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Using Content To Support The Sales Team


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How blogs and content can go far beyond marketing alone by directly supporting B2B sales teams

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Using Content To Support The Sales Team

  1. 1. How content can achieve so much more than just marketing… Mark Hillary – Carnaby - @markhillary Supporting The Sales Team With Content
  2. 2. Mark Hillary • Analyst / writer / journalist / blogger / ghostwriter • 16 books on tech, work, CX, and globalization – biz use of tech • London 2012 Olympic blogger • First ever UK government blogger • Advised UN and several governments on tech policy • From London, based in São Paulo • Background in IT management, working with suppliers etc…
  3. 3. Quick Overview Blogs? Isn’t is just something “nice to have” but not essential? Isn’t this just marketing? Thomas Hawk:
  4. 4. Why Content For B2B? Content is critical for B2B sales today… check this Harvard Business Review research Anders:
  5. 5. They All Check LinkedIn 82% of B2B buyers are influenced by what appears when they put your name into Google and/or LinkedIn – 82%! Thomas Hawk:
  6. 6. But I’m Too Busy To Blog! But what if you have no time or just no expertise in blogging? Trisha: Fawver:
  7. 7. Time For A Ghost Outsource to a professional ghost- writer to create the content that will make you look great when prospects search for your name before a meeting! A ghost-blogger! Marc Dalmulder:
  8. 8. How Does It Work? You brief me: What your areas of focus are… Who the main influencers are… Which analysts you follow… Which journals have relevant news… I’ll never publish without checking with you first! Angelo Domini:
  9. 9. What Do You Get? 1. Regular blogs commenting on your business area 2. Social media support to promote your blogs 3. You can look like a smart thought leader in your field 4. I can manage the entire process of writing and getting the content online – you just need to check and give me a green light What I Deliver To You Mark Hillary:
  10. 10. Special Missions Before visiting a prospect with a specific business proposal, create content related to that idea for your LinkedIn, corporate blog, relevant trade journals… we can get your name out there! Chellseeyy:
  11. 11. Special Missions For example, if you are meeting a company with an interest in nearshore CX… we can ensure your LinkedIn, and a trade journal, features several blogs talking about the future of nearshore CX before your meeting takes placeJohn Watson First impressions!
  12. 12. Overview Content is not just about brand awareness and marketing… Your prospects are checking on you before meetings, make sure your LinkedIn and Google results look great! Dara Or:
  13. 13. @markhillary Thank you