Guild Wars 2 Project


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Guild Wars 2 Project

  1. 1. IntroductionI have always liked playing MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) andwhen I heard about Guild Wars 2, I read up on it and I noticed many changes to the traditionalMMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) style game. Guild Wars 2 is still currently in developmentbut I have had the chance to play the game in Beta weekends and Stress Tests and I highlyrecommend the game to people who do like MMO’s and the people who don’t as I believethat Guild Wars 2 is designed to changed the way people see MMO’s and make the gamingworld different from every other MMO.Guild Wars 2 – Dynamic event summaryColin Johanson is the Lead Content Designer for Guild Wars 2. It is up to him and his teamof designers to build and develop what happens in the game.Guild Wars 2 is building a brand new questing system. When Arenanet were building GuildWars 2, they looked at every core element including the traditional questing system of aMMORPG and thought “how can this be improved?” Arenanet then introduced DynamicEvents to address these flaws.Traditional quest systems require you to read a wall of text and head out to kill something.But what that text says, actually never happens in the game. For example, a man says ogresare going to destroy his home so you set off to kill 10 of them; the ogres are just standing in afield far from his home and are no threat to the man. After you kill them, you hand in a questand get another one, now those ogres will never become a threat to the mans house. Thequest is lying to you!At Arenanet, they believe that this is not good enough. In Guild Wars 2, you’ll actually seethese ogres charging to the mans house and destroy it if you do not stop them. This type ofquest system is to make the player feel they are needed in the game. 1
  2. 2. Here shows where the Dynamic events are taking place and the contribution you’re making to it.Things I know about Guild Wars 2Guild Wars 2 is a MMORPG. It is being developed by Arenanet who have been working onGuild Wars 2 for around 5 years but have been talking about the game for 6-7 years.Guild Wars 2 is set 250 years after the first one on the fictional continent Tyria, which sharesthe same name with the fictional world it’s on. I also know a bit about the weapon system andhow they work, depending which class is wielding them. 2
  3. 3. Here is a timeline showing key moments in the Guild Wars franchise. Arenanet After the success announces Guild A playable version Wars 2 will be of Guild was,Guild Wars of Guild Wars 2 released on Guild Wars 2was released. was introduced at August 28th 2012 began Gamescom. development.April 2005 2005 - 2007 March 2007 August 2009 2010 2012 28th July 2012 New expansion Beta testing packs released began for Open Beta for the game. Guild Wars 2. weekends opened to people who pre- purchased the game. Endgame Endgame is not something that has a direct definition. But the overall idea of it is that you play through an MMO to max level, from there you may choose which path you may want to take, for example: you may like lore, so you venture out and complete all the quests, hidden achievements to fully understand the games lore. Or if you are a casual to big gamer, you will want to enter a Guild/Clan and undergo what is called Raiding. This is where big groups of players enter a raid instance and take on harder monsters and bosses to try and obtain rare and unique gear/items and achievements. How it’s different The Endgame in the traditional MMO is somewhere along the lines of Raiding. But in Guild Wars 2, there are no raids. The Endgame is the game itself, what I mean by that is Arenanet have built Guild Wars 2 so that the content and leveling areas never ‘get old’. What this means is that Guild Wars 2 has a scaling system where your level gets lowered if you enter a place that you are a higher level then, making the game more consistent and fair, allowing the player to complete all of the areas without overpowering them. Although there are no raids, there are dungeons in which 5 players can enter and battle bosses to obtain new and upgraded items. But, there maybe raids of some sort in the future. 3
  4. 4. Here is a table showing all of the professions and the weapons available to them. Profession Available WeaponsElementalist Dagger – Main hand/ off hand Scepter – Main hand Focus - off hand Staff – Main handEngineer Pistol – Main hand/ Off hand Shield – Off hand Rifle – Main hand (two hand)Guardian Mace – Main hand Scepter – Main hand Sword – Main hand Focus – Off hand Torch – Off hand Shield – Off hand Greatsword – Main hand (two hand) Staff – Main hand (two hand)Mesmer Pistol – Off hand Scepter – Main hand Sword – Main hand Focus – Off hand Torch – Off hand Greatsword – Main hand (two hand) Staff – Main hand (two hand)Necromancer Axe – Main hand Dagger – Main hand / Off hand Scepter – Main hand Focus – Off hand Warhorn – Off hand Staff – Main hand (two hand)Ranger Axe – Main hand / Off hand Dagger – Off hand Sword – Main hand Torch – Off hand Warhorn – Off hand Greatsword – Main hand (two hand) Longbow – Main hand (two hand) Shortbow – Main hand (two hand)Thief Dagger – Main hand / Off hand Pistol – Main hand / Off hand Sword – Main hand Shortbow – Main hand (two hand)Warrior Axe – Main hand / Off hand Mace – Main hand / Off hand Sword – Main hand / Off hand Shield – Off hand Warhorn – Off hand Greatsword – Main hand (two hand) Hammer - Main hand (two hand) Longbow - Main hand (two hand) 4
  5. 5. Here is a table showing the professions unique mechanic. Profession Unique Description MechanicElementalist Attunements Have 4 different attunements, meaning they can swap between fire, water, earth and air spells.Engineer Tool Belt The tool belt allows the engineer to place a number of turrets on the floor to help while in combat.Guardian Virtues Have 3 abilities which add a buff themselves and nearby players. They heal you, deal extra damage to enemies and give a protection buff.Mesmer Shattering The Mesmer summons illusions of themselves, and upon shattering them, they can apply damage to a target or heal/buff the Mesmer.Necromancer Death Shroud This ‘evil’ profession can turn into a Dark Shroud, giving them extra health and abilities for a short duration.Ranger Animal The ranger can tame animals to become their pets, Companions which are used to help the ranger in combat.Thief Initiative & The initiative allows the thief to shadow step to an Stealing enemy and steal one of their abilities to use for themselves.Warrior Adrenaline The warrior gain adrenaline from every weapon swing and ability used. The adrenaline builds up so the warrior can use a unique ability to that weapon which is significantly better than an average skill. 5
  6. 6. Here is a pie chart showing the popularity of the professions in Guild Wars 2. As the chartshows, the profession choices are very balanced. This is good as it shows that Arenanethave made all the profession equal so there is no single profession that is dominant.Permission from Tristan PopeImage link -’s website link - 6
  7. 7. ConclusionOverall ArenaNet have created a unique game that they wanted to create from the very start.I think they have done it very well and this will defiantly change the way MMORPG’s work.This is a brilliant innovation as it encourages players in the local area to team together andtake on the Dynamic event at hand. This will create a strong community amongst the playersand it’s a good way for players to meet people and venture out as a team. Sales Comparison 7 6 5 4 Guild Wars Million Guild Wars 2 3 2 1 0 Guild Wars Guild Wars 2This bar chart I made shows sales figures for Guild Wars and the estimated CD copy onlysales for Guild Wars 2 by the end of 2012. To finish off my conclusion – I believe that GuildWars 2 will out sell Guild Wars. It will also become one of the biggest MMO games out asArenanet have certainly lived up to what they set out to achieve in Guild Wars 2. 7