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Silver Arrows


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ESW ICT Project

Published in: Automotive
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Silver Arrows

  1. 1. Silver ArrowsIntroductionI love Formula1 and MotoGP and my project is about the Silver Arrows Grand Prix Teams. I will use images of Auto-Union and Mercedes Benz cars . I will be writing about the history of the GP drivers of the 1930s.In my project there will be a Timeline of events seasons1934-1939.The most famous drivers were Bernd Rosemeyerand Rudolf Caracciola both disliked each other intensely. I have been to a number of Grand Prix events myselfSilverstone UK 2005-10 Spa Francorchamps Belgium 2008 Misano Italy 2009 Barcelona Spain 2011. The project isaimed at the motorsport fan.TimelineDate Event1934 Hitler demanded that designers build a car that would rival Britain’s Bentley. The Auto-Union Type C and MercedesW25 was designed.1934 A Mercedes Benz didn’t win a Grand Prix. An Auto-Union Type C was driven by Hans Stuck. The Auto-Unions were dominant that season.1936 Seaman quoted! “If I ever drive for Mercedes, I shall never drive for anybody else”.1937 The motor racing world in England was stunned by the appearance of the Auto-Union and Mercedes Benz Grand Prix teams at the Donington Grand Prix.1939 The last Grand Prix before World War 2 a small field of cars competed in the Belgrade Grand Prix. The Auto- Union D-Type won the Grand Prix. Richard Seaman He came from a well to do background born 4/2/1913. His parents were unhappy about his chosen profession in motor racing. His first Grand Prix was in 9/5/1937 driving a Mercedes W25 finishing in seventh place in the Tripoli Grand Prix. In 1938 he held his own in GP racing scene. Also that year he won the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring which was met with hostility by the German people. It was a fateful 25/6/1939 in the life of Richard Seaman he crashed his Mercedes W154 car at Spa Francorchamps. He was trapped in his car and rescued from his burning wreck. His injuries appeared not too serious but he died in hospital early the following morning. Bernd Rosemeyer He was born 14/10/1909 and was encouraged from an early age by his interest in motorsport .He made his debut for Auto-Union on 26/5/1935 at the AVUS Grand Prix. He got to the Semi Finals in a Auto-Union streamliner, unfortunately his car retired with tyre problems. On 12/10/1936 he competed in the Vanderbilt Cup held at Roosevelt Field in New York. After 75 laps of the circuit he came in fourth. In 1936 he won the European Drivers Championship. He attempted a land speed record at the Frankfurt and Darmstadt Auto bahn in an Auto-Union V16 streamliner. He achieved a mark of 254.54 mph and flipped his car and died instantly 25/10/1937. He was given full Nazi Honours at his funeral as being Jewish Hitler used this ceremony as propaganda. 1
  2. 2. Last Grand Prix Before World War 2The Yugoslavians desired a Grand Prix of their own. So in September 3 1939 around the streetsof Belgrade, it took place with a small field of drivers. They were Manfred Von Brauchisch, Herman Lang, WalterBaumer, Tazio Nuvolari, H. P. Muller and Hans Stuck, Ulrich Bigalke. Only Mercedes Bens and Auto-Union enteredand B Milenkovic of Bugatti. The winner of the race was Tazio Nuvolari in an Auto-Union D Type after 50 laps.Country Driver Team Car Laps Time/ Grid RetiredItaly Tazio Auto-Union Auto-Union 50 1: 4: 03,8 5 Nuvolari Type DGermany M Von Mercedes Mercedes 50 +7.6s 1 Brauchitsch Benz W154Germany H P Muller Auto-Union Auto-Union 50 +31.6S 3 Type DYugoslavia B Milenkovic Private Bugatti T51 31 19 Laps 4 downGermany Herman Lang Mercedes Mercedes 17 Accident 2 Benz W154Germany W Baumer Mercedes Mercedes DNS Benz W154Germany Hans Stuck Auto- Auto-Union DNS Union Type DBritish Grand Prix October 1937The motor racing world in England was stunned by the appearance of theAuto- Union and the Mercedes Benz Grand Prix teams at the Donnington Grand Prix.References 2