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Project Management with Alfresco


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Using Alvex solution based on Alfresco for managing knowledge-intensive projects and processes

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Project Management with Alfresco

  1. 1. Project management with Alfresco: not only Gantt charts November 5, 2013 Oksana Kurysheva / ITD Systems #SummitNow
  2. 2. Long-term knowledge-intensive project #SummitNow #SummitNow
  3. 3. Is it possible to define a workflow for such a project? #SummitNow #SummitNow
  4. 4. More convenient real life examples • • • • Implementing huge IT-project Specific case in insurance company Building construction New product development and bringing to the market #SummitNow #SummitNow
  5. 5. How do we manage such projects? or #SummitNow #SummitNow
  6. 6. What is the best way to do that? Follow Adaptive Case Management best practices • Project data is a focal point around which processes are arranged • Processes are determined at runtime and attached to the project #SummitNow #SummitNow
  7. 7. How can Alfresco help us? • Use Alfresco Share sites for storing project data • Use Activiti BPM engine for processes and tasks execution #SummitNow #SummitNow
  8. 8. Project Site: Dashboard #SummitNow #SummitNow
  9. 9. Processes attached to the project • Grouping tasks into projects #SummitNow #SummitNow
  10. 10. Project timeline and schedule • Workflows due dates integrated into site calendar #SummitNow #SummitNow
  11. 11. Document library • Storing files for the project #SummitNow #SummitNow
  12. 12. Check lists: working with milestones • Track the status of the project #SummitNow #SummitNow
  13. 13. Conversations • Phone calls, Text messages, Emails #SummitNow #SummitNow
  14. 14. Project Team • Custom roles for team members #SummitNow #SummitNow
  15. 15. Contacts • List of external participants #SummitNow #SummitNow
  16. 16. Summary Using Alfresco you can manage knowledgeintensive “unpredictable” projects when Gantt Chart cannot be drawn. #SummitNow #SummitNow
  17. 17. Summary Project site aggregates the information project owner needs to make right decision: - Tasks and schedule - Documents - Conversations - People involved #SummitNow #SummitNow
  18. 18. Summary #SummitNow #SummitNow
  19. 19. What’s next? • Project manager dashboard to track all projects • Project Cash Flow • Networked org charts of external participants • Improving Calendar features #SummitNow #SummitNow
  20. 20. Stay in Touch • Download and use: • Join development: • Follow Alvex news: @itdsystems #SummitNow #SummitNow