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Recount text 8 smt 2

  1. 1. RECOUNT TEXT GRADE 8TH of the second semester SMP ISLAM AL MUTTAQIN OLEH : WAITA SANI,S.Pd 11/26/2013
  2. 2. RECOUNT TEXT To tell past events in the time order that have happened OR To share other people what happened in the past time and when it happened or retell one’s past experience. =utk memberitahu/menceritakan sesuatu yg telah lalu atau berbagi pengalaman kpd orang lain apa yg telah terjadi ( menceritakan kembali pengalaman masa lalu seseorang) 11/26/2013
  3. 3. Grammatical features of recount : 1. It tells the reader a past event , and the use of the past tense or past continous tense to retell the events = menceritakan peristiwa lampau kpd pembaca, dan menggunakan PAST TENSE & PAST CONTINOUS 2. words that show the order of the events (for example, first, next, then). = kata-kata yg menunjukan serangkaian peristiwa , contoh : pertamatama, lalu, kemudian...) 3. It usually focuses on a person’s past experience. = biasanya focus pada pengalaman seseorang. 4. It usally uses the word I or WE = biasanya menggunakan kata I & WE 11/26/2013
  4. 4. RECOUNT TEXT HAS THREE ELEMENTS: R E C O U N T THE ORIENTATION : Tells the readers who was involved in the story , what happened, where the story took place, and when it happened. T E X T THE RE-ORIENTATION: Summarises the event. THE EVENTS : Tell the sequence of events. These are described in order 11/26/2013
  5. 5. MY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE I have got a horrible experience that I won’t forget. It happened three years ago when I was still twelve. Adverb time of past tense We just moved to the new house for three days when the strange thing happen. WORDS SHOWING THE ORDER OF EVENTS
  6. 6. That night , I felt very tired WORDS SHOWING THE ORDER OF EVENTS after cleaning the bedroom. I stayed up for an hour before falling asleep and when I did, I had dream picked me that up something and then suddenly I was thrown down hard.
  7. 7.  EVENT 2 I woke up and I found my self lying on the floor. I felt my back is very painful. I couldn’t move my body so I cried for help. 11/26/2013
  8. 8. My parents woke up right away and gave me help. They took me to bed and checked my back. They found that my back was bruise. It was badly hurt.
  9. 9.  EVENT 4  They asked me how I could be thrown from the bed. I said that I didn’t know how it happened. The bed was not too high. If I fell from the bed I shouldn’t be so hurt. It was illogical. 11/26/2013
  10. 10. My parents then took me to the doctor. EVENT 5 After two weeks in the hospital, I was allowed Something to strange go home. happened many times after that day. One night I just flew around the room or suddenly I was thrown a glass.
  11. 11.  RE – ORIENTATION SUMMARIES Finally , my parents decided to move to another house. We thought the house was haunted. 11/26/2013