SharePoint Conference 2014 Review


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Keith Tuomi shares the stories from his trip to Las Vegas to attend the SharePoint Conference - including watching ex-US President Bill Clinton deliver the keynote speech and how Connect and Xbox are literally turning SharePoint into a "hands on" application.

Who is Keith Tuomi?
Keith is a SharePoint Consultant and problem solver with itgroove. He's been focused on Microsoft technologies as a Developer and Web Applications specialist since the beginning of the internet era in the early '90s, with formal training coming from the esteemed British Columbia Institute of Technology. He is a SharePoint MVP, which is a coveted Microsoft award for community contributions and technical excellence.

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SharePoint Conference 2014 Review

  1. 1. SharePoint Consultant SharePoint MVP
  2. 2. Developers IT Professionals Executives
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Working like a network Conference/2014/SPC112
  5. 5. View all sessions at: Keith’s OneDrive stash of all SPC14 Videos & get the PowerPoints:
  6. 6. - the unveiling of a new app for Office 365 codenamed “Oslo.” -
  7. 7. - - - Office 365
  8. 8. Watch the in-depth session at
  9. 9.
  10. 10. and-unlimited-tenant-storage-scale/
  11. 11. Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms SPCtv Insights into the Future of Forms SPCtv IT Pro Insights into the Future of InfoPath
  12. 12. - Structured Docs < new concept - App Forms - Excel Surveys - List Forms
  13. 13. Hybrid was acknowledged as a need. Not just as a transition strategy but as a reality that their customers are demanding. There will be another release of SharePoint on- premise in 2015, but it will be a catch up release of the 365 features that are needed on-premises. More importantly, Hybrid was acknowledged as a strategy to distribute some functionality to the cloud and to enable some to remain on-premises.
  14. 14. The newly announced API that allows you to call Exchange from the existing SharePoint or Office Apps is a huge game changer. This really does differentiate the platform and empower organizations to start having a seamless experience across all parts of Office 365. For more information check out this landing page There are some new REST APIs and tooling also
  15. 15. 2014-spc14-wrap-up/ takeaways-from-the-sharepoint-conference-2014-spc14/ be-in-2015-and-other-things-i-learned-at-sharepoint-conference/
  16. 16. SPC217 Making SharePoint Collaboration Rock by Increasing Discoverability Surprisingly, it wasn’t on the Dev track..
  17. 17. Any questions?
  18. 18. Keith Tuomi Email: Blog: Twitter: @itgroove_keith