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Nine rocketships firstcall


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Nine rocketships firstcall

  1. 1. Tedd Fox Principal NineRocketships Nine Rocketships...because ten is just too darn many
  2. 2. The Mobile Evolution
  3. 3. “PDA” + emailMobile Mail: The “with-PC” era
  4. 4. Problems• Applications (3rd party) were not abundant• UI was sub-par• No real app and developer eco-system• Not a full spectrum of usage
  5. 5. Today: The Future is here!
  6. 6. The REAL Mobile Something Users Love
  7. 7. Advantages• Vibrant 3rd Party Developer Eco-System• #AWESOME UI• App Stores with amazing apps• End-to-end usage stories• Great SDK’s• #AWESOME Devices
  8. 8. The New Era of Working
  9. 9. The New Era of Working
  10. 10. Advantages• Lower cost for equipment• Virtually Maintenance free• Robust and #AWESOME Apps• Lightweight• TSA Compliant• #AWESOME Devices
  11. 11. Why?• Mobile Lifestyles• Fast Interactions (Micro moments)• Solid UI• Social• Stability• Personal
  12. 12. Don’t Get Left Behind!
  13. 13. Stay Relevant• Users WANT Mobile apps!• IT Buyers look for Mobile offerings• Mobile (Tablet / Phone) is replacing laptop
  14. 14. What you may need...
  15. 15. You May Need...• Mobile App Strategy• Road map• Team Genesis• Go-To-Market• Marketing• Rate an idea for an app
  16. 16. How We Can Help
  17. 17. What we do?• Help answer: “What app do we make?”• Define features• Curate the backlog• App Store accounts• Go-To-Market Strategy• Product Marketing• Informed Decisions for you and your team(s)• Turn around a bad app already released
  18. 18. Why Nine Rocketships?• Proven Strategies• Industry Contacts• Eco-System embedded• 3 #1 Apps for iOS made for big businesses• 2 Top-40 Android apps• End User Advocates (people that make or break an app)• Follow-Thru
  19. 19. So ask yourself...
  20. 20. Do we want to be left behind?
  21. 21. Nine Rocketships...because ten is just too darn many