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  • resourcesa number of workflow examples available on – including how to use state machines - how to use error handling
  • Introduction to Nintex

    1. 1. Introduction to Nintex Workflow 2010
    2. 2. SharePoint is Amazing, Why Nintex?  We don’t. SharePoint workflows are great, and you never need anything more  Of course, you’ll probably need to hire a developer to be able to do them right  Or you simply don’t care about being able to read and interpret what you’ve produced and pass that knowledge along to the maintainer  And you probably need to have a PhD just to translate something simple into SharePoint  “Nintex Workflow 2010 looks good, but how much of it is just a nicer reworking of functionality that SharePoint already provides (e.g., site workflows, reusable workflows, the use of InfoPath for workflow startup forms and task forms)?”  Everything you’re about to see on the upcoming slides:  Is not delivered by SharePoint out of the box  Is not offered by SharePoint Designer  Is not offered by Visio
    3. 3. Nintex to the Rescue  Design, Deploy, and Manage Everything from within SharePoint  Start in SharePoint, stay in SharePoint while designing  Draw and configure at the same time  Easy to Learn, Master, and Use  Easy drag-and-drop graphical designer  One ribbon to set everything in an action  Lazy Approval™ lets you complete a task with an email reply (even via mobile email)  Track and Analyze Everything  Workflow progress & performance statistics  Step-by-step profiling  Complete audit trail - Audit completions & cancellations  Easy Work Reuse  Can easily import/export workflows and parts of workflows (easily migrate from Dev to QA to Production)
    4. 4. Nintex’s Logic & Connectivity  Real-World Workflow Logic  Loops  ForEach Iterations  State Machines  Switches  Conditional start rules  Scheduled workflows  Reach More SharePoint Functions, External Applications (Most are Enterprise only)  Word & Excel Services  User Profiles  Business Connectivity Services  Exchange Server  Windows Server Active Directory  Microsoft CRM  And Many More
    5. 5. Nintex Workflow’s Contribution What Nintex Adds to SharePoint What Nintex Does to SharePoint Workflow Workflow • Graphical designer • Makes it truly easy • 100+ actions • Makes it truly powerful • Management tools • Lets it model “real” work • 20 Pre-built WF Templates • Makes it governable • Brings it to everyone This tool can be used by anyone from an admin assistant, to an experienced developer (and anyone in-between)
    6. 6. Put another way, if you take NintexWorkflow away from SharePoint, you can’t…  Implement “real” workflow logic without code  Start workflows based on conditions  See all workflow activity across multiple sites  See which users have the heaviest workloads  Put workflow changes though an approval process  Approve requests/complete tasks while offline  Complete tasks from a mobile device without development  Change a workflow without returning to one or more extra apps  Keep your workflow from looking like a code flowchart  Save and reuse pieces of one workflow in another  Schedule workflows  Reach out to external data or SharePoint service apps  Design workflows quickly and easily  Offer workflow to everyone
    7. 7. Demo – While You Were Out
    8. 8. Demo - Requirements - Take a message for a user (add this to a SharePoint list) - List Fields include: - Recipient - Contact details (phone number, address, etc.) - Contact by (email, phone, etc.) - What is the message - If it’s business related - Send an Email to the recipient notifying them of the message - Have them respond to the message with “Thanks” to acknowledge receipt of the message - If the email isn’t handled within 1 hour, and it’s business related, inform the manager of the message
    9. 9. Editions & PricingApproximate pricing for Nintex Workflow 2010 Edition Licensing Rules List Pricing (Approx) – Must also buy Software Assurance (1 yr @ ~20%) Workgroup Licensed per server $3,000 (USD) (WFE), Max of 5 sites (not site collections) Standard Licensed per server $8,750 (USD) (WFE), Unlimited sites Enterprise – Includes Licensed per server $17,500 (USD) many “Enterprise (WFE), Unlimited sites only” featuresExamples of “Enterprise only” features include:  Word & Excel Service Integration Exchange Server Integration  User Profile Management & Account Provisioning Windows Server Active Directory  Business Connectivity Services Microsoft CRM Integration
    10. 10. In (Brief) Summary… Nintex Can:  Implement “real” workflow logic without code  Save and reuse pieces of one workflow in another  Change a workflow without returning to one or more extra apps Nintex Enables Workflows in SharePoint to:  Be truly easy and powerful  Be governable  Bring workflow to everyone
    11. 11. Q&A + Contact Any Questions? Contact Details: Nintex: Colin Phillips