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Creating my front cover


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Creating my front cover

  1. 1. Creating my front cover
  2. 2. The first step I took in developingmy front cover was positioningthe main image and title; this isbecause they are the mainfeatures which will catch theaudiences attention to themagazine. I cut the image out andadjusted the brightness andcontrast and also used the clonetool to fix the hair.
  3. 3. The next step was positioningthe text of the main storyheadline, I wanted to get thisin place so that I could workaround it making sure thiswas going to stand out againstthe other text. I also addedthe additional information likethe price and issue numberand also a barcode as theseneed to be included and helpmake the magazine look moreprofessional.
  4. 4. The last thing I done wasadd the other storyheadlines to my magazine, Iused different fonts andcolours which makes themstand out and engagepeople into reading them. Ialso added a smaller imagewhich accompanies the storyheadline below, I added aborder to this image tomake it stand out.