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SharePoint 2016 - What's New, What's Not

itgroove SharePoint consultants, Colin Phillips and Bruce Norman Smith, walk you through the list of recent announcements around SharePoint 2016 - and clarify what's coming, what's changing, what's disappearing and what's staying the same.

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SharePoint 2016 - What's New, What's Not

  1. 1. 1 SharePoint 2016 What's New, What's Not Colin Phillips :: SharePoint MVP & Consultant :: itgroove Bruce Smith :: SharePoint Consultant & IM Advisor :: itgroove
  2. 2. Who I am (part I): Colin Phillips My Background  16+ Years in Technology  Today: SharePoint MVP and Consultant (with itgroove)  Previously: 12 Years Developing Software, IT Infrastructure Projects, Workflows, & Other Related Topics  B.Sc. in Computer Science from UVic  Microsoft Certified Professional Developer & IT Professional (SharePoint) My Socialness Blog: / Twitter: @itgroove_colin Where to learn more / LinkedIn: Colin Phillips
  3. 3. Who I am (part II): Bruce Smith My Background  Today: SharePoint Consultant & IM Advisor (with itgroove) & President of ARMA Vancouver Island  9 years experience in Information Management (IM, DM, RM, Archives)  6 years experience in SharePoint Business Analysis, Design, Administration & Forms/Workflow  Master of Library and Information Studies from McGill  B.A. in Indiana Jones from UManitoba/UBC/McGill My Socialness Instagram: @itgroove_bruce / Twitter: @itgroove_bruce / Wordpress: Where to learn more / LinkedIn: Bruce Norman Smith
  4. 4. 2001 SharePoint Portal Server 2001 2003 SharePoint Portal Server 2003 2006 Office SharePoint Server 2007 2009 SharePoint Server 2010 2012 SharePoint Server 2013 2016 SharePoint Server 2016 Cloud-Inspired Experiences Cloud and Enterprise Social Content Management Core Collaboration Microsoft ManagedSolutions Microsoft OnlineServices(BPOS) Office365 Release History and Roadmap
  5. 5. Q2 CY 2016Q1 CY 2016Q4 CY 2015 SharePoint 2016 Release Schedule
  7. 7. What isn’t changing… Recommended Hardware Requirements: • Single Server: 16-24GB RAM, 64bit/4core Proc, 80GB Disk • Farm Server: 12-16GB RAM, 64bit/4core Proc, 80GB Disk Deployment Scenarios: Installed On: SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2016 Workgroup Member Server Unsupported Unsupported Domain Controller Developer Developer Client OS Unsupported Unsupported Dynamic Memory Unsupported Unsupported Windows Web Server Unsupported Unsupported
  8. 8. SharePoint 2016 Relying on Some 'Deprecated' Software • AppFabric for SharePoint 2016 • InfoPath (2013) • PerformancePoint • SharePoint Designer (2013) • SharePoint Social Capabilities (from 2013)
  9. 9. …so what is changing?
  10. 10. Software Requirements Operating Systems: • Windows Server 2012 R2 or • Windows Server 10 SQL server: • 64bit SQL Server 2014 or • 64bit SQL Server vNext • “Standalone” (SQL Express) no longer supported.
  11. 11. Connectivity & Content 11 Authentication  SAML Authentication  All other Claims based authentication mechanisms x Classic Authentication Upgrade & Migration • Same as 2010-2013 • Currently RTM and higher is OK • Sites in “2010-Mode” will Fail
  12. 12. Roles & Services […..] Distributed Cache and Request Management Distributed Cache, Request Management, SharePoint Foundation Web Application […..] Web Servers Access Services, Business Data Connectivity, Central Administration, Managed Metadata, SharePoint Foundation Web Application, Secure Store Service, State, Subscription Settings, User Code, User Profile, Visio Graphics […..] Batch Processing Crawl Target, Machine Translation, SharePoint Foundation Web Application, PowerPoint Conversion, User Profile Synchronization, Word Automation, Work Management, Workflow Timer Service […..] Specialized Workloads Excel Calculation, PerformancePoint, Project, Search, SharePoint Foundation Web Application User services Robot services Caching services MinRole SharePoint logic consolidated into one single machine reducing the number of discrete roles timer jobs search caching provisioning sync client onenote page rendering user profile excel services sandbox code project subscription settings 20132016
  13. 13. Boundaries and Limits Content DB Size • TB-sized Databases now Officially Supported Site Collections per Content DB • 100,000 Site Collections per Content Databases List Threshold • Increased List Threshold >5000 Items • No word yet on how many more…  Max File Size • Maximum File Size now 10GB • No Character Restrictions – Drag & Drop files with ‘&’ in them!!! Indexed Items • Search scale doubled to 500 Million items Coming in 2016… Coming in 2016… Coming in 2016… Coming in 2016… Coming in 2016… In 2013… • Maximum of 10 Million Indexed items per search partition… In 2013… • Max 200GB Databases supported in General usage scenarios* In 2013… • Max 5000 Site Collections per Content DB In 2013… • Maximum 5000 Items per Query In 2013… • Max 2GB File Size*
  14. 14. User Profile Service Improved bidirectional synchronization Removed built-in FIM Service Supports external FIM Service Unidirectional synchronization provided through native AD synchronization FIM Synchronization Service and FIMSyncDB FIM SYNCHRONIZATIONSERVICE AD SharePoint
  15. 15. Patching Zero downtime patching Presuming HA farm Reduced functionality on non HA farm Smaller patches Online requirement Last version ?
  16. 16. Advanced Data Analysis and Reporting • Better statistics on how SharePoint is being used, and how things may fail • Real time telemetry (latency, 404’s, document usage stats) • SLAPI (SharePoint Logging API) • Enhanced usage database (improves *significantly* upon existing usage database) • Generates updated report data in real time • Stats / Reports on usage, health, storage, performance, and much more • There’s a lot of useful data in there
  17. 17. Cloud Accelerated Experiences Hybrid Deployment Automation • Enables scenario selection (i.e. Search, OneDrive for Business, etc.) • Automated configuration of prerequisites and core infrastructure • UI-based configuration Search Service Application for cloud storage • Unifies on-premises and cloud indexes • Provides support for Office Graph/Delve experiences on-premises • Supports Search as a Service / reduces search crawl footprint
  18. 18. Other items… Durable Links ODF file Format in Doc. Libraries Project Server Document discussions in Yammer No SP Foundation build in 2016 Standard / Enterprise still a thing? SMTP Encryption – Enabling ports other then just port 25 Office 365 Groups – How they’ll affect on-prem TBD Fast site collection creation Image and Video previews Mobile View
  19. 19. Readiness… Authentication – Rid yourself of classic SP 2010 Site Collections – Upgrade or migrate Version of SQL – Make the move Capacity – May need to split SP roles to more servers Service Pack 2 for SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Search Hybrid BCS
  20. 20. Additional Information Related links: Compilation of Ignite information • Bill Baer’s IT Pro presentation • /BRK2188 20 Special thanks to the following Brad Saide & Elaine Van Bergen of Empired for their original slide deck from the Office 365 Saturday in Sydney, Australia (June 13th, 2015). Brad Saide contact details Elaine Van Bergen (MVP) contact details
  21. 21. Questions? Contact Info Colin Phillips blog: Twitter: @itgroove_colin Bruce Smith blog: Twitter: @itgroove_bruce