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Building a website with WordPress


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This was my talk at Detroit Startup Week 2017. The goal was to cover a broad range of what is WordPress to how to use it and how to grow with it.

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Building a website with WordPress

  2. 2. Hello! I am Anthony Montalbano WordPress developer since 2007. Hosted the first 3 WordCamp Detroit. Cofounder of AMBR Detroit. You can find me at: @italianst4 or
  3. 3. SEO Playing nice with Google is an important role in building a site that becomes discovered by others. Let’s talk Search Engine Optimization. The Admin Let’s get familiar with the WordPress dashboard; a screen you’ll be interacting with quite often. A glimpse into the future. Intro to... Let’s learn about what is WordPress, why WordPress, and how WordPress works. This will set the stage for more to come! Find a Host There’s a wide range of hosting options for WordPress, let’s explore a few and understand their pros and cons. Picking a Theme Making any website look good is a feat in itself. Let’s explore how WordPress can help you look good. Managing Content A website is really only as good as it’s content. So let’s understand how to manage your content.
  4. 4. 1. The What, Why and How of WordPress? Let’s build a foundation.
  5. 5. What is WordPress? WordPress is like an operating system for your website. WordPress Themes are the design; they provide things such as color and fonts WordPress Plugins are the apps; they provide additional features and functionality.
  6. 6. ■ Extendable ■ Support ■ Free Why WordPress? ■ Easy to use ■ Community ■ Open source ■ Extensible ■ Free
  7. 7. 27.5% Of the internet 50K New sites a day 75M Websites 50,234 plugins 100+ Languages 409M People/Month WordPress by the Numbers (As of 04/2017) Source:
  8. 8. How does WordPress work? Web Host Installed on server:
  9. 9. The “W” and “P” are always capitalized.
  10. 10. 2. Finding a host for your WordPress site Let’s give it an address.
  11. 11. General Web Host WordPress Only Web Host Can host other software other than WordPress Easier to setup a WordPress install More control of server settings No control of server settings No limit on WordPress installs Optimized for WordPress Two Types of Web Hosts
  12. 12. WordPress Only Web HostGeneral Web Host Two Types of Web Hosts
  13. 13. is a website dedicated to the WordPress software. is a WordPress only web host with restrictions on the WordPress software.
  14. 14. 3. A quick tour of the WordPress admin Let’s get acclimated.
  15. 15. The WordPress Admin
  16. 16. The WordPress Admin
  17. 17. The WordPress Admin
  18. 18. The WordPress Admin
  19. 19. The WordPress Admin
  20. 20. The WordPress Admin
  21. 21. 4. Picking a theme to give your site look Let’s make it beautiful.
  22. 22. WordPress Themes Galore
  23. 23. ■ Is there a demo site of the theme? ■ How are the reviews? ■ Premium themes typically cost between $50-$250 ■ Must be responsive and cross-browser compatible ■ Do I need support? Things to think about when selecting a theme
  24. 24. ■ (all free) ■ Themeforest (all paid) ■ Themify (paid membership) ■ Elegant Themes (paid membership) ■ Artisan Themes (paid membership) ■ Code In WP Blog (paid and free) Where to get themes
  25. 25. 5. Tips and tricks for managing your content Let’s become kings.
  26. 26. WordPress Post Editor
  27. 27. The “What You See Is What You Get” Editor gives you some basic content formatting. WYSIWYG Editor Important: What you actually see can vary based on what plugins or theme you have installed.
  28. 28. WYSIWYG Editor
  29. 29. Adding Images
  30. 30. Adding Images
  31. 31. Adding Images
  32. 32. Adding Images
  33. 33. Adding Images
  34. 34. Editing an Image
  35. 35. Editing an Image Image Manipulation by ● Crop ● Rotate Left/Right ● Flip Horizontal/Vertical ● Undo/redo ● Scale ● Aspect Ratio ● Fine Tuning
  36. 36. Third-Party Embeds
  37. 37. Third-Party Embeds
  38. 38. Third-Party Embeds
  39. 39. Third-Party Embeds
  40. 40. Third-Party Embeds
  41. 41. Documents Mixcloud ReverbNation SoundCloud Spotify Video CollegeHumor DailyMotion Hulu Vimeo Vine Youtube Images Flickr Imgur Instagram Photobucket Third-Party Embeds and More! Kickstarter PollDaddy Reddit Scribd Slideshare Speaker Deck Twitter All Available Embeds:
  42. 42. Adding Links
  43. 43. Adding Links
  44. 44. Adding Links
  45. 45. The Publish Box - Preview
  46. 46. The Publish Box - Status
  47. 47. The Publish Box - Visibility
  48. 48. The Publish Box - Post Date
  49. 49. The Publish Box - Permalinks
  50. 50. Post vs. Page Comparison Posts Pages Time sensitive Timeless Organized by Categories and Tags Organized by hierarchy Available in feeds Not available in feeds Layouts by Post Formats Layouts by Page Templates Ordered by reverse chronological date Ordered by order number
  51. 51. 6. Enough SEO to put you on the Google machine Let’s be found.
  52. 52. Yoast SEO Plugin - Search Engine Preview
  53. 53. Yoast SEO Plugin - Social
  54. 54. Yoast SEO Plugin - Social
  55. 55. Yoast SEO Plugin - Webmaster Tools
  56. 56. Google Webmaster Tools Important: With Yoast SEO installed and active, just at “sitemap.xml” to get your Sitemap URL
  57. 57. Google Webmaster Tools
  58. 58. ■ Make sure your site is HTTPS (SSL) ■ Is site mobile friendly? ○ ■ Speed up site with Google PageSpeed Insights ○ ○ For developers only Additional SEO Tips
  59. 59. ■ Keep WordPress up-to-date ■ Publish content regularly ○ Create weekly reminders ■ Make sure WordPress Permalinks are enabled. ○ Settings > Permalinks ■ Add “alt text” to images Additional SEO Tips
  60. 60. Merci Beaucoup! Any questions? You can find me at: @italianst4