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Summer school 2013 eng palermo
Summer school 2013 eng palermo
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Summer school 2013 eng palermo


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Summer school 2013 eng palermo

  1. 1. Università degli Studi di Palermo Scuola di Lingua italiana per Stranieri SUMMER SCHOOL Palermo 2013 o an e l i ar ’ita vol© Antonio Gervasi l p er nel blu, dipinto di blu felice di stare lassù...
  2. 2. Index General Information Our location The Italian Language School is located in the ex convent of Sant’Antonino, a building from the XVII century. The building has been recently and entirely refurbished and it is also theGeneral Information location of Palermo University Language Centre. The School is right in the heart of Palermo and it is well served by public transport. It is very close to the central railway station and toOur courses the historical market “Ballarò”. Our classrooms are all air-conditioned and they all offer a well-equipped learning environment.Italian and Culture 1 Standard Language Course Our teachersItalian and Culture 2 Standard Language Course Our mother tongue teachers are highly qualified and they all hold a university degree plus relevant qualifications in education – a postgraduate diploma or a PhD. The teachingItalian and Art staff is continuously trained through a life long learning programme on the most up-to- date teaching methodologies. The teachers are regularly evaluated through satisfactionItalian and Cookery questionnaires filled in by the students and through the supervision of senior teachers and trainers.Italian and Theatre. Scenic Improvvisations and Creative Storytelling Our traineesItalian and Theatre. Free Words with the Newspaper Theatre Italian students from the University of Palermo will support you during your studies in Palermo, in social and entertaining activities. They will contribute to build up yourItalian and Sea relationship with the new cultural and social environment and they will contribute to develop your language learning process through non-formal learning.Board Service & Accommodation Our students Our courses are especially planned for students, researchers, professionals, workers who are interested in learning Italian in a rich artistic and cultural context as the one Sicily and Palermo offer. Our teaching methodology Our methodology, inspired to the most up-to-date teaching theories and practices, is based on the functional-communicative approach. The communicative approach is complemented with other methods that are different in terms of approach, teaching techniques and materials: the affective-humanistic approach, the project work for the realisation of collaborative projects and special programmes for the development of specific competences (academic writing, Italian for academic study skills and so forth). Special attention is given to curricular and extra-curricular activities aiming at discovering the local environment and the culture through classroom activities on the one hand, and through guided visits and workshops on the other hand. The entry test Your level will be tested before you join a course through an entry test (a written task and an interview), unless you are new to the language, in which case you will be advised to join a beginners’ course. Before you arrive in Palermo, you will receive a digital copy of the test. You will complete and send back the test to the e-mail address of the School. When you arrive in Palermo, on the first Monday of each course (at 5 pm), you will have an interview with a teacher-coordinator who will evaluate your linguistic-communicative competence in Italian together with your general study needs. At the end of each course, on Friday (at 9 am) you will write a final test. Working inside the classroom The maximum number of students in any class is 15. You will be guided through every step of your language learning process. Our courses combine face to face classes, creative and thematic workshops, guided visits. All learning materials are provided by the teachers. Working outside the classroom In addition to the classroom work, each course includes: - a day trip (paying a small extra contribution); - a farewell party; - afternoon and evening walks in town, guided visits and information on cultural and sport events. Special offers A price reduction will be applied if you enrol in more than one course.
  3. 3. Our courses Italian and Culture 1 Italian and Culture 2 Italian and Art Italian and Cookery Italian and Theatre Standard Language Course Standard Language Course Scenic Improvisations and Creative StorytellingLevels All All Intermediate and Advanced Intermediate and Advanced Elementary and Intermediate 01/07 – 12/07 29/07 – 16/08, no classroom 29/07 – 16/08 01/07 – 12/07 19/08 – 30/08Dates 15/07 – 26/07 activites are planned for the third week of 15/07 – 26/07 19/08 – 30/08 the course. Guided visits and recreational moments are planned for the 12th & the 09/09 – 20/09 13th of AugustCosts 300 euros 400 euros 400 euros 350 euros 200 eurosTeaching hours 40 40 40 18 20Description Standard courses last 40 Standard courses last 40 This 40-hours course has This course, in collaboration This course aims hours, they are intensive and hours, they are intensive and a theoretical structure with Città del Gusto- at improving the they are suitable to learn they are suitable to learn (morning classes) combined Gambero Rosso, combines ability of managing or improve Italian in a short or improve Italian in a short with an extensive application Italian language, culture the unpredictability time. There are courses for time. There are courses for consisting of many and gastronomy. Thanks to of oral interactions every level of the Common every level of the Common educational trips (in the the practical lessons with through techniques of European Framework of European Framework of afternoon and during the professional chefs from the Improvisational Theatre. You Reference for Languages Reference for Languages weekends) to discover the cookery school Gambero will be guided to perform of the European Council of the European Council masterpieces of Palermo Rosso in Rome, you will from simple scenes to more and they aim at developing and they aim at developing and Sicily. Your teacher prepare typical Sicilian complex and unpredictable the four abilities in the the four abilities in the is fully qualified both in specialities using fresh local interactions with the target language: listening, target language: listening, History of Art and in Italian products and immediately introduction of paradoxical, speaking, writing and speaking, writing and as a Foreign Language. afterwards you will taste conflicting or non-frequent reading. reading. The course has the aim of your own creations with your elements. Storytelling For advanced levels, For advanced levels, introducing you to Italian course mates. The activities will be the starting point university lecturers and university lecturers and art and to the specialised will take place in the of the activities. Real or researchers will give researchers will give language of History of Art afternoons in professionally invented stories of the classes of Italian Literature, classes of Italian Literature, and Art Criticism. equipped kitchens at Palazzo students together with History of Art, Linguistics of History of Art, Linguistics of Branciforte, a prestigious city stories proposed by the Contemporary Italian. Also, Contemporary Italian. Also, museum and the location teacher will be used to advanced courses include advanced courses include of Città del Gusto (City of create spontaneous scenes, academic writing workshops academic writing workshops Taste). This 18-hours course to emotionally involve the and guided visits. and guided visits. has a theoretical structure participants and to create The activities will take place The activities will take place (6 hours for culture and credible characters. Pieces in the morning. in the morning. traditional Sicilian cookery of Italian contemporary with a teacher of Italian literature and gags/sketches Language and Culture) of famous Italian theatre combined with an extensive actors will be used to application (12 hours for improve your listening and practical workshops in the reading abilities and to focus kitchen with a professional on elements of Italian culture chef and a teacher of Italian). (humour, gestures and so forth). The activities will take place in the afternoons.
  4. 4. Our courses Italian and Theatre Italian and Sea Free Words with the Newspaper TheatreLevels Pre-Intermediate, All Intermediate and Advanced Board ServiceDates 29/07 – 09/08 29/07 – 09/08 The use of the University canteen is available for our students. The cost of a meal is 1.50 €. 19/08 – 30/08 AccommodationCosts 200 euros 150 euros On your request, the School will give you advice on arranging accommodation. Based on availability, the School might arrange your accommodation in university houses,Teaching hours 20 20 in shared flats and in other accommodation options.Description «Our body thinks», says The course is available only University Houses Augusto Boal who invented if you attend at least one Accommodation in the Student Houses of Palermo University is available in single, double the Newspaper Theatre. standard course of Italian and triple rooms. The rooms are simple but comfortable. Bed sheets are provided and daily Accordingly, «Our body Language and Culture. cleaning service is included in the price. speaks». Nevertheless, Italian and Sea is a communication is not always programme for sport and Shared Flats free and authentic because nature lovers. Experts in Accommodation in a shared flat gives you the chance to live with students of different we have learned to use our marine biology will guide nationalities practising your Italian at home. All the flats are at walking distance from the communication tools to hide you to explore the beauty School. Kitchen and bathroom are shared. Single, twin and double rooms are available. Bed or to defend ourselves and of Palermo coastline.The sheets and blankets are provided and bills for electricity, gas and water are included in the to convince or to deceive course includes 4 afternoon price. others. Getting rid of our excursions to discover masks and learning to the protected areas of You room will be booked from the Sunday before the beginning of your course to the recognize the mechanisms Capo Gallo and Isola delle Saturday after the last day of your course. of communication can Femmine, two famous help us to develop our seaside resorts of the Sicilian communication abilities, northern coast, very close COSTS FOR 15 DAYS above all when we use a to the city centre. During foreign language and we live the 4 afternoons you will TYPE OF ACCOMMODATION MINIMUM COST MAXIMUM COST EXTRA COSTS*** in a new cultural context. The experience the following course aims at developing activities: Snorkeling to Single room in shared flat, 100 150 20 the four language abilities observe aquatic life and use of kitchen in the target language to develop the interest for (listening, speaking, reading underwater photography; Twin room in shared flat, 150 250 20 and writing) through a Baptism of The Sea for a first use of kitchen cooperative research work scuba diving experience; and the creation of written Trekking to explore the Double room in shared flat, 150 250 20 and audiovisual texts Mediterranean vegetation, use of kitchen (articles, literary pieces, to enjoy breath-taking videos, spots, songs, slogans panoramas and to restore University House rooms 120 120 10 and so forth) on a specific at the end of the walk (use of kitchen not available) topic. Thanks to theatre with a relaxing swim in the exercise-games that use the natural reserve; Canoeing body and the voice, we will to reach an enchanting ***Extra costs include: service for arranging your accommodation, assistance when you increase one’s awareness place of the natural reserve arrive and when you leave, cleaning service when you leave. of verbal and non-verbal while swimming, diving and communication. having fun. All the activities The activities will take place will be coordinated and Other accommodation options in the afternoons. supervised by professional The School can also assist you in arranging other types of accommodation: B&Bs, Holiday marine biologists and Houses, Hotels, Hostels. specialised instructors of the Organisation Mondomare. This service costs 30 euros. The prices of the stay will have to be agreed with the chosen structure.
  5. 5. School Address Piazza Sant’Antonino, 1 90134 Palermo Tel. +39091-23869601 Administration Dipartimento di Scienze Umanistiche Viale delle Scienze - Ed . 12 Tel. +39091-6560281 Fax +39091-6560296dipartimento.scienzeumanistiche@ unipa.it Booking and Registration scuolaitalianostranieri@unipa.it Further information www.itastra.unipa.it www.facebook.com/itastra www.youtube.com/user itastra