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The Big Picture on CRM and Big Data


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Presented on 27 Nov in London at an event hosted by IBA Group.

Mark Hillary discusses a new focus on both CRM and Big Data led by a change in the way that customers communicate with organisations

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The Big Picture on CRM and Big Data

  1. 1. mark hillary CEO, Carnaby Writer (books) – blogger (huffpo)
  2. 2. what is carnaby? create content and help you use it one-stop for help creating blogs and using content for branding or lead gen
  3. 3. Big picture: CRM & BD Big Data is rarely understood by the popular media (IoT confusion) CRM is much maligned thanks to so many failed installations Why are we talking about these topics again now?
  4. 4. customers the world of the customer across all industries has changed in just the past 6-7 years iPhone 2007 social media 2008 ability to always access information ability to broadcast and question on multichannels
  5. 5. channel explosion almost all consumers are familiar with multichannel service – they use at least 6 channels regularly Voice – email – chat – twitter – facebook – tripadvisor – forums - whatsapp
  6. 6. communication the way customers engage has been turned upside down no longer a fixed requirement to call an 0800 number or email customers may talk about you without directing info at you – but you must answer!
  7. 7. no longer service no longer about customer service customer relationship management [CRM] now you need to engage and actively manage the customer relationship
  8. 8. analysis this requires some serious technology you need to analyse comment, determine sentiment, and glean info from a mass of data all industries, all customers
  9. 9. intelligence this is not just about answering customer tweets engagement = better service to customers and a deeper insight into what they want from you we are talking about increased sales
  10. 10. loyalty if you know your customers, and their behaviour, and their needs you can target actions to increase loyalty forget about loyalty cards, identify your influential customers and reward them directly use the data to target rewards that promote loyalty
  11. 11. changes ahead we are talking tech and customers however corporate change is ahead because of the projects we are working on customer service will become customer relationship and will blend marketing, advertising, PR, R&D, operations…
  12. 12. summary CRM and Big Data have been misunderstood for too long customers in all industries are changing behaviour and there is now a mass of data that needs to be managed and analysed Customer service used to be about managing call centres – now it’s about using data to engage with customers
  13. 13. get in touch – mark hillary @markhillary [twitter/instagram]