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Presentation of "Scents around the world"'s eTwinning project.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Guadeloupe (France) Lithuania Germany Italy SCENTS AROUND THE WORLD PROJECT LOGO
  2. 2. This project is based on an idea which three out of four partners shared when they met in France at the Professional Development Workshop, 2016. The partners belong to four different nationalities and cultures, as they are from Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Guadeloupe. The project will promote a better knowledge of the culture of the foreign countries involved, as well as the students’ own culture, through the presentation of some scents and flavors that are typical of each country, from a historical point of view as well as a scientific one. Why this project ?
  3. 3. Lycée Félix Proto, ABYMES GUADELOUPE (France) The islands of Guadeloupe are a french region, in the Caribbean. Our school is located in Abymes, the biggest town of the archipelago. The archipelago of Guadeloupe is made of 7 islands.
  4. 4. GERMANY Germany is the most populated country of the European Union. Romain Rolland Gymnasium, BERLIN The german school is located in Berlin, the capital of the country.
  5. 5. ITALY Italy is a peninsula. There are also more than 200 islands and archipelagoes in Italy. ISIS D. Crespi, BUSTO ARSIZIO The school is located in Busto Arsizio, near Milano.
  6. 6. LITHUANIA Lithuania is situated on the Baltic Sea. Lithuania is one of the three Baltic states. The school is located in Joniškis, in the north of the country. Joniškio "Aušros" gimnazija, Joniškis