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Scaredycat computers word session 4


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Basic Computers- Word session

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Scaredycat computers word session 4

  1. 1. ScaredyCat Computer SeriesSession 4:Using Application Software- Word (basic)• Create a document, and edit it.• Use menus and toolbars in Word to accomplish basic tasks from changing document margins to undoing changes.• Use basic formatting to make text bold or italic.• Change line spacing, indent paragraphs, and apply basic styles to a document.• Save and print a finished document.
  2. 2. Continued from Session 3Saving files to USB Memory Stick/Thumb DriveGo to Left click on links to go to download page. Make sure you get all sessions!
  3. 3. Instructor will provide llbclass email accounts tothose without email to sign up.
  4. 4. 1. Choose My Computer2. Look for removable Disk/ USB Memory Drive3. Save
  5. 5. WordBasicsWord is a documentand word processingsoftware program.It can be bought on itsown or as par of an officesuite, sometimes calledan office softwaresuite or productivitysuite is a collectionof productivity programs
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  8. 8. SESSION 4 TASK LIST:1. Open Word program2. Choose New Document3. Search templates4. Choose “Letters”5. Letter to Santa6. Apply basic styles to a document7. Change document margins8. Change line spacing9. Indent paragraphs/tab10.Basic formatting11.Text bold or italic12.Undoing changes13.Add picture/photo14.Print15.Save finished document to USB Thumb Drive
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  14. 14. Click this image for link to download this handy Word Guide… quick-reference-2010.pdf
  15. 15. Session 5: Using ApplicationSoftware - PowerPoint (basic)1. Learn what you need to know to create and deliver a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation.2. Create slides and add text.3. Insert pictures and other content.4. Apply a theme for the presentations overall look.5. Print handouts and notes.6. Prepare to give the show Please bring a USB Thumb Drive/Memory Stick