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  1. 1. Rob FeldmannCEO
  2. 2. BrandAlley is the clear market leader for privatesales in the UK• Number 1 “off price” UK site, we are recognised as a lifestyle brand – ‘One to watch’ - We work directly with over 100 wonderful premium brands e.g Calvin Klein, Jaeger, Aquascutum, Uggs, Elle Macpherson, Hunter, Juicy Couture and Ted Baker. - Potential to sell large volume of units per sale discreetly, i.e., in excess of 12,000 units of lingerie / 16,000 units of ready-to-wear over a five day period - Now widely recognised by brands as a Media and PR partner, a way to advertise and find new customers.• Ranked 20th most visited UK online apparel website (Hitwise, April 2011)• 3 million unique visitors a month at Feb 2012 (more than Net-A-Porter or any othercompetitor), with 2.5 million members registered (at Feb 2012)• We work with over 1,000 different brands• On average 1,500 new members join every day, with 100 new ‘Recommend a Friend’members• Members spend an average of 9 minutes on our site per visit, viewing an average of 12pages• On average, 75,000 orders are dispatched a month• Average basket value £70, containing 3 products
  3. 3. • BrandAlley and the ‘‘Brand’’ agree sales dates and pricing• BrandAlley and the ‘‘Brand’’ decide whether to launch the sale a day early onFacebook to increase exposure for the ‘‘Brand’’• The ‘‘Brand’’ ring-fences stock in its warehouse over the four day sales period• BrandAlley sends an email promoting the ‘‘Brand’’ to its members on the day oflaunch, in the morning• At the end of the sale, the ‘‘Brand’’ delivers the sold stock to BrandAlley’swarehouse• BrandAlley sends out the stock to its customers• The ‘‘Brand’’ gets paid 30 days later
  4. 4. BrandAlley UK appeals to a broad mix of affluent customers ‘Shopaholic’ ‘Big Spender’ ‘Miss Average’ ‘First Timer’ Details Details Details Details Name: ‘Ms B’ Name: ‘Mrs G’ Name: ‘Miss P’ Name: ‘Mr R’ Address: Durham Address: London Address: Ashford Address: Orpington Age: 40 Age: 35 Age: 28 Age: 39 Member since: May‘08 Member since: Jan ‘09 Member since:June‘10 Member since: Feb ‘12 BrandAlley Summary BrandAlley Summary BrandAlley Summary BrandAlley Summary Total spend to date: £4,144 Total spend to date: £1,460 Total spend to date: £201 Total spend to date: £56 Total # Items: 184 Total # Items: 41 Total # Items: 14 Total # Items: 4 Total # Transactions: 38 Total # Transactions: 16 Total # Transactions: 4 Total # Transactions: 1 Average Basket: £109 Average Basket: £91 Average Basket: £51 Average Basket: £56 Favourite category: Lingerie Favourite category: Womenswear Favourite category: Womenswear and Favourite category: Homeware Favourite brand: French Connection Favourite brand: Guess underwear Favourite brand: D&G Characteristics Characteristics Characteristics Characteristics Personal: Housewife Personal: Married, Senior Management Personal: Living w. partner, professional Personal: Married, senior mgmt Income: £50k + Income: £50k + Income: £30-40.000 Income: £50k + Property: Suburban, detached or semi Property: Detached house Property: Terrace House Property: Semi-Detached house Interests: Enjoy outdoor activity horse Interests: Adventure holidays, weekend Interests: Traveling to Carribean and Interests: Sports and exercise, current riding, tennis, cricket. Also likes breaks, self-improvement books, USA, playing golf, home commuting , affairs, foreign travel, gourmet food, home improvements and animal fashion, like skiing and gourmet food gourmet food, ordering by mail culture careSource: BrandAlley Customer Data Extract, Dec 2011; Personix Classifications
  5. 5. BrandAlley UK - top 3 customer profiles GF128 Spending Sporty Families •Married families with kids •Rural small towns areas •Enjoy Outdoor activities •Have Pets and enjoy wildlife •Have multiple credit card but pay everything off every month GX127 Flats and Convertibles GM143 Gourmet Travelers •Educated urban flats owners •Mixed Life stage Group •Professionals or senior management •Married 55-64, pets, moved out children •Spend money to spoil themselves like • Rural Small town Areas convertible or villa in the sun •Two cars and enjoy home improvements •Purchase by mail order •Frequent holidays world wide •Play cricket, rugby, tennis, skiing and •Have degrees with professional careers sailing or own business •Gourmet food and wine •Gourmet food and whisky/brandyBased on Personix classifications Our customers are affluent and they appreciate the ease and convenience of online shopping
  6. 6. London is the best represented region within BrandAlley UK’s membership base, but there is good regional coverage Registrations by region Percentage share of sales revenue by share of customers 100% Wales & West Others Central Scotland 80% Yorks 72% of active customers with avg. spend of £278 East of England and 5.5 orders SouthShare of customers ern 60% 28% of active customers with Lancashr avg. spend of £247 and 4.6 orders Midlands 40% 20% London 0% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Share of sales revenue Source: BrandAlley UK Customer Data Extract, Dec 2011
  7. 7. The press says: Our customers say:“If you haven’t signed up to BrandAlley yet, “Love the site. Love the company. Love themay we strongly suggest that you do” Grazia products. Love the service. Love the friendly staff on the phones”“Number 1 site to top up your wardrobe on abudget” Reveal “Excellent sales and service”“Make sure you sign up – trust me when I say “I love the site and the selection of brandsthe sales are a must, miss it and miss out!” that you offer”Beauty& “I am a huge internet shopper and BrandAlley“Clever ways to ease the squeeze” is my no. 1 site”She Magazine