Portfolio Digital Hollywood Stars (Nicolas)


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Portfolio Digital Hollywood Stars (Nicolas)

  1. 1. Nicolás Castellanos Pacheco “Digitally “replacing” Hollywood’s Stars” What is this title related? How do Hollywood movies create new characters? Well by the help of this new technology, the Hollywood industry has created a machine which can clone an actor and manipulate his physical shape. Advantages: There exist some positive impacts of replacing Hollywood stars to digital once. For example, in the case of dead actors, for example the dead actor Heath Ledger which interpret the joker in batman 2, it was a shame that this actor has dead, however, by the help of this new technology, Hollywood could create him digitally and make movies again with him, so the memory of that great actor would not disappear because he would still being in the big screen. On the other hand, another advantage of having this technology is to manipulate the physical appearance of an actor, for example, in the movie “the incredible hulk” no actor could mutate the way hulk mutates, therefore by the help of this machine, Hollywood could scan the actor and then by digital software they can make that a normal actor mutate to hulk therefore the image and film mutating can be seen very real. Another example of can be seen in the movie, “superman” for example, how could you see a real actor can fly through the sky like a bird, that’s impossible therefore this machine has copy the exact physical shape of the real actor and by digital process put the actor in the sky and make to the audience to see that superman can fly. Therefore movies have been more and more real in a way in which people can see things that can’t exist in real life, but the purpose of Hollywood is to make the films very real. On the other hand, as we know actors are always in continuous risk making danger scenes, but now by the use of this technology all that danger scenes can be done digitally and no human would be in risk. Disadvantages: There exist some negative impacts, many people study filming and other people works in films, therefore the competition of being a great actor is very high. By using this technology of cloning an actor and makes it act in a digital way very real, then actors would start being obsolete for making movies, because now anyone can be scan by the new machine and then it can act in a digital way, therefore actor`s work would stop just because a machine makes the work for them. This would make more unemployment around the world, especially in the United States which has the highest ranking of filming production. And if there would not be more real actors, then other industries such as the paparazzi industry would be affected because paparazzi would not be interested on digital actors which don’t have life. For example, imagine that Brad Pitt or any famous actor do not exist but there exist a Brad Pitt digital actor, people would only see him in films just because he is not real, so no one would follow digital actors so for the people there wouldn’t exist a Brad Pitt. Problem.
  2. 2. There exist a problem with the digital actors machine, it is the price, because this is a new technology, it is to expensive to use and sometimes for a film producer it is cheaper to use real actors and pay them their salaries instead of paying the high costs of using the technology, however using the technology film producers could make their films faster and in a very short time rather than filming a lot of months with real actors, therefore using digital technology would be more efficient to make a movie but sometimes it would be more expensive. Possible solution: A possible solution for this problem is that the film producers combine the use of real actors with digital actors, so they can balance their expenditures and make perfect and cheaper films and then the film industry, the actor’s employments and the paparazzi industry would not be affected. However the most positive affected would be the film industry because they would earn more money by combining the two factors and make perfect movies so people would more demand the movies. How de digital replacing Hollywood machine works. The Aguru dome (technology, http://www.aguruimages.com/technology.htm), it is a spherical device which captures the human faces expressions, so it could make an exactly real life face but just in a virtual way, so people can’t differentiate from the real face to the virtual face. This machine is used to obtain different human face expressions; this gives the reality of real actors to a virtual actor. The machine can be show bellow: The Aguru Scope (technology, http://www.aguruimages.com/technology.htm), this little machine captures very quickly the reality of matter, so clothes could be exactly copy and make it with lots of details so it could seems to have the same real clothes texture. This machine is used to determine the light and dark shadows in a face and body expression produced by lights effects. The machine can be shown below:
  3. 3. The Aguru Scanner (technology, http://www.aguruimages.com/technology.htm), this machine have a very functunal process because it use 500 photographs shot in just seconds, to have the different angles of any shape, so I could make a perfect 3-D image in real size and shape. Also it use the light effects and darkness effect on an object to have exactly examples of the movement of light and darkness towards an object. The machine can be shown below: The Phase Space (technology, http://www.phasespace.com/), it is the first high resolution optical motion capture. This is a machine which capture the movements of anything in motion, it means, if an actor is talking and running, this incredible machine captures the motion that is producing. The motion image could be seen in the picture below. All the above mentioned, is the process to capture a human body, face and expression so a virtual actor would be created.