December 2012


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December 2012

  1. 1. Important Dates 1st timecards due 2nd HAH notes due 8th SANTA’S VISIT 10 AM 16th Timecards due 24th-25th Office Closed December 2012 Page 1 Important Dates, Santa’s Visit 2012 Santa’s Visit 2012 Page 2 12/8 10AM Consumer Spotlight,Employee Recognition, Respite Weekends Page 3 Birthdays, Welcome, Santa’s Visit Mission Statement, Here at ITC Did you know? 1345 E. Main St Mesa, AZ 85203Santas Visit 2011 VideoYou can call ITC2011 Picturesan “After Hours” line for your convenience.Santa’s Visit 24/7 We have
  2. 2. Employee Recognition Consumer Spotlight Nik Gaines Matthew Yamashiro Why did you want to be a caregiver for ITC? I What are Matthew’s strengths? Matt is great at wanted to work with people, and do something I playing Xbox and making friends. could look back on and feel good about. What is Matthew’s favorite movie? Scooby Doo. What are your hobbies? I like to watch and play What are some activities and hobbies that sports. I spend a lot of time doing one or the Matthew enjoys? Matthew likes to play Xbox, other. When Im at home, I like to watch movies, and golf with his dad. and play with my dogs. What is a favorite memory of Matthew? What are your favorite activities to do with your Nik: Anytime hes goofing off and having fun. consumers? I really love any time we can just Hes a great person to be around. relax and talk for a bit. Matthew is pretty funny, Mom: When he was about 2 years old, Matte and he has a great way of finding the good in would get a book then climb into bed with his things. brother, who is a year younger than him. They’d What is one of your goals that you would like to look at the book together. And after, Matte accomplish? Personally, right now I just want to would make sure his brother was tucked in bed, finish school. But nothing could beat seeing and, at times, fall asleep next to his brother. To Matthew living it up on his own. this day, 21 years later, Matte is still protective What is your favorite quote? “I destroy my of his brother and is a very caring and giving enemies when I make them my friends.” individual. -Abraham Lincoln ALL CONSUMERS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THESE EVENTS! PLEASE CONTACT ITC FOR MORE INFORMATION AT (480) 969-5480 Santa Visits Dec 8, 2012 10AM-12PMEmail RachelJ@ITC-AZ for more information
  3. 3. Alex Allen Julia Hummel Welcome to ITCDecember Birthdays Aa Alexis Fuentes Lauren Hummel Joey Garba Juan Carlos Lopez Beorn Rankin Malikyte Greenberg Lauren Miller Savannah Roberts Cynthia Brady Lorena Rodriguez Ommy Cabrera Concepcion Quintana Maria Corona Trevor McMullin Jeslyn Polanco Elisa Vannice Jeffery Lamb Camany Johnson Jermiah Thues Aida Martinez Quincy Miller Candice Gonzales Ashley Clark Crystal Rivera Joe Lopez Talacia Arnold Robert McCart Garrett Garner Michael Spain Andrew Yamashiro Kim Medina Elisa Vannice Did you know? Sady Dominguez Roberto Gamboa An Incident* is defined as an occurrence, which Robin Towson could potentially impact the health and well being of an individual enrolled with the division. Providers must report any incidents that happen while working with a consumer as soon as possible. Within 24 hours *click to view examples of an incident Mission Statement: To provide a quality service that ensures safety, compassion, knowledge, and care by listening and helping our Consumers through consistency, teamwork, and high ethical standards. ITC, LLC is a licensed, bonded and authorized Provider for Personal Care Services in the State of Arizona. We hire caring attendants who provide quality service and have high ethical standards. Our staff is loyal, trusting, reliable, and competent. Our caregivers will treat your loved ones with compassion and respect. 1345 E. Main Street, Ste. 110 1241 E. Washington Ste. 101 Mesa, AZ 85203 Phoenix, AZ 85034 Email: Email: Office: (480) 969-5480 Office: (602) 253-5480 Fax: (480)969-5512 Fax: (602) 253-5512 Click here to view past newsletters