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Conference arrangements finalv2

  1. 1. Application of Number level 1 1 Conference Arrangements I have been asked to make the travel and accommodation arrangements for my manager to attend a conference in London at the end of next month. To do this I will have to research travel and accommodation costs using two means of transport and 3 hotel prices. I will research this information and show the results in a table and graph. To make sure that I have calculated the prices correctly I will use hand calculation and a calculator to check my results. Task 1. Conduct a survey with the staff to find out the most popular means of transport. To complete this task I had to make a short survey to go see what transport people prefer to travel whether a car, bicycle, motorbike, train, bus or a plane. The following information is what I gathered from this survey; Car – 19 Bicycle – 11 Motorbike – 6 Train – 5 Bus – 12 Plane – 7 From this information you can see that the car was clearly the most favourite choice of transportation. I had an idea that the car would be the most favourite because that’s what most people use on a daily basis in D S Smith. I was quite surprised with the votes the bus received because the bus only runs at certain times of the day. 0 5 10 15 20N u m b e r o f v o t e s Transport Survey Votes No. Of votes
  2. 2. Application of Number level 1 2 Task 2. Is to research and find hotel prices. I will use different websites to do this. 1. Hotel ibis London Excel Docklands 9 Western Gateway Royal Victoria Dock, London E16 1AB ExCeL London 020 7055 2300 I have chosen this hotel because it is the cheapest of the three closest hotels where the conference will take place. It is literally about a 2-3 minute (0.450m) walk from the hotel. There will be no food included in this package unless paid for. The price for one night is £59.00. 2 nights - £118 2. Crowne Plaza London Docklands Royal Victoria Dock Western Gateway, London E16 1AL 020 7055 2000 The prices for this hotel are £140, including breakfast, lunch and an evening meal. The distance from this hotel to the conference centre if you walk is 600m. 2 nights - £280 3. Aloft London Excel One Eastern Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock London E16 1FR 020 3203 0700 The distance from this hotel to the conference centre is 350m, making it the nearest of the three from the centre. The price for this hotel is £79 a night and is bed and breakfast. 2 nights - £158
  3. 3. Application of Number level 1 3 Table showing the 3 different hotel prices. 1 Night 2 Nights Hotel ibis London Excel £59 £118 Crowne Plaza London Docklands £140 £280 Aloft Excel London £79 £158 I have researched 3 hotels and found that the cheapest hotel is the hotel ibis, which is located right next to the ExCel Centre where the conference will take place. Task 3. To research the price of a train journey to London from Neath. This is the link to the website that I found out my train rates and times - Single journey to London; Wednesday night - £17.00 Single journey to Neath; Friday night - £25.50 Total fare for the return journey is £42.50.
  4. 4. Application of Number level 1 4 Task 4. To work out the price of the journey to London by car. I will show my hand workings out. Below shows the workings out of the car journey to and from London. My next task was to find the prices for a London underground day pass should it be required for hotels further away from the conference centre and for travel to London by train. For the 2 days travel (to / from the railway station) the price for the day pass is £45 or £90 for both days. This is the link that will take you to the website that lets you purchase the day pass: This is the price for the day pass on the London underground for one day. This will help you if your hotel is some distance from the conference centre. The hotel chosen is 450m from the conference centre so transport is not required between these venues.
  5. 5. Application of Number level 1 5 Allowances The company has allowed £100 per day for food; this will allow £300 for the three days in London. Food would be required on Wednesday evening, 3 meals on Thursday and Friday before returning to Neath Friday night. This table shows whether meals are included in the hotel price. Breakfast Lunch Dinner Ibis Hotel n/a n/a n/a Crowne Plaza Hotel inc inc inc Aloft Hotel inc n/a n/a Should the conference provide food, these costs will then be reduced. Summary After researching all hotels, transport, petrol cost etc. I have come to the conclusion that the best hotel is: 1. Hotel ibis London Excel Docklands 9 Western Gateway Royal Victoria Dock, London E16 1AB ExCeL London 020 7055 2300 2 nights - £118 (£59 a night) This hotel has the best price out of the 3, I have researched the distance from the hotel and it has one of the shortest routes to travel to the conference centre. The best transport I found was to go by train, because if you were to go by car it would cost you £47.52 to get there and back but you have to bare in mind the traffic that may build up on rush hour and that will cause you to take longer to get there and back. When you get to your destination you will still have to find a parking space and if there are no parking spaces then you may have to travel a distance to find one. If you were to go by train you would only have to pay as little as £17.00 single or £42.50 return which is a difference of £5.02 compared to the car.
  6. 6. Application of Number level 1 6 Daily Travel Costs Above is a table showing a summary of the best value prices there are available for attending the 2 day conference. Although the Hotel Ibis isn’t the closest to the conference centre is it the cheapest I found out after researching the prices of the nearest hotels to the centre. In this conference arrangements I have chosen to use 3 days due to the fact that I was assuming the conference would start around 9:00am so you’d have to go up the night before instead of on the day. I have worked out the calculations for both car and train because I wanted to make sure the use of transport I was choosing was the best option. I calculated out that the train was the better choice. The car had more disadvantages than advantages; the only advantage I could think of was you could leave for the journey on your own time. The disadvantages were you would have to find space to park; the time taken to get to London would have been greater due to traffic along the way. The train’s advantages are that you don’t need to find a parking space once you arrive, it would be quicker as you wouldn’t have the stress of driving for 4-5 hours and is cheaper. The train does have some disadvantages like there could be a delay to the arrival time or you may have to stand in the carriage if no seat free. Total Costs by Train Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Travel £17.00 n/a £25.50 Hotel £59.00 £59.00 n/a Underground Pass £45.00 n/a £45.00 Expenses £100.00 £100.00 £100.00 Daily Totals £176.00 £159.00 £125.50 Total Expenses £550.50 Total Costs by Car Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Travel £23.76 £23.76 Hotel £59.00 £59.00 n/a Expenses £100.00 £100.00 £100.00 Daily Totals £182.76 £159.00 £123.76 Total Expenses £465.52
  7. 7. Application of Number level 1 7 Train and Car Pie Charts Comparing Costs To help the manager decide on the arrangements he would prefer to use, I have included a breakdown of all costs by car / train and individual hotel. ibis Crowne Plaza Aloft Excel 2 nights £118.00 £280.00 £158.00 Train n/a n/a n/a Car £47.52 £47.52 £47.52 Underground £45.00 £45.00 £45.00 Expenses £300.00 £300.00 £300.00 Totals £510.52 £672.52 £550.52 12% 33% 55% Total Costs Train Hotel Expences 13% 32%55% Total Costs Car Hotel Expences ibis Crowne Plaza Aloft Excel 2 nights £118.00 £280.00 £158.00 Train £42.50 £42.50 £42.50 Car n/a n/a n/a Underground £45.00 £45.00 £45.00 Expenses £300.00 £300.00 £300.00 Totals £505.50 £667.50 £545.50