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iPhone application design assignment, done for Cellular Product Design course at IDC.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. PhotoChallengeItamar Gilon, Sharon Heller, Nitzan Gold
  2. 2. PitchPhotoChallenge is a photographyoriented scavenger hunt game thatsends users outside, encouragingcreativity and fun.Players get a predefined set of objects tophotograph in a single or multiplayerinteractive experience.
  3. 3. Brain Storming
  4. 4. Evaluation Matrix
  5. 5. Idea Flow1. Beerformation2. Obsession-> PhotoChallenge
  6. 6. Target AudienceBoth genders, ages 16-30, minimaltechnological orientation (know how todownload and use apps), no geographicallimitationPeople who like playing Multiplayergames such as Words with Friends andDraw Something on their mobile.
  7. 7. Haaaave you met Ted?Ted works as a credit analyst at Bank of America.His job is kind of boring, and he has a lot of spare time.Ted loves playing online social games on Facebook and on his mobile.He especially likes playing casual, continuous games during the day and even during work.Personal: Ted is 28 years old, single.Ted is outgoing and curious about a lot of things and likes exploring the world.“I’m a banker, I’m bored and love challenging games! Wanna play chess?”Ted is very social, likes hanging out with his friends at the bar during the week and weekends and likes playing football with a group of friends fromwork.Ted is social also on Facebook and other social networks, and plays online games such as online poker.Ted doesn’t like his job too much and feels hes trapped there for too many hours during the day. He wishes there was a game that combined theoutside world and his mobile phone, so he could play during the day.PhotoChallenge seems to have some features that can make Teds life happier. Ted can play casually and continuously with his friends andco-workers during the day, and the game gives him an opportunity to go outside in order to take photographs of different objects.
  8. 8. Key FeaturesChallenges - A challenge system that enables the userto participate in tasks that require photographingspecific objects that are randomly chosen by thecomputer.Camera - The application will have a camera mode thatwill automatically assign the photos taken to thecorrect challenge they were taken in.Goggles - The application will have an algorithm thatwill automatically identify pre-defined objects whenphotographed.
  9. 9. MRD Highlights The user should be notified if the object is recognized or not recognized af ter taking its picture.• The application should display the objects that the user needs to photograph while in the camera screen• The user should be able to access camera mode from the specific challenge description• The application should be able to randomly choose the objects from a list of ~500 (initially) objects that are recognizable by the application’s “Goggles”, and adjust the objects’ total score to the difficulty chosen.• The user should be able to challenge friends via Facebook.
  10. 10. Product Diagram Alpaca Dragon Tree Fork +10
  11. 11. Flow
  12. 12. Flow
  13. 13. Flow
  14. 14. Flow
  15. 15. Flow
  16. 16. Differentiation• Most mobile casual multiplayer games become boring too fast because they are too repetitive. None of these games combine an outside world interaction.
  17. 17. Market Over view CreativeShort term Ongoing game game Non-Creative
  18. 18. Look and Feel
  19. 19. Design
  20. 20. Paper Prototype