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Eve Online

  1. 1. EVE Online 6VDT Incident Overview EVE Online is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game set in outer space. It is highly player driven and is unique to other MMOs due to it being played on a single shard server and for the past two months, two of the biggest groups of in-game pilots, the coalition CFC and the alliance Test Alliance Please Ignore (shortened to TEST) have been waging war over a region of space called the Fountain region. TEST had previously taken the region from IT Alliance in 2011 and had been comfortably holding it ever since. However, this was due to change and the CFC was determined to take it. A date was set. On Sunday 28th of July 2013 at 6:00 in the afternoon CFC and all its allies numbering over 2,000 descended on TEST’s home system of 6VDT-H. Knowing the battle to come TEST had also called in its favours and got as many pilots as it could, numbering just under 2,000. This battle was to decide the fate of TEST, whether it won or not. This was to be their last stand. Above is an image of TEST around their space station preparing for the battle. To have over 4,000 players in a single battle may sound like a lot, and indeed it is but unlike other online games that have multiple servers to cope with the large amount of players by spreading them out between the servers, Eve is played on a single server which means large conflicts like this are capable. The previous record was held by the Battle of Asakai which had over 2,700 players take part in the battle and over £15,000 worth of in- game ships was lost. And not to forget the single ship lost recently that was worth around £6,000 on its own.
  2. 2. The Battle. The battle was set to begin on Sunday the 28th but earlier that day CFC’s forces in system undertook a cunning plan to take control of all the moons, assembling large outposts armed with large arrays of weaponry. This would provide safe havens for their own forces, and deny it to their enemies. This, alongside any forces guarding the systems exits meant that when the assembled TEST horde descended on 6VDH-T, they would either emerge victorious, or die trying. Just before 6:00 in the afternoon TEST moved their forces into the system by using a number of Titans to rip open portals directly to the system. CFC’s fleets were already besieging the systems space station in a massive cloud of battleships, and waiting for the onslaught to begin. The number of pilots in system quickly spiked to just over 4,000 as the two sides began the final battle for Fountain. Above is an image taken during the battle. Eventually, the CFC warped in its capital fleet, comprised of Dreadnoughts packing massive firepower and Carriers with incredible support abilities. The moment they arrived, they began unleashing a torrent of firepower into the now dwindling TEST fleet. At this point, seeing that the situation was beyond hope, TEST gave the order to scatter. But with the systems exit gates and moons covered in hostile guns, there was no escape. Faced with inevitable destruction, they decided to make one last charge. Warping almost directly on top of the hostile capital fleet, they made a last ditch effort to take as many of them as they could. In total, reportedly only one lone Dreadnought died as the remains of the TEST fleets were destroyed.
  3. 3. Statistics The battle at 6VDT-H was the largest in gaming history and was recorded at 4,070 people, over the course of the 8 hours the battle took; a total over 5,000 people had taken part. Above is an image of the local system counter showing 4,068. Once the dust had settled it was found that over 3,000 ships were destroyed. The most dangerous ships on the field were the groups of Stealth Bombers, claiming a total of 866 kills, followed closely by Battleships with 676 kills. Above is a pie chart showing the number of ships destroyed and by what type of ships.
  4. 4. Below is a table showing the battle statistics for the CFC coalition. (ISK is the in-game currency) Ships Killed 2023 Ships Lost 1574 Total ISK Killed 182.86 Billion Total ISK Lost 138.18 Billion Efficiency 56.96% This fight was much more than just a station; this was a last stand by an alliance for an entire region in a months-long war. This fight affected not only the 4,000 pilots in system, or even the many more thousands in the alliances involved. We all play on a single server and so the effects of this battle will reverberate throughout EVE Online to nearly every pilot for years to come