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Fundraising software vs Generic CRM systems for charities


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Fundraising software vs Generic CRM systems for charities

  1. 1. Fundraising Softwareis Dead – Long LiveFundraising Software! Ivan Wainewright @itforcharities
  2. 2. Agenda A little bit of history and statistics Benefits comparison What does all that mean for charities So is Fundraising Software dieing…?
  3. 3. ‘Dedicated’ Generic ‘CRM’Fundraising Packages Solutions
  4. 4. How did we get where we are… WWW MS Windows CommonGroundBlackbaud MS CRM DonorFlex Salesforce Westwood Forster CiviCRM Charisma TouchstoneCh/Point1981 1985 1988 1990 1999 2003 2005 2008
  5. 5. 2012
  6. 6. Dedicated Fundraising PackagesBenefits Downsides Written specifically for  Over-complex? Lack of fundraising operations flexibility? Experience of other fundraisers and charity  Companies can go bust staff or get taken over! Supplier knowledge/  Proprietary Solutions Support (Enhancement requests) Speed of implementation  Lower R&D budgets Future-proofing…  Technology?
  7. 7. Generic CRM SystemsBenefits Downsides You may get the best of both  No default fundraising worlds… plus “templated” functionality… templated charity options & apps versions are just a starting Software license costs point Flexibility of using different  Cost NOT just the software support companies/ suppliers Often very customisable &  Need more staff time (?) & have third party apps project management Often good for organisation- (-> risk?) wide databases  Suppliers’ (re-sellers) Technology… High levels of development & fundraising knowledge? a far wider customer base  Fewer charity users (inc. commercial clients) (currently)
  8. 8. How will cost change?How will resource requirements change?
  9. 9. Will we (should we?) be buying “Fundraising software” in the future?
  10. 10. Will “Fundraising software” die? No However…
  11. 11. So what do I think will happen…
  12. 12. Thank You Ivan Wainewright @itforcharities