ITB Bike to College Scheme 2013 ­ Rules
ITB will contribute up to €80 (€100 if you include a 2012/13 ITB Parking Permit wi...
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Institute of Technology Blanchardstown- Bike to College Scheme 2013


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ITB will contribute up to €80 (€100 if you include a 2012/13 ITB Parking Permit with your Application) to any qualifying student purchasing a bicycle for travelling to college. Apply by 1st Oct 2013

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Institute of Technology Blanchardstown- Bike to College Scheme 2013

  1. 1. ITB Bike to College Scheme 2013 ­ Rules ITB will contribute up to €80 (€100 if you include a 2012/13 ITB Parking Permit with your Application) to any qualifying student purchasing a bicycle for travelling to college.  This offer is being made available through revenue generated from Parking Permits and Pay & Display. In order to avail of the offer:­ ● Applicants must be registered ITB students; ● Only one Application per student allowed; ● Any student who received the full contribution (€80) in 2011 or 2012 is not eligible to receive funding in 2013; ● Applications must be received by the 1st  of October 2013; ● Applicants must produce an original receipt from a bicycle shop together with an application Form.  Application Forms will be available from the Sports Office or the Students Union; An ITB Student Cycle Committee will evaluate applications promptly and the funding will be paid to qualifying applicants as soon as practicable.  Please be advised that students who purchase a bike within the rules and apply for the grant may not necessarily be successful as funding is limited. If you’ve got any questions, please contact