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Pro linux


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Prezentare LOAD - Prolinux

Published in: Technology
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Pro linux

  1. 1. After 20 years (Pro)Linux in Romania A Dum’Ass storyBy Ovidiu ‘Sod’ Moisanu
  2. 2. Early days
  3. 3. Linux made me the man I am
  4. 4. We thought we were
  5. 5. But we looked like
  6. 6. Why did we fail• Obsession with free as apurpose.• Solving problems thatnobody else had• Praising interoperability,as long as we didn’t have toapply it ourselves• No opportunity for othersto make money.• Obsession witharchenemies (M$)• Geek pride
  7. 7. Present
  8. 8. Luckily,Linux and OpenSource did just fine
  9. 9. The future
  10. 10. ProlinuxWhat must be done•Involvement in public debates regardinglegislation and EU funding guides•Develop a recognized Linux certification(curricula, trainers, certificates)•Establish Opensource/Linux trainingfacilities in major education institutions•Prolinux should be a community of highlyskilled IT professionals (not a usercommunity)•IT experts that can provide an open andinformed point of view on IT problems (forexample the latest CNAS problems)•Have an idea? Write me,
  11. 11. The new andImproved IT guyWe’re trying to build•Has real problem solvingskills.•Has a deep understanding ofusability concepts.•Has wide industry know-how.•Can teach others•Can speak in public andspread ideas•He seeks solutions, not toys•Uses soap (the stuff you use towash that was named after aprotocol)
  12. 12. Personal example
  13. 13. Linux made me the man I amIn the last 3 years I’ve employed more than 30 people, generatedmore than EUR 1.5Mil revenue in Linux related projects only. AndI had a lot of fun. We’ve sold not one license (sorry RedHat)
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Thank you,Ovidiu ‘sod’