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Blending In: librarians in the networked community (Monterey, CA)


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Michael Porter and my presentation at Internet Librarian 2007.

Published in: Technology, Education

Blending In: librarians in the networked community (Monterey, CA)

  1. 1. Chrystie Hill & Michael Porter Internet Librarian 2007 blending in librarians in the networked community
  2. 2. ................... our networked world
  3. 4. “ Life is easier in a community blessed with a substantial stock of social capital. In the first place, networks of civic engagement foster sturdy norms of generalized reciprocity and encourage the emergence of social trust . Such networks facilitate coordination and communication , amplify reputations , and thus allow dilemmas of collective action to be resolved. When economic and political negotiation is embedded in dense networks of social interaction , incentives for opportunism are reduced … [they] broaden the participants‘ sense of self, developing ‘I’ into ‘we’ … ”
  4. 6. . . . . . . . . . web 2.0 Bloglines iGoogle Flickr YouTube Twitter Facebook MySpace Netflix …
  5. 7. “ it’s a story about community and collaboration on a scale never seen before ”
  6. 8. people
  7. 9. [us]
  8. 10. Blogs Wikis Podcasts Mashups Social Networks RSS [powered by]
  9. 11. [not organized] [not controlled]
  10. 12. “ libraries must be part of society's thinking about how we develop and nurture social as well as information networks ” - Jean Preer American Libraries, September 2001
  11. 13. [making sense]
  12. 14. “ librarians have made retrieval and accuracy a god—disregarding what users’ preferences are ” -associate university librarian OCLC Environmental Scan 2003
  13. 15. library = books
  14. 16. ................... the networked librarian
  15. 17. “ libraries should be about the people they’re for, not about the services we think they need ” -Barbara Fister Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota
  16. 18. “ books and materials are secondary in a public library. the most important aspect is the human interaction . the library experience cannot be viewed as just an information transaction, but rather as an opportunity to touch and connect lives ” -Cheryl Napsha Director, Bethel Park Public Library
  17. 19. “ technology must support the relationship and community building efforts of the library, else there isn’t much use for it ” -William Barrow Cleveland State University
  18. 20. “ don’t get hemmed in by thinking things aren’t ‘what libraries do’ we don’t just provide books and internet services – we help the community. we can do that in more ways than we’re used to doing. ” -Mary Doud Kalamazoo Public Library
  19. 21. ................... blending in
  20. 55. Uh-oh.
  21. 58. something is broken
  22. 61. Uh-oh.
  23. 63. “ we are building community daily in a manner we never would have imagined a year ago ” -Teen Services Librarian Seattle Public Library
  24. 64. chrystie hill | itgirl [email_address] michael porter | libraryman [email_address]