Downloading Music


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Downloading Music

  1. 1. Project by Mollie
  2. 2. Legal Websites you can use to download/purchase music. • • • • • Amazon Jamendo Facebook Sound cloud
  3. 3. • Amazon is the Wal-Mart of the Internet. It has a massive bargain bin of free MP3 downloads. • Amazon has exactly 56,011 free tunes available, and that number will probably get bigger as we speak. • The nice thing about Amazon’s list of freebies is that you can easily browse it by genre, and it even tells you how many free tracks there are within each category.
  4. 4. • MP3.COM Started in 1997. It is one of the oldest websites on this list. • MP3.COM has had ups and downs in the past, and its library isn’t nearly as big as you’d expect it to be after 15 years. • When being compared to most other sites on the web, it’s still got a great collection. • They seem to have a good number of songs that you can’t find anywhere else, so it’s definitely worth a look.
  5. 5. • Jamendo has nearly 400,000 tracks from over 40,000 artists; this one is easily one of the biggest repositories of free music on the web. Try it out now. • Reasons why you should try it out: • It makes it great for browsing and finding talented new musicians. • Instead of browsing by genre, you peruse tracks by popularity, most downloaded, most played, or by latest release.
  6. 6. • You can find music on Facebook. If you like an artist, search for them then like their page. The artists will then give you access to a few freebies just for liking their page. • It is different for each artist, but you’d be surprised how many of them sport free download links on their accounts. • Also, when you ‘Like’ the page of the Artist, everything they post will show up on your newsfeed. If it is off putting to you, just UN like the artist. • To keep your news feed from being inundated with posts about gigs you can’t attend, just adjust your settings to hide these types of posts.
  7. 7. • Everything posted on sound cloud may not be free. Some cost some don’t. • When you search any artist you want, sound cloud will have the tracks or they will have other people’s mixes of the songs. • You can search sound cloud by any artist you want. You will be surprised at how many free tracks there are on there. Some popular artists will have freebies, some may not. There are millions of artists who post tracks on Sound cloud for free. • There’s also a section of the site dedicated to tracks released under Creative Commons licenses. This means you’re free to download, remix, or tweak them as much as you like.
  8. 8. Most illegal downloaded artists • Rihanna - Her fans love her - but are they all paying? Rihanna is one of the most heavily pirated artists in the world. • She works harder than any other music artist out there, and some of her fans aren’t buying her music, they’re illegally downloading the albums instead. This is of course breaking the law. • Singer Ed Sheeran’s + album was the most illegally downloaded in the UK in the first half of this year. • More than 33 million albums and 10 million singles were downloaded illegally in the first six months of this year from the popular file sharing network Bit Torrent. • Guitarist Ed Sheeran's album + topped the poll of the most illegally downloaded albums in the UK, followed by albums by Rizzle Kicks and Rihanna. The five worst offending nations (with artist) in the past six months were: 1: United States, 96,868,398 total shares (most for Drake) 2: United Kingdom 43,314,568 total shares (Ed Sheeran) 3: Italy 33,226,258 total shares (Laura Pausini) 4: Canada 23,953,053 total shares (Kanye West) 5: Brazil 19,677,596 total shares (Billy Van)
  9. 9. Music Sites that have been blocked • • • Pirate Bay - The Pirate Bay has been blocked due to people downloading illegal things, not just music, videos, games, apps etc. Virgin Media have blocked Pirate Bay due to help protect against copy right infringement. Half of the websites still haven't been blocked yet. Belgian ISPs have expanded their torrent site blockade with the addition of several new domains, including, Extra Torrent, Bit Snoop and H33T. As of today, the 25 sites blocked in the UK are: The Pirate Bay, Kat, H33t, Fenopy, 1337x, BitSnoop, ExtraTorrent, Monova, TorrentCrazy TorrentDownloads, torrentHound, Torrentreactor, Torrentz, Abmp3, BeeMP3, Bomb-Mp3, eMp3World, FileCrop, FilesTube, Mp3Juices, Mp3lemon, Mp3Raid. mp3skull., NewAlbumReleases & Rapidlibrary.
  10. 10. Number of Legal and Illegal film downloads • The number of illegally downloaded films in the UK has gone up nearly 30% in five years, new figures suggest. • That research, from internet consultancy firm Envisional, indicates that the top five box office movies were illegally downloaded in the UK a total of 1.4 million times last year. • Film industry bosses say it is costing £170m every year and putting thousands of jobs at risk. • The research also shows a big rise in TV shows being pirated online. • David Price led the team which conducted the research and said there are four main reasons for the increase. Here is the top 10 downloaded films: