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SharePoint 2016 Up Close and Personal

A guide through the newest SharePoint server product (still in Beta). In this session Colin will explore some of the completely brand new features to the world of SharePoint, as well as show you a few new things you can do with pre-existing features. This session is for anyone wanting to learn about the latest in the world SharePoint and will have something of value for all skill levels....

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SharePoint 2016 Up Close and Personal

  1. 1. 1 SharePoint 2016 Up Close and Personal Colin Phillips :: SharePoint MVP & Consultant :: itgroove
  2. 2. Who I am: Colin Phillips My Background  16+ Years in Technology  Today: SharePoint MVP and Consultant  Previously: 12 Years Developing Software, IT Infrastructure Projects, Workflows, & Other Related Topics  B.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Victoria  Microsoft Certified Professional Developer & IT Professional (SharePoint) My Socialness Blog: / Twitter: @itgroove_colin
  3. 3. The Latest News • Jeff Teper is back! • 500% Content growth in SP online Year Over Year • Decision makers want SharePoint on every device OneDrive for Business • Rock Solid Sync • Mobile across all devices • Streamlined Web Interface • The Ribbon is mutating / disappearing (hint: not just in OneDrive)
  4. 4. The Latest SharePoint Online News • Simplified sharing (attachments in Outlook) • Real-time co-authoring in the Office suite & Office Online • Office 365 groups (the collaboration glue across 365) • Much more to come • Office 365 Video • Delve & Office Graph • Discovery of information in SP Online, OneDrive • Analytics (Predictive) • Time management / categorization • Time spent collaborating with / who am I not • Rollups of teams to managers (data is randomized – they’re not checking up on you) 4
  5. 5. The Word of the Day: “Hybrid” Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Microsoft wants to bring the best cloud experiences and merge them with your on premise data (Important: this merged information will be stored in the cloud) The big player in the whole thing: Search BTW – Hybrid! 5
  6. 6. Cloud UI Coming to On Premise The toolbar at the top The Ribbon is becoming much less prevalent • Sometimes being replaced altogether with new UI experiences Do I see a Sync button on that document library? 6
  7. 7. Min Role You can now install just the role that you want or change a role of a particular server later in the lifecycle 7
  8. 8. More Administrivia 8 Compliance and role concepts are throughout Central Admin Ergo: Zero downtime patching. With a few gotchas…
  9. 9. Even More Stuff! • Increased file size for uploads • How much more? Not really saying right now – but recommendations are to keep it to 10GB or less. • Project Server built in • Fast Site Creation • By using a template, SharePoint can now create Site Collections in ~1 second. Compared to SharePoint 2013 where it can take minutes. • Currently only available via PowerShell 9
  10. 10. For All You Compliance Nuts Aww shucks, a place just for you.  10
  11. 11. The Knockout Punch (or Kick?) The much despised “list view threshold” is being eliminated But how, you ask? Sneaky behind the scenes indexing 11
  12. 12. Please Sir, I Want Some More Beta 2 is coming by US Thanksgiving HERE • Will be 99% feature complete Modernizing team sites - combining together with Groups (augment each other, not compete) Out of the box mobile Intranet* And finally, There WILL BE a vNext of SharePoint Server 12
  13. 13. Additional Resources Hybrid • SharePoint 2016 Beta / Beta 2 New Features • • • • Download (Beta 2) • 13
  14. 14. Questions? Contact Info Colin Phillips blog: Twitter: @itgroove_colin