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Scaredycat computers session 3 file management


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basic computers - file management

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Scaredycat computers session 3 file management

  1. 1. ScaredyCat Computer SeriesSession 3File Management• Folder and File• Duplicating a file by using "Copy" and "Paste"• The difference between "Copy" and "Cut"• Check a files attribute, i.e. files name, type and size• Using a USB Thumb Drive• Copy a file to a Thumb Drive• Using "Find" to search a file on hard disk
  2. 2. WHAT IS A FILE? File is a collection of informationthat the computer keeps togetheras one object. For example, in thecase of a document, every letterand every word needs to beremembered, so the computerpackages it altogether as one file.
  3. 3. FILE STORAGE• Just like things in the real world, computer files need space in which to be stored. There are a few different places in the computer where you can store files. The most common of these is the hard drive, which is the area inside the computer for holding data. Essentially, all programs and support files will be located on your hard drive.• However, you might choose to put your own files someplace else. For example, you should already have a Flash drive to hold some of your work. The hard drive can store hundreds of times the amount of information that a Flash drive can store, but the Flash drive is a useful tool nonetheless.• Similar to a Flash drive, you might also choose to store your work to a compact disc or a floppy disk.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Right ClickChoose NEWChoose Folder
  6. 6. RenameFolder toBasicComputers
  7. 7. Password is geek
  8. 8. Right click, choosesave link as
  9. 9. Choose desktopthen look for thefolder (namedbasic computers)you made to savefile into... Click onit then press savebutton
  10. 10. Repeat for session 2 download
  11. 11. LEFT CLICK on sidebar to grab it andmove it to sizewindow
  12. 12. Double left click to openBasic Computers file
  13. 13. Your desktop should have two windows open like this Look under MY COMPUTER window for USB/Removable disk drive and left click 2x to open it
  14. 14. Left click on file under BasicComputers folder and drag it toyour USB device folder
  15. 15. Create New folder in USB drive
  16. 16. Rename it Computer Lessons
  17. 17. Left click on afile until it is bluethen drag it tothe ComputerLesson FolderRepeat for otherfile.
  18. 18. Session 4: Using ApplicationSoftware - Word (basic)• Create a document, and edit it.• Use menus and toolbars in Word to accomplish basic tasks from changing document margins to undoing changes.• Use basic formatting to make text bold or italic.• Change line spacing, indent paragraphs, and apply basic styles to a document.• Save a finished document. Please bring a USB Thumb Drive/Memory Stick