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Svitlana Buko (ITEA-2013)

  1. QUALITY OF ONLINE DOCTORAL EDUCATION: CULTURAL ASPECT CASE STUDY OF THE USA Svitlana Buko, PhD, Research Director Precedent Academics, Ukraine 1
  2. New US approaches to education • Classical (traditional) Universities of USA offer online programs and miscellaneous (combined/blended) programs for students and postgraduates • According to a U.S. higher education market national survey 96 % of American Universities offer online teaching (Sloan Report 2011) • New tendency in US education: Online “virtual” Universities (with no campus): University of Phoenix, Capella University, Walden University. 2
  3. Where is US with Doctorate Degrees? 3
  4. Ratings of Schools The most popular online schools in the US according to different ratings are: • University of Phoenix Online • Liberty University Online • Colorado Technical University Online • Capella University online • Walden University 4
  5. Profile of learners in on-line doctorate programs in USA Doctoral students tend to be • older, • usually employed. • They hold additional employment and family responsibilities, as compared to the more traditional student. 5
  6. Quality of Online Education 6
  7. Faculty is evaluated by University • • • • 7 Faculty trainings Faculty meetings Senior lead roles Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of faculty performance in the online environment
  8. Faculty is evaluated by students 8
  9. Why teach online? 9 C Sloan 2013
  10. Myths of online learning (US) • Myth #1: Online learning will reduce the need for faculty. • Myth # 2: All online courses are the same. • Myth # 3: The quality of outcomes is less for an online student than for one who has received the same instruction in a classroom. • Myth #4: Credentials earned online are not accepted by employers Sourse: Forbes, 2012 10
  11. Quality of online education in the USA Quality is defined by faculty acceptance, comparison to face-to-face, ability to meet the needs of the students, acceptance of online degrees by potential employers. 11
  12. • Thank you! • Questions? 12