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Globodox reseller-program

  1. 1. Enterprise Document Management Software Reseller Program
  2. 2. What Is Document Management System A Document Management System (DMS) is an electronic library of documents. For each document the system will let you know what it’s about, who can see it, who wrote it, who can change it, who has changed it and where and how it can be found. If documents are to be shared externally or internally, then it can be managed and at the same time it can be audited. Document management software in simple organization, search, regulatory compliance and audit requirements. Reseller Program terms helps businesses with document
  3. 3. There Is A Crisis… • According to various reputable sources such as the Gartner Group, 7.5% of all the documents get lost. • Furthermore, 90% of these documents are shuffled, which leads to lost time. • Professionals spend 50% of their time looking for files but only 5% to 15% of their time reading the required information. • 500 hours are consumed in retrieving the information while only one fifth of that time is spent in reading the actual content. • 7.5% of the lost documents will never be found again. Reseller Program
  4. 4. Here Is A Solution! • Document Management Systems provide the ability to convert, store and share Documents with ease • Systematic Organisation: Organisation of documents with Tags, Folders and Document Types • Powerful Search : Find documents easily with ultra powerful search feature • Collaborate: Share your documents within your team • Safe & Secure : Control access and use industry standard encryption Systematic Powerful Search Reseller Program Collaborate Safe & Secure
  5. 5. Why Add DMS To Your Portfolio According to Gartners report the document management industry in 2008 had a market share of 3.3 Billion$. • By 2012 the document management industry market share had risen to 4.7 Billion$. • The Document Management Industry is now projected to expand to 8 Billion $ by 2017. Billion $ • 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 2008 2012 Year Reseller Program 2017
  6. 6. Globodox World Class Document Management • Simple User Interface : The Globodox User Interface is designed to be very friendly, and easy to use. • Powerful Search : The search-centric design and customization options make it a great tool to get your document management in order instantly. • Simple to Use : Globodox is quick to install, simple to understand and easy to use. • Flexible : It is built to be flexible & can adapt perfectly to the ever changing needs of a growing organization. • Low Maintenance: They are designed to be low maintenance, thereby reducing the cost of ownership. • In addition to that we offer Globodox at a great price point. Reseller Program
  7. 7. ITAZ Reseller Benefits At A Glance • Commission: We offer attractive commission on every license you sell. • Training : We will train so that you become an expert on our product. • Support : We offer the best support services in the industry • NFR Keys : You will be provided with an NFR License keys which can be used for internal training purposes. • Marketing : We will support you in marketing activities by providing a host of digital marketing materials. • Web Page Listing : Your contact details will be listed on our web site as official resellers of our products. Reseller Program
  8. 8. Complete Support Throughout The Sales Cycle • You will have access to the resources you need at each stage of the sales and installation process. • Dedicated contact to help you to answer RFPs and bid questions. • A team of highly qualified technicians and engineers available to assist you. Reseller Program
  9. 9. It Pays To Be A ITAZ Reseller • Our VARs have increased their earnings significantly in one single year, generating much more revenue than they expected. • Our VARs manage to close their first sale within one to three months, thereby quickly recovering the cost of their initial investment . • Apart from earning good % of commission you can also generate revenue from additional services. Reseller Program
  10. 10. About ITAZ Technologies • We help businesses worldwide in achieving a truly paperless work environment • 15 years of excellence in providing document management software around the globe • Established customer base in more than 50 countries • A bulk of our customers are based in the United States • Proven solution which easily scales from small organizations to large enterprises Reseller Program
  11. 11. Want to Resell ITAZ Products Contact now Akhil Anand ITAZ Technologies Phone: +1 650 -646 -2551 Email: Email: