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Concent management the new insurance by Hanna Waldenmaier

In this presentation Hanna Waldenmaier is talking about consent management.

Hanna is director strategic partnerships at Usercentrics. She has been part of the company from the very beginning and therefore has plenty of interesting information to share with us.

Topic was presented at Women in Big Data Munich event at Usercentrics.

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About Usercentrics

Headquartered in the heart of Munich, Usercentrics’ vision is to create a new infrastructure for user consent across data architectures – making privacy practical. As a leader in the area of Consent Management Platforms (CMP), the SaaS solution enables businesses to collect, manage and document user consents across all digital channels such as websites or apps. Thus, compliance with current and future international privacy regulations such as GDPR, ePrivacy and CCPA can be ensured.

The CMP offers its users an intuitive user interface, realtime monitoring, multifaceted variations for opt-in, A/B testing as well as optimization tools. Since its founding in late 2017, the company has grown dramatically and now counts hundreds of leading organizations as customers. For more information, visit

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Concent management the new insurance by Hanna Waldenmaier

  1. 1. Consent Management - the new insurance Work with clean, compliant data and reach new heights Hanna Waldenmaier - Director, Strategic Partnerships 28.11.2019, Women in Big Data
  2. 2. About Usercentrics Founded: 2017 Team: Strong expertise in AdTech, Data Protection & Tech Clients: 3000+ (mainly EU, some US) “Personal data will only be valuable if obtained with a valid user consent. Therefore, we enable you to make data collection and processing intuitive and transparent for your users, maximising opt-in rates.” Make Privacy your competitive advantage with Usercentrics. Enterprise clients e.g.: S&P 500 Austria Partners, e.g.:
  3. 3. Surfing in 2019 be like
  4. 4. Privacy regulations are limiting the use of personal data Data protection regulations like the EU GDPR, the California CCPA and the upcoming EU ePrivacy regulation protect the privacy of the user and massively limit the opportunities of collecting and processing personal data. GDPR, applicable regulation since 05/2018 CCPA, coming into effect 01/2020 ePrivacy, 2023/25 e.g. name, email address, etc. Personal Data Pseudonymous Data Anonymous Data e.g. aggregated data, statistical values, geoIDs e.g. pseudonymised IP-address, User-IDs → Under GDPR and CCPA, unique personal identifiers, i.e. cookies, already require a legal basis such as consent
  5. 5. Tracking technologies are within the scope of GDPR and CCPA GDPR requires legal basis (i.e. Consent: Opt-in & Opt-out or Legitimate Interest: Opt-out) According to Recital 30 GDPR, for the use of specific web technologies, operators of websites and apps need a legal basis pursuant to Art. 6 GDPR and must get consent/opt-in of their users. CCPA requires an option to Opt-out and an Opt-in for data subjects under age 16 Under CCPA, the “collecting” and “selling” of personal information extends to online monitoring and tracking which results in the obligation to offer a specific and immediate opt-out to the user. Tags e.g. cookies, pixel, fingerprints, etc. collect Personal Data e.g. IP-address, user behaviour, etc. Legal basis pursuant to GDPR and CCPA require
  6. 6. Obtain consent with a Consent Management Platform With a Consent Management Platform (CMP) you can obtain the consent of your website visitors or app users enabling you to continue to collect and process their data in compliance with data protection regulations. visits → Under GDPR and CCPA, unique personal identifiers, i.e. cookies, already require a legal basis such as consent Data Management Platform preferences data subject
  7. 7. Consent → Data → Business
  8. 8. Legal requirements of a valid consent Freely Consent must be given freely, access must be possible without consent (to services not technically necessary to provide the service). Informed All relevant information (g.B. Purpose of the processing, processor) must be available at the point of giving consent. Granular The purpose of the data collection must be explained granular; a general consent is not valid. Explicit Consent must be given explicitly, e.g. through a click or other activity; an implicit consent is not valid. Prior Technologies, not covered by legitimate interest, should only be loaded, if a consent was given. (Easy-) Opt-out Consent must be as easy to withdraw as it was to give. Documented The website or app operator must be able to prove that he had consent and that those consent meet the requirements of a valid consent. A CMP needs to be able to fulfill all requirements
  9. 9. Data protection regulations AND Tech Companies enforce Consent A professional Consent Management becomes a must-have for every website operator ECJ Explicit consent for cookies on websites necessary (Oktober 2019) The Committee of German Data Protection Authorities (DSK) Tracking only possible with valid consent for the most parts (April 2019) Google EU Consent Policy Cookies and personalized advertising require consent Facebook Consent Guide Pixel und Custom Audience Feature can only be used with valid consent IAB Transparency & Consent Framework Advertising only possible after Consent String has been programmatically handed over to vendors ECJ Consent for cookies necessary (Cookie directive), Website operators are jointly responsible for the usage of the Facebook Like Button on websites (July 2019)
  10. 10. Consent as Competitive Advantage Consent has a ROI and the Opt-in Rate is your new KPI.
  11. 11. Start Collecting Consents Today and Increase the Value of Your Data With consent, you are guaranteed to continue using the following technologies: ● Tracking ● Retargeting, e.g. Facebook Custom Audiences und Google Conversion ● Personalization Those who already collect opt-ins are building up a ‘data treasure’ and competitive advantage. Proprietary + Confidential 11
  12. 12. Opt-in Optimation through Incentives Objective: Continuous Increase of Opt-in Rates ● Opt-in Incentive Layer in cooperation with our partner trbo
  13. 13. Proprietary + Confidential Consent will give you Peace of Mind Protection against fines Securing advertising revenues Strengthen data sovereignty „We are like an insurance for companies. You might never need us. But if you need us you’re safe.“ 🛡
  14. 14. Use Cases
  15. 15. Commerzbank ● Individual Branding ● Self-hosting of the Usercentrics CMP ● No Deny-Button within the Banner Integration of the Usercentrics CMP with Custom Design and Selfhosting Solution
  16. 16. Ing-Diba ● Individual Branding ● Privacy Wall including an Overlay ● Only Accept-Button within the Banner Integration of the Usercentrics CMP Privacy Wall
  17. 17. FC Bayern ● Privacy Wall without Overlay ● Logo Placement as Custom Design ● Seamless integration into the Website through Cookie Settings in the Footer Privacy Wall and Logo Placement in the Banner
  18. 18. DMEXCO ● Permanent Embedding in the Menu Header ● 100% Corporate Identity ● Seamless integration into the Website Integration of the Usercentrics CMP in the Look & Feel of DMEXCO’s Corporate Identity
  19. 19. Join Our Team! We are currently looking to fill a number of exciting roles. Take a look at our open positions and send your application now! 😁 ➤
  20. 20. Questions? Usercentrics GmbH Rosental 4 80331 Munich Germany Contact: Hanna Waldenmaier,