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Formula One Project

  1. 1. 1 Formula OneHistory of Formula OneFormula One started in 1946 offi-cially with the Commission Spor-tive Internationale (CSI) andFédération Internationale delAutomobiles (FIA) Rules.1946 – 1949 there were noWorld Championships, only RaceWinners.1950 was the first year where aChampionship was held to seewho the best Driver was. For-mula One Championships be-came the most important aspectof winning Formula One, manypeople wanted to join in theraces but with the rising costs ofFormula One at the time, manyraces were done as non-championship races that thenended in 1983.The FIA organised the first everFormula One World Champion-ship in 1950 using their rules andas a reply to Motorcycle Champi-onships that were introduced in1949, a year before the FormulaOne Championship. Rules of Formula One• Formula One racing cars must pass a series of crash and safety tests before they can do the pre-season training, ensuring that they comply with the laws and rules, making all drivers safe.• A Formula One car cannot be wider than 180cm and 95cm tall, length is not a rule.• Teams are only allowed a certain number of tyres sets during the race weekend, 11 dry weather tyres, 4 intermediates and 3 wets, all tyres are colour coded.• Each car is allowed a maximum of 8 engines per season, if the team needs another, a 10 place grid penalty will be added to the next race qualifying lap.• The gearbox in a car must be used for a minimum of 5 events before it can be changed or the driver will face a 5 place grid penalty.• Drag Reduction System (DRS) can not be used before the third lap of the race, it also must be in the DRS zone of the lap and the driver must be under one second behind the driver in front.• When being overtaken the driver in front may do one defending move, once they have de- fended once they may not turn the opposite way to defend again.• Drivers that wish to take part in the race must set a lap within the 107% rate in the first qualify- ing session, any driver who fails to do so will not be eligible to take part in the race.
  2. 2. 2 Flags• A yellow flag at any part of the race means that there is danger ahead and the driver should slow down and not overtake.• Two waved yellow flags means that there is great danger ahead and they Dangers of Formula One may need to be prepared to stop. As any other motorsport that exists, there will al-• A green flag means that any danger ways be certain dangers and things that could go or accident has been cleared up. wrong such as crashing and deaths.• A red flag indicates that the race has The total amount of deaths in Formula One is 24 in been suspended because of several over 60 years, which may not seem like many, but different reasons such as weather or the amount of drivers per year equates to 20-24 a serious incident. Drivers in the pit meaning that a full grid of drivers have died in total. lane may not leave. The last death to occur was Ayrton Senna, 1994 in• A blue flag shows a driver in the pit San Marino, it was said that his steering column had lane that another car is approaching snapped and he went into a concrete wall at the track where the pit exit finishes. 140mph.• A white flag indicates a slow moving Formula One as opposed to many other mo- car, that may be retiring or it may be torsports such as NASCAR, require the driver to transport removing a car from a track turn sharp left and right corners, not gradually take that may have crashed or stopped. them which adds risk, going 100mph around a• A chequered flag means that it is the sharp 45 degree corner can cause Accidents if it end of the race when the first car goes wrong. drives across the line. Drivers in Formula One Since the start of the Official Formula One Champion- ship in 1950, a total of 158 drivers have been involved. The first ever world champion was Juan Manuel Fangio who started Formula One in 1950, he drove the Alfa Ro- meo. The most successful driver of all time in Formula One is Michael Schumacher, who holds the record for the most World Championships at 7, and also has 1560 Championship points throughout his 19 year career. In the 2012 World Championship there are 6 World Champions currently racing, in order of World Champi- onship victories :- Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vet- tel, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen. 32 drivers in total have won the World Championship at least once, making up just over half of the total years Formula One has been an official Championship, making up 62 years.
  3. 3. 3 Teams Since the Formula One Championship started in 1950, a total of 135 teams (including the 2012 roster) have been involved in the sport. The first ever teams during the first Championship in 1950 were Alfa Romeo, Mini, Milano, Talbot- Lago, ERA, Alta, Simbca-Gordini, Maserati and Ferrari. Alfa Romeo were the most successful team during the first few years of the Championship. They entered 110 races, won 10, gained 50 points and won 2 Drivers Championships. Ferrari are now the most successful team to ever be a part in Formula One with 845 Races, 219 wins, over 6000 points, 150 Driver Championships and 16 Constructor Championships. Ferrari are also the longest standing Formula one team, they joined Formula One in the first Championship year 1950. The picture I have added below shows the team photo of the Caterham For- mula One.
  4. 4. 4 Formula One V8 Engine Supplier Companies Every team has a certain car manufacturer’s engine, not every Formula One team is based on their own company manufacturer such as Red Bull, Force India and HRT. Every team can pick a supplier to get their en- gine made from as a Sponsor, such as Red Bull get their engine and components made by Renault. Below is a table showing the 2012 engines that are used in Formula One and what companies are producing them. Formula 1 Engines 4.5 Teams Using Engines 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 Ferrari Mercedes Renault Cosworth Engines As the table shows, most teams are using the Renault Engine for their Formula One Cars. The engines that the teams use don’t exactly mean that they are the most reliable. 1st Place –25 Points 2nd Place -18 Points 3rd Place - 15 Points 4th Place –12 Points 5th Place –10 Points 6th Place –8 Points 7th Place –6 Points 8th Place –4 Points 9th Place - 2 Points 10th Place-1 Point The section above shows the points that awarded depending on where you finish the race. Only the first 10 win- The photograph above shows Sebastian Vettel drinking Cham- ners will gain points as pagne from the cup after a successful race win, Red Bull also use the rest get none. Renault Engines.
  5. 5. 5 Driver Championship TableDriver Races Entered Podiums Races Won Total PointsFernando Alonso 192 81 30 1280Sebastian Vettel 95 41 23 938Kimi Raikkonen 171 68 18 728Lewis Hamilton 104 48 20 865Mark Webber 192 32 9 801.5Jenson Button 224 48 14 930Nico Rosberg 122 7 1 399.5Romain Grosjean 20 3 0 82Sergio Perez 32 3 0 80Felipe Massa 167 33 11 633Paul Di Resta 33 0 0 71Michael Schumacher 302 155 91 1560Kamui Kobayashi 54 0 0 100Nico Hulkenberg 33 0 0 53Pastor Maldonado 33 1 1 30Bruno Senna 40 0 0 27Jean-Eric Vergne 14 0 0 8Daniel Ricciardo 25 0 0 6Timo Glock 88 3 0 51Heikki Kovalainen 104 4 1 105Vitaly Petrov 52 1 0 64Charles Pic 14 0 0 0Narain Karthikeyan 42 0 0 5Pedro de la Rosa 101 1 0 35The table above is the2012 standings in or-der by Position in theChampionship, not bythe amount of pointsthey have attained dur-ing their whole career.Here are the first 3 con-tenders for the WorldChampionship in 2012,Fernando Alonso,Sebastian Vettel andKimi Raikkonen.
  6. 6. 6 In the Formula One roster, there are cur- rently 20 race tracks that are a part of Formula One. These tracks range from Brazil to Japan all across Europe. The track on the left is of the Silverstone Circuit in the UK, it is one of the most famous and well known tracks through- out the world. Below is a table showing the race sea- son and what country the race is in, also the dates that the race will be there. The Formula One season spans over 9The Silverstone Formula One Circuit is in the months, starting in March and finishingPhotograph above. Source :- in November. The other 3 months arephotos/silverstonecircuit/4717342593/sizes/m/in/photostream/ used for manufacturing the next sea- son’s car, pre-season training and also for everyone to take a break. Race Location Race Date Australian Grand Prix March 18 Malaysia Grand Prix March 25 Chinese Grand Prix Apr 15 Bahrain Grand Prix Apr 22 Spanish Grand Prix May 13The circuit above is the Suzuka track in Ja- Monaco Grand Prix May 27pan, the Formula One on the 7th.October washeld here and is also another famous track. Canadian Grand Prix Jun 10Source :- European Grand Prix Jun 24earthhopper/37862780/ British Grand Prix Jul 8 German Grand Prix Jul 22 Hungarian Grand Prix Jul 29 Belgian Grand Prix Sep 2 Italian Grand Prix Sep 9 Singapore Grand Prix Sep 23 Japanese Grand Prix Oct 7 Korean Grand Prix Oct 14 Indian Grand Prix Oct 28 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Nov 4 USA Grand Prix Nov 18 Brazilian Grand Prix Nov 25
  7. 7. 7 Formula One have a vast amount of sponsors that started in the 1960s with the national colours, ranging from tobacco companies to mobile phone companies, both drivers and teams have sponsors. The drivers get individual sponsors and when they attend races they want their sponsors to be shown all over the car so that they make more money and show off their sponsor. For this example I will ex- plain the Red Bull Racing 8 Car and Sebastian Vettel. On Sebastian Vettel’s RB8 there are a number of personal sponsor logos and names that they have added. Vettel is sponsored by Infin- iti Motors, he has added their logo to the front of his car and to the middle section, to show it off more. Infiniti have also made a Infiniti FX designed just for Sebastian because he is sponsored by them. Red Bull have a sponsor called Geox which make their Formula One shoes, you can find the logo for Geox on the side of the RB8 just be- low the cockpit. The most used Sponsor in Formula One used to be tobacco such as Marlboro which sponsored the 1984 Mclaren and continued for quite a number of years. Tobacco sponsors were eventually banned because it advertised unhealthy living styles and was seen as unhealthy for such a sport which demands drivers to be extremely fit. Most Formula One cars also have the Tyre Company sponsored on their car as for 2012 the company that gives Formula One the tyres is Pirelli. Formula One during 1960 is when sponsors started to arrive in Formula One because of the growing costs of the sport, drivers, teams and Formula One in general needed support in the costs and to also make profit so that they could expand. The picture shows the Mclaren Formula 1 Overalls, they show sponsors logos, such as Vodaphone and Santander and Hugo Boss. Source Link :- bensutherland/4795006428/Here is a sponsor on the back of the For-mula One Ferrari F2009/10. They weresponsored by Shell and Bridgestone,which are car product manufacturers.Source :-
  8. 8. 8Formula One is known as the richest sport in the world, due to the factthat each car investment is at a maximum of 100 million, depending onwho wins the driver’s Championship. Every place after first goes down10m until 10th place which goes down less than it would from 1st to 2ndas they wouldn’t get any money. Formula One makes its money mostlyfrom sponsorships and media. It was said that in 2011 when BBC broad-casted all of the Formula One Races free of charge, it cost them 600million GBP a year to cover the rights and licenses. Money from spon-sorships can be made or the sponsors can pay for something. It costs acompany millions to put their name on a Formula One company. Deliv-ery company DHL also sponsor Formula One and have an advert say-ing about how quickly they deliver, taking a reference from Formula Oneas it’s the fastest motorsport in the world.Formula One makes a huge contri-bution to the economy in manycountries. When Formula One vis-its a country it brings fans andmoney with it, such as when fanspay for hotels and all of the basicthings you would getwhen in another country, travel andsuch. Countries such as Indiawhich have a poor economy andhave some money problems getfunding from Formula One. For-mula One when it visits India it puts A formula One car costs roughly £5 millionmoney into the economy by host- to make. The team that wins the Construc-ing the event there. They pay for tors Championship gets £100 million tothe venue, give money to the gov- spend on producing, designing, maintainingernment to host the event and pay and building the car, giving them area to ex-for everything in advance. Formula pand and build on to make their car evenOne also has a young drivers better. It is said that a Formula One V6 en-scheme whereas if they see a gine costs roughly £80,000 to £100,000.driver with the potential to becomesuccessful they will pay the costsfor them to do a course.
  9. 9. 9 Conclusion My conclusion of my Project is that I enjoy Formula One be- cause of the action and feeling it creates. I am an enthusiastic car follower and I enjoy learning about the advanced technology that is used in Formula One, such as aerodynamics. Formula One has been something I have followed since 2005, but over the last 3 years my interest has increased significantly. Sources Some of the sources I have used were to get more in depth in- formation about the rules and regulations, Drivers history and also past teams that have competed in Formula One since the Championship has begun. Rules and Regulations Formula One Teams Formula One Flags