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Kukunu Introduction

  1. 1. Travel is better when you plan it yourself
  2. 2. Travel is the most attractive online market €80 billions market in Strong double Highest # of Europe" digit growth " billions $ exits" January 10 Kukunu 2
  3. 3. Despite being a busy space, travel is not solved today Planning is a major" Travelers spend" days" 29 pain point " 49"%" "for" " "visiting more " than 20 websites " "of travelers" prior to booking" Source: Travel consumer research, weighted data (14,078) across the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy; Google @WTM 2009" January 10 Kukunu 3
  4. 4. A top team to fix travel the Amazon way Through great user experience and technology Gerald Goldstein, co-founder! Gerald brings strong development and statistical modeling expertise." Physics PhD He holds a masters in Physics engineering and a PHD in nuclear physics with numerical modeling expertise key to the development of Kukunu's recommendation platform. " Prior to Kukunu, Gerald built high-stress and scalable systems at Callatay & Wouters, where he was responsible for the development of core banking solutions and SAP integration. " Gerald is now working full time on Kukunu." Itamar Lesuisse, co-founder! Itamar brings strong experience in strategy and online product management. " He started his career at the Boston Consulting Group before heading up Amazon pricing in France, then Amazon category expansion in the UK as the Softlines product manager. " Prior to Kukunu, Itamar was a Senior Manager in charge of ePayment innovation at Visa Europe, where he lead the development of one of the largest web- services platforms in Europe. " Itamar is now working full time on Kukunu! A team of mentors/advisors is currently being formed: ! includes Bain Capital Vice-President and Amazon Director! January 10 Kukunu 4
  5. 5. Kukunu is a social travel planning platform that empowers travelers to create awesome holidays Trip planning tool" Recommendation engine" Open and social platform" No more planning on an Excel Relevant suggestions adapting to You friends from any network help spreadsheet or Outlook! your behavior in real-time! you in real-time! •  Travelers simply build their •  We are building a unique •  A question about a city or customized itinerary by repository of itineraries an attraction? SHOUT for interacting with a map and and can recommend the help and we broadcast on a calendar" key cities to visit" Facebook and Twitter" •  Travelers can •  We have visibility on dates •  Back from holiday, TIP collaboratively add hotels, and locations so can friends and other travelers, restaurants, museums or recommend the right gain points and become a any other activity" hotels or attractions" country expert" •  Everything can then be •  Add a 5* hotel and the •  Friends take part to the organized with few drag Prado in Madrid, we experience straight from and drops and booked in recommend 5* and Miro Facebook and Twitter, few clicks" Fundacio in Barcelon" weʼll capture their TIPs" January 10 Kukunu 5
  6. 6. It’s all about S.T.U.B.I.K Short Term User Behavior Intelligence Kernel Destinations, check-in and check-out dates bring users a click away from booking" 5 star hotel in Barcelona bring users a click away from a luxury hotel in Madrid " Prado museum in Madrid gets user closer to the Miro Fundacion in Barcelona" January 10 Kukunu 6
  7. 7. Kukunu becomes viral With your frie nds Because travel is better when you plan it yourself Your entire social graph collaborates to make your travel better" Kukunu is ʻopenʼ and ʻreal-timeʼ, Kukunu your friends participate to the Kukunu experience in real-time from their preferred channel! January 10 Kukunu 7
  8. 8. Kukunu becomes fun Help others Because travel is better when you plan it yourself Once back from holiday, you become the Superhero ! You plan your trip and get help the more you help OTHERS, the higher your expert status January 10 Kukunu 8
  9. 9. Bookings as the main monetization driver With an opportunity to monetize data Booking " Highly targeted 3rd party data monetization" recommendations" monetization" Hotel booking " Because we know We are building a 6 %" *" as main " revenue driver" WHEN and WHERE you are, we can tell you unique dataset of itineraries! WHAT! Additional revenue Opportunity for highly Opportunity to monetize through Livebookings, targeted sponsored itinerary data online and Isango, Expedia, ..." recommendations" offline" Key focus in first phase! By integrating 3rd party booking APIs, we eliminate most fixed costs and get on average 6% commission on a transaction value of up to €1000" * 6% of total transaction amount as an average commission with Booking.com" January 10 Kukunu 9
  10. 10. itamar@kukunu.com +44 78 77 340 184