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School Of 2020 (Gerardo A)


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Published in: Education, Technology
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School Of 2020 (Gerardo A)

  1. 1. Nicolas Castellanos & Salvador Palma 2020 School Consider whether these technologies will continue being used in schools, or whether they will be removed and forgotten about. Speakers would not disappear but they would develop in a way in which they would not harm hearing senses and also they would be clearer to listen. Internet in the future would be present in the future but with high speed. Nowadays’ projectors would disappear, because in the future every student would have in front of them a little screen in which the teacher could show everything they want to students. Try to think of the changes that have occurred since you started school: will these trends continue? Maybe there will be new technologies developed that replace current technologies? When I start school I use notebooks to write and make homework’s, nowadays, I use laptop to access internet, make my homework’s in Microsoft office, etc. so my homework’s have became digitally. Years before, people have to go to libraries to find information about any topic, but now people use the internet as the main resource to search. Years before, the ABC had to talk with the stuff of the IB in England by letters or phone calls, now they uses e-mails, chat, etc to communicate. The use of projectors has appeared during my time in school. Future technology in school Audio recorders machines for students, so they can record homework and then it could write it in a word page without the effort of the student to write. Digital notebooks for students were they can write in a screen and it would looks like a notebook, therefore they would have all their school note classes in one place. No more projectors for the whole class, there would be a little screen in every table in class, so teachers could put information in every screen and show the content to students. Cell-phones would develop to education, in this case for example if a student do not go to school and he/she do not have access to internet, the teacher could send a text message with the homework attached so the student can downloaded to a computer and be informed of what is going on in class. In the future, student can be allow to don’t come to school, they can be in their homes and just access to internet and access to a virtual class on life time of the teacher teaching his lesson so they can be at school in a virtual way. Or vice versa if the teacher can’t go to school for any reason, he/she can record him in a webcam and connect to internet, and then students can see the teacher by a webcam and receive the class. Technology used in classrooms: Projectors: the projectors are useful because in this way digital information can be displayed for the whole classroom as well as projecting videos which can be helpful in interactive learning. Computers: computers are being used more and more often, some schools now have a computer for each classroom which shows great technological advances, as well as students are acquiring laptops, so now more and more students are bringing laptops to school, which enable them to do research over the internet and enhancing
  2. 2. communications between teachers and peers, like emails, blogs and wikis. Printers: printers allow teachers to print worksheets and handouts in matter of seconds with out having to leave their students unattended to go to a printing office, which saves time among the teachers and allow them for classes to be more productive. Television: T.V’s are used in classroom however they are being outweighed by computers since now computers can displayed the videos that before were displayed in T.V’s. Copiers’: copiers are used to minimize costs in a way because, is less expensive to print one page and then copy it as many times as need instead of printing all of the pages which wastes more ink and increases costs. Smart boards: this is a newly developed technology which enables to dsplay digital information on a type o whiteboards but also allows you to write digitally on the text with electronic markers. Technology used outside classroom: Cameras: right now cameras are being used to monitor what students do outside classrooms, this is helpful because it can prevent things like bullying and theft. Security doors: doors now have systems like RFID which help identify and monitor staff as well as students and can prevent access to certain groups of people to restricted areas for example the staff lounge, which could only allow teachers and prevent access to students.