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Buying your first Electric Guitar


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Buying your first Electric Guitar

  1. 1. By Scott Leonard
  2. 2. • An electric guitar can costfrom £80 to £4000.• There are many differencesbetween guitars from shapeto brand.• To play an electric guitar youwill need a guitar, an ampand a cable to connect themboth together.
  3. 3. 1. Gibson2. Fender3. Ibanez4. Epiphone5. Jackson6. Yamaha7. Paul Reed Smith8. Mosrite of California9. B.C. Rich10. rates the following as the top 10 guitar brands:
  4. 4. Brand PriceGibson £800Fender £700Ibanez £470Epiphone £550Jackson £600Yamaha £500Paul Reed Smith £550Mosrite of California £500B.C. Rich £400Rickenbacker £450
  5. 5. • An electric guitar is a guitar that converts thevibration of its strings into electrical impulses.• The signal from an electric guitar is too weak fora loudspeaker, so it is amplified and then sent tothe loudspeaker.• The signal is often modified using effects suchas reverb and distortion.
  6. 6. 1. Headstock:1.1 - Machine heads1.2 - Truss rod cover1.3 - String guide1.4 - Nut2. Neck:2.1 - Fretboard2.2 - Inlay fret markers2.3 - Frets2.4 - Neck joint4. Strings:4.1 - Bass strings4.2 - Treble strings3. Body:3.1 - Neck pickup3.2 - Bridge pickup3.3 - Saddles3.4 - Bridge3.5 - Fine tuners3.6 - Whammy bar3.7 - Pickup selector switch3.8 - Control knobs3.9 - Output jack3.10 - Strap buttons
  7. 7. • Numerous people were experimenting withelectrical instruments in the 1920s and early1930s.• Many people have claimed to invent the firstelectric guitar.• Electric guitars were originally designed byguitar makers and instrument manufacturers.• The first electrically amplified guitar wasdesigned in 1931 by George Beauchamp.