finding efficiencies 68% say Digital Transformation is increasing profits 85% say they must offer digital services or become irrelevant 64% say they have less than 4 years to complete a Digital Transformation or they may go out of business transformationDigital Sources for statistics in speaker notes
  2. 2. Applications and Data have shifted to the cloud Past Long application cycles Monolithic apps Servers and VMs Less data – structured data Desktop Distinct infrastructure and operations teams Today AI driven rapid innovation Loosely-coupled apps, IOT, Bots, microservices, and containers Serverless, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Big Data – Unstructured, semi-structured and structured Mobile Service-focused DevOps teams CaaS Container Platform On-Premises Infrastructure Platform PaaS Application Platform FaaS Serverless Platform IaaS Infrastructure Platform
  3. 3. Estonia Uses Cloud to Reinforce Critical E-government Functions Did you know? - Estonia is probably the only country in the world where 99% of the public services are available online 24/7. - More digital signatures have been used in Estonia than in the rest of the European Union altogether? - Estonia uses blockchain technology to ensure healthcare data security? - You can establish a company in Estonia just in 3 hours? - Twice as many students pursue IT careers than on avg in OECD countries?
  4. 4. Constellation of unprecedented forces
  5. 5. Machines showing capabilities that are typically associated with human intelligence Wikipedia Perception Interpret meaning of data including text, voice, images Cognition Form conclusions with imperfect data Learning Learn over time without direct intervention
  6. 6. 1PWC, 2017 3Ignite, 2016 of executives across the globe expect AI to have a positive impact on growth290% Satya Nadella We want to pursue democratizing AI just like we pursued information at your fingertips.3 potential contribution to the global economy by 2030 from AI1$15.7T boost in global GDP as a result of AI by 2030114%UP TO 2Economist Intelligence Unit, 2018
  7. 7. 1 Source: Gartner, 2019. 2 Source: Gartner, 2019. 3 Source: Gartner, 2018. 91% of Enterprises will be using AI in 3 years1 37% Have started or are planning to start their AI initiatives in the near term2 Base: Answered Artificial Intelligence (AI) section; n = 890 Q43. What are the top three challenges to the adoption of AI within your organization? ID: 355907 3 Value measurement 24% Understanding what AI is 20% Security/Privacy 37% Risk/Liabilities 32% 79% Fear of the unknown Strategy definition 30% Finding Funding 24% Finding use cases 30% 63% Finding their starting point Confusion over vendor offerings 20%Integration complexity 33% 48% Vendor strategy Governance issues 20% Lack of staff skills 23% 40% Enterprise maturity What’s holding organizations back when it comes to AI?
  8. 8. Microsoft AI
  9. 9. Instead of looking in the rearview mirror, with analytics people are now able to predict the future. It’s really completely changed the culture of our company” JANE MORAN CIO, Unilever Transform products customers Empower employees Optimize operations ➢ Digitally rewiring supply chain ➢ Artificial intelligence planning ➢ Capitalizing on robotics ➢ Digitally connected factories ➢ 8 digital twins across Americas, Europe and Asia ➢ Streaming data from 15 of its 300 plants, with plans to connect 100 in 2020
  10. 10. Happiness Meaningful Innovation Empowering People Responsible AI “We are not pursuing AI to beat humans at games. We are pursuing AI so that we can empower every person and every institution that people build with tools of AI, so that they can go on to solve the most pressing problems of our society and our economy.” – Satya Nadella
  11. 11. MSR Beijing MSR Cambridge MSR Redmond MSR Montreal MSR New EnglandMSR New York Microsoft Research Turning ideas into reality for 27 years MSR India MSR Shanghai MSR Labs Researchers WW Patents PapersFields
  12. 12. MSR Beijing MSR Cambridge MSR Redmond MSR Montreal MSR New EnglandMSR New York Fueled by breakthrough research 96% on RESNET vision test 94.9% on Switchboard test 89.4% on Stanford CoQA test 69.9% with MT Research system 39.5 Teraflops with Intel Stratix 10 MSR India MSR Shanghai Machine translation human parity Object detection human parity Switchboar d Switchbo ard cellular Meeting speech IBM Switchboard Broadcast speech Speech recognition human parity Conversational Q&A human parity First FPGA deployed in a datacenter
  13. 13. 35 Million Bot Service messages every day . Billions of pages indexed with Bing machine reading 1.3M Developers Using Azure Cognitive Services 60 languages supported by PowerPoint Translator 660M users using social bot Xiaoice 155+ Million Office 365 users Speech RecognitionVision TranslationReading Speech Synthesis Language Understanding
  14. 14. The most comprehensive pre-trained AI Language Vision Speech Decision Web search Bing Spell Check Custom Vision Personalizer Form Recognizer Neural Text-to-Speech Anomaly Detector Content Moderator Content Moderator Custom speech Speech transcription Text-to-Speech Conversation transcription capability Face Video Indexer Ink Recognizer Computer Vision Language Understanding QnA Maker Text Analytics Translator Text Bing Web Search Bing Custom Search Bing Video Search Bing Image Search Bing Local Business Search Bing Visual Search Bing Entity Search Bing News Search Bing Autosuggest Immersive Reader
  15. 15. Bring AI to every application Build the next generation of smart applications Chatbot Content creation Predictive analytics Recommendation engine
  16. 16. “Just like their relationship with a barista, customers receive the same care and personalized recommendations when it comes from our digital platforms.” Jon Francis, SVP Analytics and Market Research
  17. 17. Bring AI to every process Enable predictive maintenance and minimize production disruptions Make relevant offers and spot hidden risks Forecast demand and increase personalization Identify infrastructure maintenance needs Individualize treatment plans, improve early risk assessment Financial Services Retail Healthcare Manufacturing Government Education Increase student collaboration and administrative efficiency
  18. 18. © Microsoft Corporation General University Hospital in Prague (project Inner Eye)
  19. 19. Customer stories: Artificial Intelligence Record-breaking performance with cloud-powered AI Logistics: Uklon, Ukraine AI gives internet taxi startup real competitive edge • 18% more taxi bookings • Reduces driver wait time by 15h a month • Increased Net Promoter Score Index • More accurate real-time feed of performance metrics Case study (ENG) | Case study (UKR) | Assets HR Services: Grupa Pracuj, Poland “Use of analytics and Machine Learning has directly boosted average successful taxi bookings by 18% at peak times.” Daniel Vakhovskyi: Chief Marketing Officer, Uklon
  20. 20. Customer stories: Artificial Intelligence Case Study (ENG) | Case Study (RUS) | Assets Retail: Sarafan Technology, Russia AI-powered fashion and beauty recommendation tool delights • 8x faster image/video processing • Fast scaling and high- speed server requests • Capacity to test new features at scale in Azure test environment
  21. 21. $7 billion Market value from a start-up to global ISV ($1B funding) 500% Year-on-year revenue growth 2,500+ Employees worldwide 3,700+ Customers worldwide 400,000 Developer community
  22. 22. Happiness Responsible AI
  23. 23. „ Ultimately the question is not only what computers can do. It’s what computers should do.” * * The Future Computed book
  24. 24. For customers For business partners Contoso Imagine a seemingly innocent project…ping Center
  25. 25. Some examples of potential concerns End user Partner
  26. 26. AI for GoodResponsible AI Our approach
  27. 27. In partnership with Visitors250K Countries182 Engagement670% Avg Rating4.8/5.0
  28. 28. Thanks for joining us at Datageeks and Women in Big Data Meetup Our AI raccoon has prepared some content for you that you will hopefully like.