01 Pubcamp Master Speaker Slides 2003


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Speaker Titles from PubCamp Sydney 2008

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01 Pubcamp Master Speaker Slides 2003

  1. 2. Welcome to #pubcamp Andrew Broadhead – COO itechne Joanne White – @Mediamum
  2. 3. Future of media and the web Jed White CEO and Founder itechne
  3. 4. Slouching toward Intertwingularity The power of participatory culture Stephen Collins acidlabs
  4. 5. The reach paradox Tim Trumper Commercial Director PBL Media
  5. 6. Creating an online media title The story of homepageDAILY Oliver Freeman homepage Media
  6. 7. Twitter What is it and why does it matter? Alison Young @Alegrya
  7. 8. Putting the consumer at the centre of the universe Ian Lyons pureprofile
  8. 9. Beyond Web 2.0 Gentle whispers of the future Janine Cahill CEO and Innovation Design F uture Journeys
  9. 10. Where is the money in online advertising in Australia? Matt Bateman MD Viva9 (BlueFreeway Group)
  10. 11. 10 steps to becoming an Internet mogul and avoiding the receivers Ben Gerholt President, Consumer & SMB Division IDG Communications Australia
  11. 12. Web 2.0 Friend or Foe to 1/5 Australians? Tim Noonan Tim Noonan Consulting
  12. 13. Digital marketing and strategic foundations Kate Carruthers
  13. 14. Panel Discussion The challenges of this new world Moderator: Mark Jones (Filtered Media) Panelists: Kathy Bail (Fairfax), Jackie Blondell (Hardie Grant), Stuart Clarke (homepageDaily), Ben Gerholt (IDG), Tony Kenna (Abundant Media), David O'Sullivan (Media Publishing / itechne)
  14. 15. The Great Debate "That the new world of media choice is a dagger to the hearts of producers and creators alike." Affirmative: Richard Walsh (media consultant) Negative: Bronwen Clune (CEO Norg)
  15. 16. Join in the conversation Now: Drinks and Networking Later: Unconference @ 6pm
  16. 18. Discussion