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SharePoint 2010 Search


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SharePoint 2010 Search

  1. 1. Powered by itgrooveSharePoint 2010Search Baby Search
  2. 2. Why is Search Important? Saves Time (which saves money)  Average Industry Metric: Up to 25% of an employee’s time is spent looking for the same information  Ouch. So an employee earning $40k a year is costing you $10k alone in time lost… multiple that by X and wow!  And that other metric: Users spend 10% of their time, recreating information they can’t find  Ouch. So that’s another $4k per year for that user, of which they are adding to crappy search results (adding to the clutter)
  3. 3. How Has Search Improved in 2010? Yeesh. How has it not improved?  Wildcard Search  Boolean (and/or/not) and Partial Word Search  Refinement Panel More Flavours/Offerings:  Search Server Express 2010  SharePoint Server  Fast Search
  4. 4. Searching vs. Filtering Search utilizes content that has been ‘crawled/indexed’)  A search is performed using an input box and a button, placement is up to you Filtering is breaking down data real-time in a list or library  You filter by using the columns in a list or library, by surfacing content on a dashboard or using the Filtering web parts (most of which are in the Enterprise CAL)
  5. 5. Search is Amazing But… There is no excuse for bad placement of data  Security and sites are valuable  Exclude content that doesn’t need to be searched Don’t simply migrate all your old content into SharePoint Site Navigation and Good Dashboard Design orient people  Search is for finding content
  6. 6. The Line Up $ - SharePoint Foundation  You get what you pay for $ - Search Server Express 2010  You actually get what you don’t pay for… $$ - SharePoint Server (Standard and Enterprise) $$$$ - SharePoint Fast Search
  7. 7. SharePoint FoundationYou get what you pay for  You can search within your site collection context only  No Refinements  No Search Centers or search page customizations  Limited iFilter capabilities (difficult to implement)  No Scopes, or sources other than SharePoint Content
  8. 8. SharePoint Server (Standard & Enterprise) Ability to define scopes, schedules and crawl other content including websites, File Shares, etc. Easily implement iFilters for PDF and other file types The Refinement Panel & Best Bets Search Reporting (Emails, etc.)
  9. 9. Search Server Express 2010 You actually get what you don’t pay for… (thanks Google!)  Make Foundation *better* Ability to define scopes, schedules and crawl other content including websites, File Shares, etc. Basically, the same search that ships with SharePoint Server – but it doesn’t scale the same (or much at all)
  10. 10. SharePoint Fast Search• Lots of Content (100+ million items)• Document Previews for .DOCX and .PPTX
  11. 11. 3rd Parties Surfray Ontollica Search and Preview
  12. 12. The Traditional Home Page Content Driven Home Pages are fine but they require:  Work (to keep them fresh)  Someone to read them  Resources (people to populate data, bandwidth to pull new content)
  13. 13. The Search Home Page (BAM!)