Improving Support for Capacity Development Centres of Excellence


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Session 4.2. Presented by Capacity Development and Results (WBI)

Day 4 - December 10

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Improving Support for Capacity Development Centres of Excellence

  1. 1. Improving Support for Capacity Development Centres of Excellence December 10, 2009 Samuel Otoo, Manager, Capacity Development & Results, World Bank Institute (WBI)
  2. 2. There is a growing interest among development partners to form better partnerships with regional and country institutions to increase the scale and results of capacity development. This includes institutions in the South, but also Northern partners interested in supporting institutions in the South. Need for an effective strategy to work with partners for more scaled-up results in countries
  3. 3. The focus is increasingly on strategies that engage champion institutions, such as networks and organizations in the South: Regional and country institutions that are or have the potential to become focal points, multipliers, leaders or facilitators of capacity development Local institutions that could drive and own local results and scale-up efforts Such institutions have been refer to as centers of excellence or CoEs, but this concept needs more thinking to explore how it could be developed as a strategic practice. Concept of a CoE as a strategy – under development
  4. 4. Evolution of WBI’s thinking on capacity development
  5. 5. Need for more scaled-up and long-lasting results across regions and countries Better partnership with country and regional institutions, as well as more coordinated approaches among donors and knowledge partners Move from training to capacity development work often means more diverse activities and more types of local actors to engage Local partner institutions can often best adapt development knowledge and learning to meet local realities Demand for stronger country and regional institutions Limitations of our staff and budget (need for sustainable approach!) WBI’s renewal – Some issues for consideration related to the development of CoE concepts and strategic practices
  6. 6. A discussion to ◦ Propose the concept of a center of excellence or CoE as a strategy that meets a critical need for scaled-up results and strengthened capacity development work by regional and country institutions ◦ Explore how to translate this concept into a strategic practice Why this discussion? ◦ More understanding on new and emerging ideas related to CoEs as a means of achieving capacity development results at scale ◦ Identify practical suggestions for translating these concepts into new strategies, programs and projects ◦ Recommendations for the strengthening of regional and country institutions’ capacity development work and results Session overview – informing an emerging strategy