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  1. 1. METALLICA Rebecca SleemanINTRODUCTIONMetallica are a heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California andformed in 1981. The band is made up of four members,  James Hetfield  Lars Ulrich  Kirk Hammett  Robert TrujiloTheir early releases included fast tempos and aggressivemusicianship which made them one of the big four of the thrashmetal scene alongside Slayer, Mega Death and Anthrax.In 1986 Metallica released their album ‘Master of Puppets’ and itwas described as one of the most influential and ‘heavy’ thrashmetal albums of all time. The band went on to achieve substantialsuccess with their fifth album, ‘also known as ‘The Black Album’which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.Metallicaexpanded their musical direction and as a result made an albumthat appealed to a more mainstream audience. -1-
  2. 2. METALLICA Rebecca SleemanAlbumsSince the band formed 29 years ago they have released 9 studioalbums and have sold 52,000,000 albums in the US alone. Theirhighest selling album to date is ‘Metallica’ released in 1991, sellingOver 15,000,000 copies in the US and went 15 X platinum inNovember 2009. METALLICA’S STUDIO ALBUMSKill ‘Em All 1983Ride the Lightning 1984Master Of Puppets 1986…And Justice For All 1988Metallica 1991Load 1996Reload 1997St Anger 2003Death Magnetic 2008 Photos: EspartaTouringMetallica released their 9th album in December 2009 named DeathMagnetic and have been touring the globe until August 2010. InJanuary 2011 Metallica announced they will be touring once againas part of the ‘big four’ performing alongside Slayer, Mega Deathand Anthrax. The United Kingdom performance is in KnebworthHouse, Hertfordshire on the 7th of August this year. Also performingover that weekend are Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and System of a Down.Sonisphere is a huge event for heavy metal fans and head liningbands. Tens of thousands will flock to see their favorite bands andMetallica never fail to amaze and inspire. -2-
  3. 3. METALLICA Rebecca SleemanSALES Photo: EspartaMetallica have sold an estimated 100 million albums worldwide andbecame the first band to win nine Grammy awards, the mostprestigious award in the music industry. The band has had a hugeinfluence on music and is admired by many other bands worldwide.Their fan base is growing every day and they have millions ofdedicated followers from all over the globe. Each and every albumthey have produced over nearly three decades in the business haswon them countless awards and ever growing respect and adorationfrom their peers. -3-
  4. 4. METALLICA Rebecca SleemanCONCLUSIONI began listening to Metallica from a young age. My mum is a fan ofthrash metal and it was often played in our house. Although I like awide range of music, heavy metal is most defiantly my favorite. Iknow this style of music isn’t to every ones taste but lovers of musicin general; I would encourage them to give it a chance. And whobetter to introduce this sound to you than one of the best metalbands in the world, Metallica.SourcesImages from Esparta: EspartaFactual information from Wikipedia: information from: -4-